The 13 Best Wireless Earbuds For Running And Working Out in 2020

If you’re someone who is trying to bring your workout level up in 2020, so a fresh set of sporty headphones is a perfect way to inspire yourself, many of us will be restricted to one physical workout a day-so competition is very much off the table, but if you remain involved through the coronavirus epidemic, you can appreciate some sonic motivation as well.

Wireless headphones specially designed for a workout. The ergonomics of these headphones allows it easy to remain comfortable whilst the individual is involved and resilient to the roughness of their physical exercise.The best sports headphones can provide excellent sound while providing sweat-resistant designs that remain in place, and you will also have good battery life with wireless models to choose from.These are the best sports headphones we’ve tested, ranging from inexpensive true wireless earbuds that totally skip the cord, to in-ear wireless earphones, neckband headphones and even Bluetooth over-ears.

1. Best Wireless Earbuds For Running: Jaybird Vista

Jaybird Vista

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Jaybird has outdone itself with the new true wireless earbuds, great performance in a small case – and an incredibly good Bluetooth link The Jaybird Vista earbuds are some of the finest truly wireless headphones out there – and it’s not difficult to see why.With a streamlined, lightweight style and apps that are specifically targeted at professional and aspiring athletes – with the potential to cater to us to the less dedicated exercise nuts too.

Coming from the back of the Jaybird Run True – and waterproof Run XTs – the earbuds of the Jaybird Vista are extremely lightweight earbuds with water and sweat tolerance to accommodate both types of indoor and outdoor workouts. Even, as true wireless earbuds, you do not notice any wires that get in the way.Compared to previous versions, with a massive upgrade to Bluetooth compatibility and an extremely lightweight pack case you can take for your runs, the Jaybird Vista earbuds are absolutely outstanding running headphones, with just a few slight caveats to balance the enthusiasm.

You may want to try out the Jaybird Tarah or Jaybird Tarah Pro for a more tethered experience – but then our Jaybird Vista review will provide all the details you need. The Jaybird Vista earbuds are still beautifully lightweight, although that’s nowhere near as amazing as the small design of their carry case, which utilizes diagonally angled charging points to reduce the measurements of the package.Although charging cases are still too big to bring around during a run or exercise, the Jaybird Vista case can slip comfortably into a zip pocket or equivalent, although remaining lightweight enough to take no precious seconds off your personal best.

The case bears an extra ten hours of charging, in comparison to the six hours per earbud from the Vista – this is not that long relative to certain other versions, including the UA True Wireless Flash, but with the lightweight and compact case it seems to be a good deal off.
There’s a charging port for the USB-C model, luckily side-stepping the usual wireless earbuds’ patented connector. Of addition, being able to mess around with the Jaybird app has improved – with a range of online or offline EQ choices accessible from the moment you launch the device, as well as recommended podcasts and playlists by other Jaybird users.To customize the frequencies of each song or podcast to your own special sound document, you can build your own sound profile very easily. But there’s always the option to hop in with pre-made settings for cooler mids, raise the bass, or completely delete the higher frequencies that are sure to cause you a headache during a long listening period.

True wireless also requires coming to terms with Bluetooth’s audio distortion, but Jaybird prevents the worse by linking individually to each earbud instead of making them connect with each other. (This also ensures that you should use the right or wrong earbud of your own whether you just need to let out the battery life or hear incoming cars.)

The earbuds get automatically linked to a smartphone the moment you pull them out of the case, and it’s obvious that Jaybird has worked tirelessly in this department to make it a smooth experience. The battery life of 16 hours will take you through a complete day of use.
The truly wireless earbuds from the Jaybird Vista are absolutely impressed with what they do. Because they’re fitness-first headphones, they also manage to deliver great audio amid water and sweat.

2. Best Wireless Earbuds For Running Outdoors: AfterShokz Aerofex

AfterShokz Aeropex

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The Aeroplex Aftershokz are the finest fitness headphones you can purchase right now for bone conduction. These are more costly than previous versions and have a perceptible sound quality change. However, the slimmer style and better battery life are the explanations why you would be persuaded that a little extra is worth investing.Aftershokz has been in the running headphone market for a number of years now, and it’s only one target in that time; you can drive, bike and work with open-ear headphones, all while removing the environment around you completely. It’s gone all-in on the development of bone conduction designed into a system around the neck to make this possible.

For the newest, the Aeropex, it has been able to turn the design into anything that is slimmer and more compact, thus incorporating fresh features for bone conduction to boost sound efficiency. These are more costly than the headphones from Trekz Air, which launched back in 2017.Aftershokz has quickly become the go-to alternative for runners in particular, as more races enforce restrictions on the usage of closed headphones and in-ear headphones due to safety issues. With each new version, Aftershokz has succeeded in shaving off the frame and the essential bits of their headphones a substantial amount of weight, rendering them easier to use, unnoticeable while you’re on the move.

