The 6 Best Outdoor Speakers for 2020

Any home with excellent audio for any occasion would be enhanced by the best outdoor speakers. These speakers are usually large and designed to fit in with natural settings, serving up roaring audio quality and are the ideal centerpiece for home gatherings, backyard ceremonies, concerts, and anything in between.

Outdoor speakers are still getting faster, with several of them embracing hands-free voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant commands. These unique speakers often come in a wide variety of sizes, from small versions you can carry to the pool to larger sets intended to fit perfectly inside your garden or patio. Anything smaller needed? Right now, lookout for the best Bluetooth speaker.The best soundbars for updating your home theatre are here.

Outdoor speakers can be pricey, but in terms of size, sound quality, and, most notably, reliability and reliability, users are getting what you charge for. Read on for all of our best outdoor speaker choices if you’re ready to take your outdoor audio system to the next level.

The best outdoor speaker right now, based on our research, is the Polk Atrium 4, which offers sound audio and a rugged design for a reasonable price. The Atrium series keeps on impressing. The Atrium 4 is relatively tiny but provides maximum tone. And you’ll get more bass, if you are willing to pay more, the larger Atrium 5 set is also fantastic.

1. Polk Atrium 4

Polk Audio Atrium 4

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Polk is one of the world’s most prominent audio manufacturers, and its flagship collection of conventional indoor-outdoor speakers is the Atrium. It was launched around 2002, but it maintains one of the market’s best-selling and highly user-rated speaker series. Currently, the product line has four models:

Aesthetics is where Polk shines, and we think they look amazing with these speakers. They appear in a black or white variety that is fairly boilerplate, however, in our view, the Atrium speakers are at least one of the outdoor/all-weather market’s better looking, conventional wall-mount box speakers.These speakers are pretty middle of the road in terms of size and weight. They shouldn’t be too hard to position and set up. All of them come with a standard swiveling C-bracket for mounting, with one difference being the “speed-lock” feature, which makes it easier to connect the speaker to the mount once it is bolted in. The usefulness of design and reliability is also excellent for atrium speakers. They “exceed the basic industrial and military environmental durability requirements,” which involve even the toughest conditions, such as salt-water spray.

One common consumer concern that we see with many outdoor speakers is that they are still vulnerable to rust and corrosion, despite being graded for outdoor use. But with any of the Atrium speakers, we’ve never seen the complaint. There is certainly a difference between living in a dry, temperate outdoor environment compared to humidity and beach run-off in a tumultuous environment.If you consider that along with Polk’s 5-year warranty, and you’re especially worried that your speakers are particularly robust, then any Atrium speaker would be a strong option. Here’s what we think: These are nice speakers … but they’re fairly expensive.

Compared to other budget-tier speaker sets, the Atrium 4’s do pretty well, mostly because they seem to be substantially discounted these days, but as you step up the line, we have seen similar speakers from other brands such as Klipsch and Definitive Technology boast significantly higher power specs.

2. Klipsch AW-650

Klipsch AW-650

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In the aesthetics section, this Klipsch model is most certainly missing. While the UV-resistant ABS enclosure and rust-resistant aluminum grill are very robust, like most high-end speakers, they are still nowhere as slick and aesthetically pleasing.

However, Klipsch has attempted to hide this by painting the enclosure, which can boost the speaker’s stylistic prospects by enabling it to complement your home decor.
This configuration and layout make it weigh more than speakers of the same sort, such as Polk’s speakers, which ends up being another stylistic drawback of the AW-650. This is a relatively larger speaker with measurements of 15 inches H x 9.5 inches W x 11 inches D and a weight of 9 lbs.

Rather than their features and sound quality, what sets the good and mediocre speakers apart is not their architecture. So let’s move on to this Klipsch outdoor speakers review’s features segment.It is fitted with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter that is attached to a Tractrix horn that is 90 degrees by 90 degrees square. This enables the development of clean, transparent, and crisp highs by the AW-650.

At the same time, this also enables it to generate a large frequency response ranging from 70Hz to 20 kHz with a sensitivity of 95db. The tweeter and horn are one of the primary factors behind the impressive sound quality of the Klipsch outdoor speaker AW650.

In any good shelf speaker at this stage, an Injection Molded Graphite or IMG Woofer is almost normal. This woofer is intended to give a low frequency and a reduced breakup of the cone.
With 6.5-inch IMG woofers that deliver 340 watts of maximum power, the AW-650 is one of the most powerful shelf speakers around. Due to the IMG woofer, it can project a complete range of bass that will envelop your outdoor area. This increase in the range of bass doesn’t affect how natural the sound is.

The AW-650 is one of the most strong rack speakers available, with 6.5-inch IMG woofers that produce 340 watts of maximum power. It will project a full spectrum of bass that will surround your outdoor area because of the IMG woofer. This rise in the range of bass doesn’t change how natural the sound is.

3. Bose Free Space 51

Bose Free Space 51

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The reality (at least for now) is that every one of so-called Omni-directional outdoor speakers like these, there is not much variety. If any, Bose has done a decent job of developing a product in this niche to fill a void: a mid / high-tier product. Users are probably going to start looking at commercial-grade set-ups that are likely to break the 4 figure barrier if you want to get bigger and stronger.

50 watts of nominal/constant power handling is good enough to fill most mid-sized backyards, but it is difficult to determine how they will sound without more data, and alas, Bose does not provide other key metrics such as the frequency response range or the tolerance rating. Even when the wattage is regulated, the sound and loudness of a speaker can differ significantly.

