33 Best Android Games for 2020

There are so many games available online and even offline for Android users, but how will you choose the gems from the dross? Here is the list of how!

We have covered the best Android games up till now, which includes racing, adventure, mystery, strategy, actions, arcade, and puzzle games. The genres are bigger than the list of games available. We have tried these games and most of them are free in the playstore, but there are few in app purchases (IAP) which are worth investing in. We will make sure beforehand which IAP games are worth downloading because we don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on crap.

Every week there is a new game in the playstore, so we have divided some best genres according to their reviews on what most of the people are playing right. Some games are also in the trending so don’t forget to check them out. Here is the list!

33 Best Android Games for 2020

Bridge Constructor Portal Android Game

We would be mistaken if we claimed we weren’t taken aback when the Bridge Constructor Platform was revealed earlier. Overall, we played the first two Portal games, and while this iOS spin-off combines some of the franchise’s elements, we wouldn’t call it the follow-up that Portal fans were crying out for.

Bridge Constructor Portal has something to offer. The game tasks players get the ability to use metal girders and suspension wires to build bridges. These bridges require the constantly moving automobiles to pass from one side of the level to another.

Since the game uses a practical mechanics framework, you need to ensure that the bridges you ‘re building transfer weight are correct. Conversely, the bridges fail with all the strain. Even though past Bridge Constructor games have ended there, you figured Bridge Constructor Portal is using Portal sequence elements to complicate the stages much more.

For eg, some levels have portal sets which you can hurl vehicles, companion cubes, and other objects though. Products such as power spray, the sentry towers, and aerial religious plaques are often available and accounted for.

The more you advance inside the Bridge Constructor Portal with that mix, the more you know that the levels end up looking like a whirlwind of flying automobiles across your usual roadway. There is nothing usual about the game yet again, so I think it’s appropriate.

Game Dev Tycoon Android Game

Greenheart Games’ computer game modeling main Game Tech Tycoon has just been launched on the Play Page. This mobile port is only a premium update, and you don’t have to think about any annoying advertising or in-app transactions. For someone unfamiliar with the pure happiness that can be contained within Game Dev Tycoon, I’m here to inform you that if you find business simulation games fun in some way, you can choose this latest release right now. Heck, even if you don’t enjoy business sims, you should still consider checking out that title.

The UI was retrofitted for touch screen controls just like the iOS version, without dumbing down any aspect of the game. And if you’ve been concerned about how well the controls are running, let me relieve your mind. They are practically perfect. Of course, the gameplay is as fantastic as ever. In the video game production business, you have to work your way up the ladder by making as many bestselling titles as possible while exploring emerging technology and inventing different forms of playing. Your progress depends solely on your ability to innovate and to step beyond the box.
Thus far, comments on the Play Store are overwhelmingly optimistic and I must admit that I approve. Output has been on point, the controls are working well, and like I mentioned, the gameplay is absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I don’t have something derogatory to say regarding Game Dev Tycoon which is very refreshing.Why are you waiting for, then? If you are looking to play on your phone or tablet for a wonderful new premium title, you can pick up this update as soon as possible!

Flipping Legend Android Game

Flipping Legend is an arcade game where you play an explorer on a quest through different environments, with a task to destroy all the enemies that get in your path while escaping traps. You would still get to gather money, of course, and find gems too. The Flipping Legend settings go on forever but are just three miles long. You have to switch diagonally to the left or right within that three tiles-but still diagonally. In order to destroy an opponent, you must land on the tile where he is.

In Flipping Legend your biggest opponent, besides the traps, is the beat. You will never avoid going if you want to live. Your life-bar is continually depleting and can stop stopping when you destroy an opponent. And you need to carry on going through playing smart as well.
Flipping Legend is a very enjoyable arcade game with easy yet addictive gameplay yet pixelated cute visuals. You will also activate new heroes when you play and earn coins.

Google is on a run of Mobile Indie Game competitions. We also named the winners of the 2017 Google Play Indie Games Festival’s North American version, the first series, whose winners last year included games of the quality of bit bricks, Number Jumbo, and Orbit – Playing with Gravity.We’ve already blogged about the last iteration of the event since it was the American variant, so we’re still glad to find an excuse to promote independent games, on whichever continent it is.