Place the Aeropex opposite the Trekz Air, and you’ll be able to see how far slimmer stuff really got here. Aftershokz claims they’re 30 per cent smaller and 13 percent stronger, and although those seem like tiny figures, as soon as you pick them up the difference becomes very clear. These are much lighter than the last generation.It’s still the same neckband-style feel, but the thickness of the arms that rest right in front of the ears has been greatly diminished. The frame is likewise skinner. With the Aftershokz Aerofex there is great battery life here. You get eight hours of music streaming and chat time on the Airs, which is up to two hours. It often requires only one-and-a-half hours to totally power up, compared to two hours.

You’ll even get an hour of music streaming from a fast fee of 15 minutes. Once you first switch on the headphones and press on the keys, you will be given a status check on the battery life to send you a heads-up when it might be time for a charging session.What has improved is what is named ‘PremiumPitch 2.0’ by Aftershokz. This time, it’s utilizing the transducers that redirect the sounds that are positioned that best settle on the cheekbone, hoping to produce music that contains more volume, less noise and less air distortion. Surprisingly, there are even earplugs that can be used to enhance music efficiency.

It’s close to what Aftershokz is doing for their swim-proof headphones, so it definitely has the same result of having something more satisfying. You also have to be able to cover your ears up, which defeats the intention of open-ear headphones pretty much.If you have to step away from your exercises while your phone rings, there are two, noise-cancelling mics to pick up your speech. You shouldn’t have any issues with taking such calls, but don’t assume extraordinary clarification here.You can get a little of the sense of feedback at higher levels, but it’s been dialled back a little, so it doesn’t sound unpleasant, or at a point, you’d like to avoid doing it. They do tend to spill much less at more modest levels, but when you ramp it up to the full, that may always be the case.

If you’re searching for headphones to get sweaty with and don’t want to tune out of the world, the Aeroplex Aftershokz is your best choice right now. From a product standpoint, the Air and those first-generation Aftershokz headphones made tremendous strides. They look better to wear, and from a convenience point of view, the shrink in scale creates a difference.

3. Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out: JBeats Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

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The true wireless Powerbeats Pro is a major move forward for a headphone company operated by Apple. They are the most luxurious fitness buds of Apple. There’s a lot to like about the latest Powerbeats Pro in terms of style-it has a sporty feel to it, though it’s also comfortable enough to carry outside the gym.The Beats Powerbeats Pros have all the tools, Beats redesigning their new, sports-oriented Powerbeats into a pair of completely portable headphones for athletes and gym-goers. The previous model’s cord, which came off the earbuds and wound around the back of the arm, has vanished entirely.

The Powerbeats Pros are unmistakably on-message in terms of their delivery with parent company Apple. They come in a sleek, swish charging case which is a joy to open and shut. It’s good, seamless and due to the magnetic capture, it’s not going to open up unexpectedly and make your earbuds leak out.The Powerbeat Pros are secure-fit, rubber-clad works available in a variety of black, navy, ivory and (green) moss. They lie on the side of your head, comfortable and close. The flexible, bendable ear hooks deliver all you need to give and hold, and it makes them a pleasure to carry.

They don’t switch from their snug-fitting place during workouts. They’re as relaxed from the first movie to the last, thanks to their sweat and water-resistant design; never dry, never sliding. They come with four ear tips in varying sizes, but the pre-fitted pair works well for you.
Naturally, Bluetooth is the wireless software that links the Powerbeats Pro to your audio device, and it’s Apple’s H1 chip that is in control. It really is Bluetooth at its finest in terms of quality of communication and ease of pairing.

The Powerbeats Pro has a central playback control button on both of the two earbuds where the Beats emblem is mounted, plus a volume rocker. That means you can use whichever hand is free to play your music which is a pleasant function. (Of course, if you have Hey Siri allowed, you can only say the word wake with the same impact voice command).It also allows the Pro to be incredibly relaxed, not just due to how it sits in and around the head, but also as to how it sounds while listening to music.

If you used certain true wireless headphones in the past, you could remember experiencing a kind of pressure in the ear when listening to the song.When listening to certain fitness earbuds including the Jaybird X4, it’s something we’ve definitely experienced yet the awkward sensation just doesn’t happen with the Powerbeats Pro. That’s because of a micro-laser barometric venting hole in the front chamber that decreases the vibration in the ear and increases the bass output in Apple’s own words-not that Beats headphones require much support with bass levels.

Staying in your ear and communicating effortlessly with your apps are table stakes in this area. What really counts is how fine they sound when you’re driving-an environment not really perfected by other famous earbuds. The positive thing is the Powerbeats sound fantastic both during a workout as well as away from the gym during the period.Beats brand still offers EDM, R&B, and rap, as you can imagine, and can still perform with the influence of the most crunchy rock and alternative. What’s more interesting is that this time, the Powerbeats Pro always shut down the rhythm.
They aren’t at a flat EQ, so it’s almost a soft v-shape that enhances the peaks and lows on the mids with a small recess. It’s a smooth slope the music sounds fairly fast, though not too slanted, leaving videos and shows unwatchable. Even films like Thor Ragnarok really look perfectly perfect with them.