They look … well, they look like compost bins upside down, but at least the green color can blend with the grass a little if that’s how they’re going to go. We don’t see any outdoor omnidirectional speakers that look a lot better than these for what they’re worth.

The major benefit these speakers bring is that in a 360-degree radius, they project sound similarly, but the trade-off is that they’ll need to focus on the structure. In the middle of their yard, most individuals would not like seeing two giant lumps. The tripping hazard, etc., not to mention
Bose has some of the highest weatherproofing requirements, but they are reliable, and all their outdoor speakers come with a 5-year warranty.You can leave them out year-round and not worry about them, while other brands insist that you should carry them indoors during the colder winter months, heavy rain, etc., despite their outdoor speakers being weatherproof.

For in / on-ground outdoor speakers, one thing to remember is that you will possibly need to run the wire underground. This is more complex, and you will need to make sure that you have the right speaker wire that is explicitly rated for direct burial.The 4-ohm impedance is also of interest. This is not all that popular, and it means that, as opposed to far more popular 8 or 6-ohm speakers, you would need a very powerful amplifier to power these.

4. OSD Audio AP650

AP650 6.5-Inch

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The OSD Audio AP650 is an outdoor speaker that has the best value we’ve found. Its clarity beats anything we’ve heard from other models priced below $200 per pair, and it has a complete, solid sound that can fill a typical suburban backyard easily. It has ample bass for R&B, hip-hop, and rock music, and when combined with a small amplifier, its relatively high sensitivity enables it to deliver loud volumes. There’s no question about water, dust, or bugs coming in because it’s a completely sealed build. It is also better made, with a thicker enclosure and a solid, powder-coated mounting bracket than most inexpensive outdoor speakers.

All-weather construction keeps these speakers running in hot and cold temperatures, fog, snow, and even protected from pool chemicals, while 180o rotation is possible with matching mounting brackets. 150W power handling, rigid, acoustically inert enclosure, silicone-sealed internal cabinetry, 61⁄2 “polypropylene woofer, and 1” silk dome tweeter are other features.
True Audiophile Sound!

The AP650 patio speaker, guaranteed to sound better than many more costly products, delivers simple, vibrant sound with rich bass for medium open areas. With the tweeters resistant to the weather while providing smooth indoor sound quality, silk dome tweeters and molded woofers were selected. Efficiency and extra 3dB of bass output are added by large weather-resistant ports. The rugged ABS polymer enclosure and rust-resistant aluminum grille are suitable for patios, decks, and overhangs (300 to 500 sq.ft) and are designed for outdoor conditions with weather-resistant components.

5. Yamaha NS-AW294

Yamaha NS-AW294WH

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These speakers are a good deal at a budget-tier rate, at 30 and 50 watts of operating power, alike, which is what Yamaha does best in our view. That said, the 194’s frequency response floor is very high at 100 Hz, and for the 294s, 80Hz is not much better. We like to see a floor at or below 60Hz, as it is especially necessary for outdoor speakers to be able to generate full bass since bass does not carry outdoors in the open air as well.

All in all, each of these should be plenty loud enough for small to medium area coverage, but adding a subwoofer into an integrated 2.1 system may be to generate bass adequately.

These speakers have a fairly standard box design and come in a nice boilerplate basic speaker design, either black or white. If you care, there are slicker looking items out there, but we would say these look significantly better than NS-AW150s of their previous generation.

The bezel is thinner, the grill is sleeker, and all have a more modern look in all the 194-294s. Which, again, if you even care. Compared to same-tier rivals, these speakers are very big, but neither is especially powerful. They should be simple enough to set up and install, just make sure there is ample room for each device. Standard swivel C-brackets come with these speakers.

Yamaha outdoor speakers all arrive with a 2-year standard warranty, which is just as nice as it gets for speakers with lower price tiers. These speakers are designed to live forever outside and have cones that are waterproofed. Some users have claimed that the grille is prone to rust, which is a common concern for lower budget speakers, something we see. It’s a quazi-solution to opt for the block device.

6. Sonos OUTDOOR WW1

Sonos Outdoor Speakers

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The Sonos Outdoor Speakers are part of the Sonos Architectural series of passive speakers launched in 2019, featuring a pair of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well.
Sonos had no experience making speakers suitable for the outdoor environment, so they partnered with Sonance, one of the largest and most prestigious outdoor speaker manufacturers in the United States, to create a weather-resistant speaker that can endure moisture, dust, salt spray, heat, and even UV rays and freezing temperatures. Great for the unforeseeable environment of the UK!
The Sonos outdoor speakers have been custom-made for an outdoor climate, in comparison to indoor speakers built for the sound to bounce off walls, so that they can throw the music farther than a typical wireless speaker.

With the Sonos Amp, they’ve even been designed for use, so you’ll be sure you get the sound quality of Sonos for which they are renowned. It is easy to align the components of the outdoor speakers with the Amp requirements, so there is no question as to whether the outdoor speakers are right for your Amp.

They also include FastMount wall brackets pivoting to guide the sound to your desired location. Flushed against a wall, in a corner, under an eave, or even on a pole, they can be mounted. They can be positioned horizontally or vertically to your choice as well. Since the Sonos outdoor speakers are passive, an external amplifier is required to power them through the speaker cable. You can power them with any conventional amplifier, but for an authentic Sonos experience, they were built to work seamlessly with the Sonos Amp.

Once your outdoor speakers have been connected to Sonos, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music streaming services from your phone or tablet, whether that’s via Spotify Connect, Airplay 2 (if using with Sonos Amp and from an Apple device), or the Sonos app itself which supports more than 60 other streaming services.

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