Monster Legends Android Game

Make yourself mega monsters! Breed several monsters together to create a combination that can certainly take the best features out of two or more monsters and become something more. There’s something much stronger that will hold on or vanquish than those menial creatures.
About 100 Creatures! That’s Good. There are over 100 exclusive monsters eligible for you to pick from in the game roster. Everyone is special with apps and stumbling blocks to pick from. Further and more monsters are now included, with regular patches that the creators of the game are right on top of.

Advanced multiplayer: With Monster Legends for Windows, head to the Arena in 3 on 3 play! That’s a lot of gaming to look at and you would need a bigger screen just to keep track of the action, let alone incorporate it! It’s presumably that you can always put away your handset and get the game played on your monitor or laptop.

Multiple modes: There is action, plus you have Arena modes. Adventure is all of you going out to go on a single combat quest, while arena mode is where you take your wits up to other players as the supreme monster master trying to scale the ladder.Game treasures: Once in the adventure mode you canvass the various realms, there are loads of gems and surprises to pluck and capture to aid you on your search to conquer monsters along the way.

There are creatures here to live. Conceived by the creators who produced Dragon City and worried about it, the next game was a foregone conclusion given how highly popular the first game was. A battle that is immense and ginormous in size is about to happen with Monster Legends on PC as you take up the task and get to enjoy a creature survival online classic surefire.There’s a whole universe of monsters inside reach for you to select and choose a team of monsters to battle others in the monster arena. It is strongly advisable to choose monsters carefully because it is important that your squad is well prepared to take on others in a battle to win the supreme reward of becoming the greatest master of monster tasks.

Clash Royale Android Game

The aim of the game is to throw the enemy King and Princesses over the ground from their towers. In this way, you will collect prizes and crowns which will actually give you bonuses, new cards, and updates to your current cards. The game takes place in real-time and you’d need to have a stable internet connection to play this title.

It makes things fun however because you would be forced to battle for various tactics and specific cards against players from all around the planet. When you are not focused on engaging in competitive fights, you can challenge your clanmates and associates to private duels too.
This doesn’t come as a shock but Clash Royale includes a lot of in-app transactions.

You will win upgrades and new cards like Clash of Clans so that you can even purchase them with real money. Playing through the game would be fairly simple without wasting your hard-earned bucks, but if you wish, there’s the alternative. Clash Royale is currently no-cha available in the Google Play Store.

Marvel Strike Force Android Game

In MARVEL Strike Force, in this action-packed, visually spectacular free-to-play game for your phone or laptop, prepare for the combat together with friends and arch-rivals. It has started an attack on Earth and SuperHeroes and Supervillains are working together to protect it!
Lead the charge by gathering the ultimate team, including Spider-Guy, Doctor Weird, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Poison, Elektra, Captain America, and Iron Man, as you enter the strategic battle against an all-new challenge to the enemy. It is time for war! Gather the team and get set to fight to save Earth!

Recruit the task team to create a strong group of MARVEL Super Heroes to Super-Villains such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Elektra, Dr. Strange, Venom, and more. Get the SuperHeroes and Supervillains costume and update to be better than ever before.
Whom you bring matters to the fight. Pair specific SuperHeroes and Supervillains to take out enemies to perform combo moves. Expert in-fight techniques in 5v5 fights offer you the ability to vanquish the Marvel Universe ‘s biggest villains. Experience groundbreaking cinematic gameplay as your heroes unleash a single tap of the dynamic chain.

Enjoy one of the most visually stunning video game experiences ever published. Your Marvel SuperHeroes and Supervillains turn up on your phone as close to reality as possible!
You adhere to our privacy policy and terms of usage, accessible through installing this device!

Boris and the Dark Survival Android Game

Boris and Dark Survival-another Joey Drew Studios adventure game. This time, Bendy will not be the main character but his fellow adventurer Wolf Boris. He was also trapped, locked, and bolted into an abandoned animation studio. Yet he is not alone in this. The ink beast is chasing him down and attempting to trap him with all its power.

It is important to continuously run, to look for valuables, to find hints exposing the past, to find secret mechanisms and keys, to unlock new places, and also to strive not to be afraid of the enemy that still catches the fugitive. And then try to defeat the evil in case of minimal chance.
In Boris and the Dark Survival, you’ll be controlling a wolf named Boris, who turned up at an abandoned production studio for cartoons. You’ll need to search for different objects and solve the riddles. Be vigilant though – there might be an ink demon nearby.

Remember: nowhere is safe. Gather materials, and keep going. Stop the beast and don’t become his next victim.

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