4. Adidas RPT-01

adidas RPT-01

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The Nike RPT-01 doesn’t feel like any other headphones on-ear. The Adidas RPT-01 sports headphones are wrapped in a knitted mesh-like cloth, evading a plasticky or silver style in which most headphone makers move along.There are plastic and metal at work underneath the surface, but it’s the lightweight padding that covers most headphones that will first capture your attention. They’re really nice because of that.They weigh just over 200 g which makes them perfect for workouts and runs. Impressively, it’s easy to cut and wash the knitted headband and ear pad cushions as they get filthy, which is a fantastic idea.

Another thing that sticks out about the on-ear headphones in Adidas RPT-01 is how effortlessly they can be tossed around. There’s no reason to feel like you can carefully carry them or kindly place them in your pocket. Rather, they believe they can handle a bit of roughness, which is lucky considering that they do not come with a protective case like many other headphones.
With the buttons on the Adidas RPT-01 running headphones, the intriguing style choices start. The right ear cup has a multi-directional knob that determines the strength, pairing, regulating the volume and playing back. A left- or right-hand switch skips or rewinds tracks when a flip-up or down changes speed.

The left ear cup with the Action button has equally imaginative functions. For example, a simple press of this triggers Google Assistant or Siri, so you can use the Adidas Headphones software to render it normal for certain acts including picking up a particular album in Spotify.It’s a handy touch, particularly if you’re in a rush. The USB-C port for charging is built into the bottom of one ear cup. It is very discreet and put very nicely among the device’s black and white. There’s no other port here, and you’re only confined to use the Adidas RPT-01 on-ear headphones in wireless mode – but that’s not a concern considering the amazing battery life at all.

The on-ear headphones of the Adidas RPT-01 pledge a battery life of about 40 hours and consider it to be true. Since their intention is to be used when you’re working out, don’t plan to always have to recharge them (unless you’re living in the gym).There is no fast charging system, but it just takes a few hours to recharge them from empty, so this is not as it will happen.

However, the Adidas headphone software does go some distance to help you get the tone as you want it. It’s a basic app that focuses initially on helping you to configure the action button (which connects to Spotify). However, there’s also an equalizer feature, which means you can change various parameters or choose a preset according to your mood. It is also nice to have more fingertip power.

The Adidas RPT-01 on-ear headphones are built with sport and exercise in mind and are an enticing pair of sports headphones for anybody who is involved and needs to keep up with their music.

5. Best Budget Wireless Earbuds For Working Out: Bose SoundSport Free

Bose SoundSport Free

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Initiatives of Bose in the form of SoundSport Free, the heir of SoundSport Wireless, pull off an ambitious set of truly wireless earbuds. This is, in reality, one of the better high-end choices in today’s cable-free service.The Bose SoundSport Free is an outstanding sounding set of ultra-reliable, wireless headphones. They will quickly avoid the exploitation of working out, but their bad fit and transparent nature would scare away other casual users. The reality that the Bose SoundSport Free are large earbuds is not going around.The driver housings are the biggest from a pair of very wireless earbuds. Bose SoundSport Free Sound output is outstanding. There is a subtle warm turn and a comfortable overall appearance.

Bass stretches low and delivers good effect without bleeding through the mids. Highs are rolled off gently to render lengthy listening hours a breeze, yet rarely sibilance.The performance quality of SoundSport Free is pretty darn decent for a pair of true wireless headphones, with Bose’s trademark gentle bass delivery which is just right for a variety of music genres.So far as the battery is concerned, it has a 5-hour life, and it’s just an appropriate duration for a pair of truly wireless headphones. Despite that, they can be assisted by the charging case up to 10 hours longer.

SoundSport Free looks voluminous because they stick a little too far out of the ears and it is counter-intuitive to its cable-free nature. SoundSport Free does a fairly decent job of transmitting Bluetooth signal from the source in terms of wireless communication, such that you are assured secure, close-to-perfection connectivity.

The earbuds themselves last around 4 to 5 hours, which is very nice relative to the competitors. Finally, call efficiency is outstanding, revealing to our friends and relatives that they didn’t even know we wear portable headphones. Audio comes in loud and simple, and without question, the voice can be picked up from outside.But all in all, with excellent sound quality and robust build, this pair is a perfect pick! And it’s sweat-resistant, so it’s IPX4-rated.

6. Koss FitClips KSC32i

Koss KSC32i

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Koss FitClips uses a special, initial style that guarantees an optimal fit. The components relax securely in the ear using a modern ported in-ear system to create the perfect seal for the optimum listening experience. The Koss FitClips sports an integrated microphone, one button.
Hearers are provided three types of ear cushions tailored to fit comfortably into each ear. Warm compact clips hang easily across the ear to guarantee the music never ceases. FitClips are available in four bright colours with an active-use sweat-resistant coating and unrivalled longevity.

Soft compact clips hang easily across the ear to guarantee the music never ceases. Monitor your device with the Koss One-Touch Microphone, and respond to calls.
Listeners are provided three types of ear cushions to match comfortably in anybody’s face. The elements settle securely in the ear using a modern in-ear ported system to create the perfect seal for the ultimate listening experience. These exercise headphones’ hook-over-the-ear style is adjustable and convenient, and the performance is much stronger than the low price suggests, and this pair has a simple single-button remote and microphone.

And since these earbuds are wired, you don’t have to think about charging them, but depending on which device you are using, you can require a headphone jack adapter. The microphone on this set of FitClips is great for conversations, however.Two years on, quick forward, and those lightweight earbuds are still going high. By long summer slogs and vigorous runs at sub-freezing levels, they have achieved absolutely, and then some. The sweat tolerant architecture has outperformed any other cheap set.

The sound level certainly beats what you can predict for the price tag, and you will be very surprised with the fit. Tucked between my head, the hooks felt safe over 10-plus miles but always relaxed.Some people obviously choose wireless solutions to work out, but you’ll appreciate that unlike Bluetooth sets, you don’t have to think about charging your headphones.

7. Underwater Audio SwimbudsSyryn

Swimbuds Flip Headphones

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The SYRYN MP3 player adds flexibility to the pool through drag-and-drop. Packed with 8 GB of memory, you’ll enjoy up to 2000 of your favourite songs while swimming with an easy shuffle feature. Lightweight and fitted with a 360 contoured swivel brace, the SYRYN is easily clipped to any goggle strap.Service is smooth, sometimes mid-stroke. Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, loop, and easily make sound changes while you float, using the three big raised keys.
Uploading music to your SYRYN is as easy as drag-and-drop. You will listen to much of all in both MP3 and WMA file format, including Mac and Windows support.

IPX8 resistant, completely submersible, up to 10 cm. Fitted and robust it is ideal for almost any situation, wet or dry, you bring it in!As our Waterproof iPod Shuffle, the SYRYN MP3 Player has quadrupled capacity. They will hold 2,000 songs with 8 GB. That is approximately 85 hours! Since you’re working out every day for a half-hour, you will have 167 days of fresh music!
Every buy comes with SYRYN MP3 Player, SYRYN manual, SYRYN USB / charge cord, Swimbuds headphones, headset extension, headset unique earbuds, Swimbuds headphone manuals, FitGoo tube (Not with Swimbuds Sport bundle), AquaGuard sample and Swimboost sample.

Along with a pair of swim buds sport earphones, you’ll get the portable Syryn MP3 8 GB player with a range of various earbud tips. You’re going to like they’re offering various types in varying sizes, and you can choose the one that fits you better or choose the one that’s more convenient. All of this comes in a really convenient, zip-around, robust package.Underwater Music Portable iPod or MP3 devices, and Swimbuds are the ultimate underwater device. They help crack the tension when doing laps in the pool, and it works well underwater!

With Underwater Audio’s SYRYN Portable MP3 Player and Swimbuds In-Ear Headphones Package, easily add your favourite goggles and experience your favourite music while swimming in the pool.The SYRYN player follows IPX8 specifications, which ensures it’s waterproof up to 10′ deep, so it’s lightweight enough to add the harness straight to the goggles. Simply attach the SYRYN to your Windows or Macintosh device with the USB Type-A cable provided with the setup. Drivers are not required since the SYRYN supports plug-and-play functionality from the USB.

When linked, you can start copying MP3 and WMA audio files to the 8 GB of internal memory, while concurrently charging the built-in battery. Built-in controls allow you to play, pause, rewind, change tracks and alter the volume without taking your goggles off quickly.

8. Jabra Elite Active 45e

Jabra Elite Active 45e

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The Jabra Elite Active 45e are good sports headphones and thanks to their semi-open design that enables you to remain aware of your surroundings. They are well-built headphones for dust and water resistance with an IP67 ranking which is excellent. Thanks to their ear-hooks, they are both really strong and do not make you sweat more than normal while you work out.
They fit in pockets and are easy to bring around. Remember, however, that because of their semi-open nature, these headphones won’t be very flexible for other applications. These are a perfect choice for those athletes outdoors who want to hear vehicles going by.

The Jabra Elite Active 45e are made for sports, as their name suggests. They have an ear-hook feature that keeps them really comfortable for most exercise. Their tip style is very special, and they are all one-size suits. They’re very easy to bring around, they’re very breathable, and the headphones are well made. They carry an IP67 ranking for tolerance to dust and water.
Thanks to their semi-open nature, they would be a nice choice for anyone who wants to perform physical exercises while also remaining conscious of their surroundings. They are compatible with the ios device Jabra Sound+ which provides a decent 5-band EQ and some music presets.
From the buds along you can run anything you like.

There is a single click on one side that mutes the microphone and triggers the voice assistant, too. On the other bud, there is the button controlling the headphones, playing and pausing audio, addressing and terminating the message, and opening up the Bluetooth link. On this side, there are two volume buttons which move a path forward and back if you hold them.
The Jabra Active Elite 45e headphones stream through horns, sounds of driving, vehicles and conversations.

These headphones provide good volume, and if you’re searching for that, this isn’t the headset to purchase. If you’re searching for something that pushes the music through your ears while attempting to drive yourself for another mile while holding you conscious of what’s going on around you, it’s perfect.The headphones have a respectable nine hours — that’s certainly more than you’ll like in a day of fitness, especially though you’re commuting to and from work by road. You recharge in two hours if need be, you can put them in at work, so in only 15 minutes you will still get a complete hour.

In the end, all these headphones are — good. For those who like to hear music, podcasts or other material they love listening to when working out, they are a good choice and ensuring that their earbuds won’t break. The quality is certainly within the spectrum of what you would expect to pay for wireless headphones so if they break; it’s good to have the additional rope around your neck.The best aspect is the fact you can hear when carrying them around you. This makes the Jabra Elite Active 45e worth contemplating individually for those people who prefer to work individually even while it’s already dark outside. They can be attached concurrently to two devices, which is great, and they support Bluetooth 5.0, and you could get even better results if your source also supports it.

9. JLab Audio Air Sport

JLab Audio JBuds Air Sport

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The JBuds Air Sport has ear hooks installed into the earpieces to hold them extra secure during a workout. Accessible in black, with a silver JLab emblem on each outer panel — the look here is about features above all else. JLab provides three pairs of silicone ear tips and one pair of rubber ear tips to help assist the protection of the in-ear design.As you would imagine, they both have the JLab Audio logo on their earbuds, but that’s about it — the headphones have no buttons on them. Alternatively, the logo doubles as a touch-sensitive field, so to monitor your music, you can need those touch controls.

The JBuds Air Sport not only fits well but also makes a case for being your next workout earphone with its IP66 ranking. The first six means the earpieces are dust-protected, while the second 6 means they are durable and can endure high water pressure.Like most charging cases in JLab Audio, the case has a USB cable on the rim, designed straight into the case — so you won’t have to have to take a cord with you. Unlike other charging cases, a USB port is not integrated into the shell, and you can not use it to charge other apps. You’ll also be having a minimum of four sets of ear tips in the pack.

Earpiece houses an 8 mm dynamic driver centrally and has a multifunction button on its outer side. The left and right ears separate the different controls on each side — both can be pushed and held to turn up or down for three seconds.The left side is responsible for down volume and backward tracking, the right for up volume and forward tracking. Tap the correct controls to play/pause and handle the message, while a double-tap on the left summons the voice assistant to your phone. Triple-tap flips between three EQ modes on the left earpiece.

The case itself is voluminous, with a black, eggshell coating. The charging cable is hardwired into the case and ends in USB. An external LED tracker that lets you know how much battery life exists, which is where the case shines.JLab says the case bears an additional payment of up to 34 hours, whilst the earpieces provide an estimated six hours per day.The charging case has an oblong rock shape and is wider than that of the Executive. It features a built-in USB cable that can handle 10,000 twists. This is fantastic news for the forgetful, as you no longer have to think about bringing a charging cord for backup. It lets you charge the case from anywhere, and thus the earbuds.

You need to detach all earbuds to start the pairing phase properly: the earbuds will bind to each other before connecting to your computer. They support Bluetooth 5.0, which offers AAC codec of good quality. Since the efficiency of AAC on Android devices is inconsistent, compatibility with AAC really only applies to iPhone users.Isolation is fantastic. Take the time to discover the best ideas for the ears; it is worth it. JLab provides four sets, three of them being silicone and one memory foam alternative. The memory foam retains its form well and is really convenient, but is more prone to wear and tear.

10. Master & Dynamic MW07 Go

Master & Dynamic MW07 GO

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Master & Dynamic found some success and appreciation from nearly everyone who checked them with their first set of truly wireless earphones-the MW07, released back in 2018. Since then, the MW07 Plus has been launched, complete with additional noise cancellation and increased battery life.Now it’s the turn of the MW07 Go, a less expensive, sportier oriented design. Even while there’s not quite as much on the spec sheet, preferring this smaller, sportier pair might not leave you out on much.

For Master & Dynamic, creating the MW07 Go meant utilizing the same tried and tested recipe as its previous earphones, thus rendering it more weatherproof and weather tolerant. In this particular case, M&D has managed to considerably slim down the earbud casing, while growing the weight of each earbud to only 7.4 g per portion.The MW07 Plus earbuds, with a bigger battery and noise cancellation, weigh 9 g each for comparison, and the Go reduces it by around 18 per cent to 7.4 g a pair, due to a smaller casing.

Like its predecessor and the more costly Plus model, the MW07 Go has an in-ear grip/fin which firmly holds each bud in place. It’s lightweight and comfortable enough that you don’t feel it with its distinctive comb-like shape but still holds the earbud safe, even though exercise.
Add that it’s rain and sweat immune and you have earbuds that you can carry in even muddy, rainy conditions for a sprint. Like the Plus, the circular silicone tips fit really well, which means they’re doing a decent job of actively cancelling outside noise, helping you to really enjoy it.
As for the case of charging, that’s more of a deviation from the polished charging of stainless steel which comes with the model Plus. M&D then went along with portability and sporty-aesthetics. It is lightweight and wrapped in a durable knit cloth, maintains the USB-C port for charging, and the three front LED lights to signify the amount of charging.

As much of the latest crop of truly wireless earphones, Master & Dynamic’s Go promises battery life not too long ago which should have appeared ridiculous? A totally charged pair gets 10 hours of music streaming before they need to be placed back into the fabric-coated charging bag.It may be the smaller, lightweight and sportier variant of the MW07 series but the Go uses the same 10 mm driver contained within the MW07 and MW07 Plus. That’s perfect for a product in-ear, as normal around 5-6 mm is. That ensures you get the same amazing tone with two of the three you choose.

The MW07 Go is exceptional, with a sleek, streamlined style that perfectly fits with either formal, casual or fitness getup. It’s one of those sets of buddies that you’ll find in the corporate class front row or every trendy gymnasium.Where the MW07 consists of acetate and stainless steel, the MW07 Go is constructed from synthetic content TR90, which is mainly used by professional eyewear sports. What this primarily adds to the table is IPX6 clearance, rendering the buds immune to salt. Yeah, they are enduring unnecessary sweat and strong water sprays. They are often dustproof so that no soil or particles can come inside.

Comfort plays an important role when it comes to outdoor sports buds. Fortunately, the MW07 Go offers you enough of it. The buds are 0.26-ounce featherweight and stay locked in while engaging in horizontal movements, and you won’t be worried about dropping them into a pipe grate (cough, AirPods, cough) as you run to the gymnasium.The left houses a rocker with speed, while the right has a multifunctional control dedicated to all other functionalities. Play/pause (1x tap), skip forward (2x tap), skip back (3x tap), trigger voice assistant (hold button for about 3 seconds) and join pairing mode (keep the button for about 5 seconds).

There doesn’t seem to be a way to manually turn on / off the buds, but they have a power reserve feature that allows for a sleep mode after a few minutes while inactive. Holding the MF button wakes them up. Audio output on the MW07 is excellent and provides a run for their money to the class-leading Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless.Once again kudos to M&D for taking the same rich and comprehensive listening experience to the MW07 Go. The custom 10 mm beryllium drivers are really strong and blast out some intense bass with the first music on your exercise playlist that will have your heart going.

Much like the Google Pixel Buds 2, these Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds have a long wireless lead for listeners. You should hopefully move 30 meters from your phone without having to suffer any communication stutters. The MW07 Go supports the high-quality Bluetooth codec aptX, which is perfect for Android users but requires Apple users to stream through the regular SBC codec.

11. Libratone Track Air+

Libratone Track Air+

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Available in black or silver, the Libratone Track Air+ is in reality very sleek, with a stylish graphic structure that makes them appear more like jewellery than earbuds. Shiny rectangular housings are offset by angular ends, removing the absolute dorkiness of the long ears on Apple AirPods; at the back of each stem, you can notice a tasteful etching of the Libratone bird emblem.
Such stems are often sensitive to contact, enabling you to double-tap your music playback power, adjust your noise cancellation settings and call your phone voice assistant, whether you are using Google Assistant or Siri. You’ll need to download the Libratone software and follow the directions to link the Libratone Track Air+ with your device; Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility is really fantastic.

The plain, attractive style is discreet enough in your ear to go relatively unnoticed but distinctive enough to be beautiful, particularly in black and silver. The lump that holds much of the work suits perfectly in your ear concha, with the earbud tip slotted into your ear canal with a slight twist to a safe and convenient location.And the stalks blend beautifully into space between your lobe and your tragus. The earbuds are relatively compact and light at 5.6 g each so they know they won’t slip out.

The Track Air+ slots magnetically into a charging case which is one of the strongest in the business. It’s lightweight enough to slip into a pair of jeans’ money bag, making it one of only a couple of genuinely wireless earbuds that’s pocketable like the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple’s AirPod.The case can charge the earbuds up to three times through USB-C or wireless charging which is helpful. The Track Air+ lasts six hours of good noise cancelling, and you get almost 24 hours of playback in the case of journeys.

The Track Air+ supports Bluetooth 5.0 and is ideal for single use. Both do endorse the popular SBC Bluetooth audio interface, and the high-quality aptX from Qualcomm.Removing all earbuds stops the song, and when you bring one back in, it resumes. A button in the case puts the buds in pairing mode, while the Libratone software manages the settings. You may also search the earbuds battery and the case inside the device.One of the strongest things is how the Track Air+ look, with a decent deal of punchy bass and precision rivalling some of the fully wireless earbuds that sound louder.

Using the Libratone software on your phone, you can change the noise-cancelling by 30 degrees, either manually or automatically depending on your location. In the mid-range, the earbuds sound much less robust with noise-cancelling cranked up to the limit.
The ambient listening feature is fantastic, sounding normal enough to be relatively easy to keep a conversation. Call quality is equally good as well.

They sound fantastic, particularly after you’ve customized the sound to your taste with the equalizer choices of the device. The ANC is decent enough in certain cases, but not on par with the best over-ear headphones. The sleek Scandistylings from Libratone make for a really stylish pair of earbuds, plus they are small and easy too.You may move between neutral, extra bass or improved treble profiles with a simple EQ, feeling better left in neutral. Even the silicone earbud end, in which you get four sizes in the pack, does a fine job in suppressing noise, but the Track Air+ also has built-in noise cancelling.

In terms of battery life, you’re looking at six hours from the headphones themselves, with the charging case offering another 18 – not terrible for truly wireless earbuds, but it pales compared to the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1. The Libratone Track Air+ provides a vibrant listening environment with a simple, accurate soundstage, with 5.3 mm drivers in each earbud.
Listening to Foals’ Hummer, you will be pleased by their expert and energetic handling of intricate intertwining guitar riffs; the guitars and voices are decently isolated, while the drums clash in the background without overpowering any effects.Acoustic songs such as The White Stripes’ We’re Going To Be Friends sounds very good with a balanced approach, but it often sounds as though the upper mid-frequencies are overdriving the vocals.

12. Sony XB80BS Extra Bass

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The MDR-XB80BS is a neckband-style set, available in black, blue, or red, that uses ear hooks to help stabilize and protect the in-ear fit. An IPX5 water-resistance rating means that you can use the earphones while sweating or pouring out. Just ensure the micro USB charging port snap-shut cover is closed.The ear hooks are a smooth, flexible substance that stretches across the top of the head; tougher and stiffer is the portion that lies behind the head. The neckband stretches from these parts and can be modified using the included cable cinch to remove slack. The suit is easy and incredibly healthy-suitable for exercise. Inside each earpiece, the audio is delivered by a 0.5-inch neodymium driver.

The earphones offer some strong low-frequency reaction on tracks with extreme sub-bass material, including the “Silent Scream” from The Knife. The drivers don’t distort at the highest frequencies, and the bass response is always very good at more acceptable volume rates.
Like other sports earphones, the XB80BS features an ear-hook design which ensures that they loop over your ears. In this scenario, the main body of the earphone hooks consists of two materials: there is the mildly translucent, semi-transparent portion that feeds over the tops of your ear; while a sturdy patterned plastic forms the frame that contains all the electrical components in it. The two ear-hooks are fastened by a thin wire.

Also, the XB80BS is designed for washability. During some especially muddy workouts, you should rinse them off with a splash-resistance level to ensure they are safe. However, they are not intended to be submerged in water, but they can survive being splashed. That means you can row them but not swim.As in other related headsets, each key has secondary features. Also, the control button is the Bluetooth linking button and the call response/play/pause button. Volume up doubles as a forward button to move the line, while volume down skips to the previous run, or current track launch.

The Extra Bass earphones have a strong wireless link together with a comfortable, sturdy fit that doesn’t drop even for once. The Extra Bass logo on these Sony earphones tells it all: you get loads of sound, which isn’t unpleasant when you’re pumping iron at the nearest gun-sculpting store, or attempting to maintain a smooth tempo on your sprint.The earphones are also robust enough that you can only chuck them in a pocket when you’re finished and not have to fear if they could crack. But you definitely should only use the provided pouch with its snap-shut lips instead.

The advantage of the flexible portion is that during exercise, you can move your head around, without ever feeling the earphones falling outThe right earpiece has an onboard LED and Status Screens. There is a power button that serves as play/pause based on how long you are keeping it in, and when you have an incoming call, it often functions as the call monitoring function. The plus/minus buttons monitor volume rates (working in tandem with the master volume levels of your mobile device), and often function as follow navigation buttons if left in for a prolonged period of time.

The microphone provides intelligibility which is higher than normal. We could understand any word we’ve captured using the Voice Memos feature on an iPhone 6s. The earphones come in a range of sizes with four sets of silicone ear tips, a long micro USB charging cord, a snap-shut security cover, and the cord cinch above.Sony reports that the battery life is about seven hours, although the performance can differ with the capacity. Complete charging time is about two hours. The earphones would switch off immediately after a brief time of inactivity to conserve the battery life. It’s easy to connect the earphones using the Bluetooth menu on your mobile, but they do support NFC.

13. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 500

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The supra-aural (on-ear) BackBeat Equipped 500 headphones (at Amazon) are available in black or black-and-teal versions and have a nicely cushioned memory foam headband and earpads for a comfortable fit over long listening times. The headband has a distinctive circular, triangular contour, and the alignment can be accurately changed from ear to ear using detentions on both sides.Given the on-ear style, the position is fairly comfortable on the head and will stay in place throughout most fitness exercises. The earcup exterior panels are a smooth rubber immune to moisture, which sadly works as a dust magnet. The good news is, thanks to the water-resistant P2i nano-coating, they can be easily cleaned. The audio is transmitted within the ear cup by 40 mm drivers.

There is a switch for power / Bluetooth pairing in the outer panel of the right earcup, and a click for addressing or terminating phone calls. Located between these two switches is a status Light. On the outer panel of the right earcup, there are controls for play/pause, dedicated track navigation buttons, and on the outer panel, there is a separate volume switch.
BackBeat Fit 500 is perfect for those who want a deep, rich sound environment during workouts with consummate noise isolation. Thanks to their 40 mm audio drivers and on-ear configuration with a closed-back feature.

BackBeat Fit 500’s nano coating is IP67-certified, ensuring that they are not only shielded from dust, sweat, and water but can also be submerged in water for 30 minutes down to 1 meter (3.9 feet). You may wonder if there’s security for the ear cups too. We are, it appears, The entire headphone is waterproofed using “P2i Military-grade nano-coating.”Talk about extended workouts; BackBeat Fit 500 can last up to 18 hours on single-use. This utilizes Class 1 Bluetooth, enabling you to travel as far as 33 feet from the source without delay. The replay controls are mounted discreetly on the right ear cup, whilst the volume rockers are on the right ear cup foot. The microphone on the left earpiece enables you to accept/reject calls and even access Siri, Cortana.

The headphones have a headband of memory foam and lightweight ear cups, the latter being very much known for muffling external noise.Why too many manufacturers struggle to build such a quick interface that doesn’t cram several functions into one click is a bit of a mystery — Plantronics manages to offer you all the controls you need in a smooth, easy-to-use style. The headphones ship to wired, ambient listening with a 3.5 mm audio cord.

The headphones, in addition to the wire, come with a small micro USB charging cord and a drawstring holding bag. The microphone provides super-average intelligibility. Using the Voice Memos feature on an iPhone 6s, you can easily hear any word that you capture without having so many audio artefacts — it’s a crisp, clear microphone.Plantronics reports that the battery life is about 18 hours, although the performance can differ with your volume rates and wired and wireless playback blend.

To songs with strong sub-bass material, including the “Silent Shout” from The Knife, the headphones offer powerful bass intensity that will cater to anyone inspired by deep lows throughout their workouts.These are good for athletes as P2i coating, and lightweight plastic housing renders them a perfect on-ear exercise alternative. While after the 45-minute point, the clamping force is experienced, it is efficient for running and guarantees a comfortable fit when going about.

If you reside in an environment with erratic weather conditions, the Plantronics BackBeat 500 FIT is fitted with a water-repellent coating to protect your headphones from April showers free from rain. These are good for commuters.It’s hard to make packaging sparser than the BackBeat 500 FIT, but Plantronics includes the essential elements: a 3.5 mm cable (yes, that’s still essential), a micro-USB charging cable, and the headphones themselves. It’s curious that Plantronics doesn’t have a necklace like the BackBeat FIT — the version of the earbud.

Plantronics frequently gets it right. This is to be expected from a company that owes its performance to its corporate communications product lines. The BackBeat 500 Suit pairs easily, and automatically reconnects. Switching back and forth with the Multi-Function button at the bottom of the right ear cup is easy.Link is hardly ever broken, as long as you’re inside the Bluetooth range of 10 metres. The Plantronics BackBeat 500 is the only other Bluetooth headphones to have a similar experience.

Alessia Cara’s take of Disney’s Moana’s “How Far I Can Ride” provides a surround-sound experience on the Suit 500. The tones of the opening which echo from left to right reproduce well. There is a good distinction between high and low tones owing to the difference between the darker chimes and the back drum rhythm. On a different track, the vocals distinctly stick out and reflect a very beautiful higher sound.The mid-song bass decline is mixing orchestrated tone with electronic beats, percussion and a few voices.

There’s that same all-around-your-head feeling of “Whatever it takes” from Imagine Dragons and Portugal. The Man’s “Feel It Now.” The hit “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift sounds amazing, with a strong contrast between the different drums and horns with the vocals at the end. These headphones especially manage bass well. In EDM tracks the foundation delivers power without distortion, so there is no shortage in both high and low tones.

Plantronics takes the same direction as Bang & Olufsen does for the H4, omitting inline buttons from the audio cable used with it. Instead, it places them on-ear cups, as this system does well. The playback controls have a texture of rubber which makes it simple to locate and navigate. If you want to live the wireless headphone life, the Fit 500 or 505 can be linked to a device, the Bluetooth.

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