The 10 Best Sennheiser Headphones for 2020

Sennheiser is one of the strongest labels on the market which is why we wanted to list ten of Sennheiser’s finest headphones. It doesn’t matter if you are recording music, or if you just like listening for your enjoyment, there’s a pair of Sennheiser headphones out there to perfectly fit your needs.

We have scanned the web for reviews and researched all the necessary things about these professional headphones to properly compare them. Some of the video reviews that we’ve watched are really good and informative so we’ve also included them. You will benefit from them too.

Sennheiser isn’t the market’s cheapest company but it’s a worthy purchase.
When you really take note of them, you will have them for several years. Make sure to go over the comments carefully, since they’re pretty costly. This means you’re willing to choose the perfect set.Owning an outstanding pair of headphones is certainly something that will add a little relaxation and joy to your life.In the course of choosing the dream set, creating your own selection of the headphones you want the best can be beneficial. Of all, at first sight, they’re all pretty close, and it’s simple to overlook which one is who.

Are you about to find the right Headphone pair? We’re positive that this list includes at least one pair which is right for you. We have made a list for you to see which ones to get the Sennheiser headphones that fits perfectly according to your needs.

1. Best Sennheiser Headphones: Sennheiser HD1 Wireless

Sennheiser HD1

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Lately, we have seen plenty of truly wireless Headphones. Hey, the system is cool and easy but it’s not exactly the most secure solution for wireless. In reality, it is hardly ever, at least as of now, the most secure wireless alternative.Yet the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless is a set of convenient Headphones in the neckband form that are aptX and AAC compliant and ready to take you everywhere, which is competitively priced.Who’s In-Ear Bluetooth Sennheiser HD1 for? It is about listeners who appreciate better stuff in life. Audio consistency is of utmost significance, but a bit of elegance goes a long way.

Sennheiser adopted concept features from its Momentum headset and earbud series and the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless has the same commitment to detail as those versions. The luxurious sheepskin leather is smooth to the touch and is complemented with the bright red stitching. It requires just 1.5 hours to go from zero to 100 percent.The RHA MA750 Wireless has a reported 12-hour playback time and the Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC has a reported 16-hour playback time with active noise cancelling turned off. As with most modern devices, the connection is fast and easy.

You can either enter pairing mode by holding the power button for three seconds or simply tap your NFC-enabled device to the neckband logo on the left wing to bypass the Bluetooth menu on your phone. When paired, you’ve got a range of 10 meters before things get crackly.What’s more, Sennheiser doesn’t state this explicitly on the box, but the headphones are
multipoint compatible, meaning you can stay connected to two devices at the same time. Like the Momentum line, these Headphones play favor low-end frequencies and reproduce a weakened treble response.

When you base much of your listening on lo-fi music, hip-hop, punk, and even rock, you’ll love the occasional bass roll. Although there’s a drop in the 3kHz-6kHz frequency response, the sound is usually neutral.Sennheiser was known to attempt to manipulate typical resonances that happen when you close an ear canal because of the complexity of sealed in-ear construction, so this could be what’s going on here. That functionality has been verified by other pages, so it’s not exactly a cause for concern. Will you purchase the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless headphones?

These are a much better value. The sheepskin cloth and attention to detail along with the technological specifications and connectivity with Bluetooth codecs of high quality such as aptX and AAC render this a nice deal.


Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

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The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 headphones are built on the Momentum line while retaining the same quality and style of Grade-A maintenance. Partly due to the Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and an array of high-quality Bluetooth codec support, the connection quality is excellent.

If you want a snazzy pair of headphones and aren’t troubled by the high cost, the Momentum Wireless 3 might be your next travel companion. The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 is a luxury noise- a headset that the $400 price renders vividly clear.To help the latest Momentum Wireless stand out from the sea of competent ANC headphones, Sennheiser depends on its advanced concept and audio engineering skills. It is time to figure out whether the investment is worth these pricey headphones, or whether you’re better off for anything more casual.

Sennheiser provided the headband with an authentic cloth and the memory foam ear cups with a softcover. Matte steel arms stretch from the headband and feature a match change sliding device. The ear cups rotate minimally, so they can rest comfortably.These cans hardly deviate from previous iterations: the design on the right edge of the ear cup is almost identical save for the button layout. It forgets plastic buttons and sliders and opts instead for a smooth, rubberized material. Click the Bluetooth pairing button once, to activate your virtual assistant.

This iteration of the third generation also excludes the control switch. Alternatively, flipping the ear cups into the headband initiates slowing off, which Jabra and Beats have experienced.
The patented Sennheiser software is accessible free of charge on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. While it’s not necessary to use the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3, it has neat resources that could be of interest. As for other corresponding headphone devices, this provides a means of customizing the EQ and enabling access to voice assistants.

You may also change the degree to which you detect ambient noise by allowing Clear Listening, and how loud you want the noise to be canceling. There are three ANC modes: anti-pressure, anti-wind and full, described in ascending order. The battery lasts 13 hours, 17 minutes with noise-canceling switched on.This will provide you with a complete week of commuting, and almost every foreign trip. If you listen to levels that are quieter than 75dB, which you probably will, then the battery should last closer to the 17-hour posed by Sennheiser. When the battery is exhausted, the supplied USB-C cable helps you to easily charge the headset.

The bass spike (red) shows us the low-end notes sound twice as noisy as their (green) midrange equivalents. It is perfect for rock and hip-hop as it offers songs with good oomph. If you like folk or classical music, though, you may consider it useful in the Smart Control device for EQ the tone. Will you purchase the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3? There are far greater principles out there, in reality. Reach through the Sony WH-1000XM3 instead for those who like the perfect all-around headphones. However, the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless does not give such headphones the same kind of longevity, and certainly not as trendy.


Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless

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The consistency of the design and components, the battery life and the sound clarity are all remarkable. Wholehearted advice is stopped even by persistent treble problems. To a large degree, all over-ear headphones look the same – the most a company might hope for is any unique stylistic fiddling along the outside of a long-established blueprint of design.

Sennheiser has opted for a sleek and understated design for the PXC 550-IIs – while ensuring that doesn’t only render the device seem bland. Unlike plenty of wireless on-ears, the PXC 550-IIs centers the features on the right earcup.It is home to a Bluetooth linking click, which also summons a longer-pressed voice assistant with support for aptX Bluetooth 5.0, low-latency and even AAC connectivity. There is also a switch for disabled noise cancelation or deactivation, and a micro-USB interface for battery charging.

Sennheiser says that if you keep it turned off, you can get 20 hours of usage with noise-cancellation disabled, or 30 – all numbers seem eminently achievable.This is also the correct earcup where you can locate the touch-controls. Play/pause, move forward / back, volume up / down, microphone mute / unmute and request-response / reject may all be rendered simpler with a click or tap. In fact, the PXC 550-IIs is tricked out with a range of mics to be used for phone calls, speech modulation, and successful noise reduction.

A 32 mm wide-range driver is behind the acoustic fabric on the inside of this hard-working earcup. There’s another one, naturally, in the left earcup – so aside from those noise-cancellation mics, that’s it on the left hand.The PXC 550-IIs can be used along with the beautiful Smart Control software from Sennheiser. Many EQ adjustments are possible here, as well as noise-cancellation degrees. But, it’s not just the interface that is subtle and understated. The Sennheiser PXC 550-IIs that sound a little reticent on initial contact-but only persevere a little longer and show a calm and carefully measured listening.

When it comes to the lowest levels, they are highly controlled, managing the start and stop of individual bass sounds with great rigor. To the edge, too, there is proper texture and nuance, rather than the flat drone that less-capable alternatives serve up.The bass-hungry may be hoping for a little more influence, but everybody else will appreciate how naturalistic the low-frequency replication sounds of the Sennheisers. Essentially, the Sennheiser PXC 550-IIs sound a lot like they look: responsive, costly, and grown-up.

Whether the obscurity of their appearances is enough to lure consumers in significant numbers is debatable, yet their performance’s (nearly) unshakeable virtuosity would certainly draw more than a handful – as long as they’re not fans of blatantly shaking songs, that is.


Sennheiser 506087

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With these speakers, there is a lot to think about. Stick with Sennheiser’s Momentums if you’re aiming for precision, but if you’re searching for anything more enjoyable sounding, give them a look. Build & Design Unlike the other headphones in this series, the Urbanite and Urbanite XL, the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless is only available in black.It doesn’t appear to be a temporary problem, nor can we think of any reasonable excuse to restrict color options, other than the wireless models ‘ fairly small supply compared to the other two.

Whatever the explanation for the lack of preference of color range, these are very sleek, and the black is definitely more classy-looking than the smaller Urbanite variant we tested over the top red, white and blue color scheme. Other than size and color, these look fairly close to the Urbanite, while they look virtually identical to the wired Urbanite XL when plugged in.

Other than size and color, these look pretty close to the Urbanite, while they look virtually identical when plugged into the wired Urbanite XL.
The ear cups are relatively flexible and this allowed for a good fit, but over time they began becoming less good.It is quick to pair up, due in part to NFC inclusion. Switch on the headphones and then move the control button to reach pairing mode a little more. So either connect from the Bluetooth menu of your computer or press your NFC-enabled smartphone on the right ear cup.

The range is the usual 30 miles, and although I was feeling some skipping at the extreme edges of this range, getting a couple of steps back to the source quickly placed a stop to this. This is worth mentioning that this always happens with a helping wall along the way, so it didn’t appear to mess with lighter walls.

Both controls are crammed into the correct cup of the head. Swiping up and down raises and decreases speed, thus pause and restart playback. Double-tapping would move to the next line, while a triple tap would move backward. There are a few other buttons, including double-tapping and fast-forward pressing, and although at first overwhelming, they soon become second nature.

The only issue with these controls is that on a few occasions I found that, when changing the headphones for a proper match, I might inadvertently stop playback. It was not a big problem, so it might be unintentionally giving up in the middle of a message.Sennheiser estimates an average 25 hours of replay or spoken time and it seems they’re right on the mark. One run has accumulated nearly 23 hours of battery life through our research, while another has produced 24.5. Charge time was about two hours, but that can differ, as usual, based on the charger that you use.

The overwhelming majority of research was conducted linked by Bluetooth to both an iPhone 5s and a Google Nexus 5, but we also plugged the Urbanite XLs into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio amplifier, playing lossless files to test fidelity. When wired in, certain noises got a bit more complex but the gap was fairly small.


Sennheiser RS 185

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The Sennheiser RS185 are portable headphones that you’ll find elsewhere very from the sea of portable pairs. We may not use Wifi, but a tailor-made RF device providing much wider coverage and uncompressed audio sharing.That’s right, these portable headphones are ‘ hifi. The Sennheiser RS185 is purely for home usage because the headphone communicates to a dock that has to be wired into your pocket, so if that’s what you’re seeking we would choose this pair every day over a Bluetooth package.

The Sennheiser RS185 comes in two parts, the dock, and the headphone. The dock serves as the headphone charging device, which even requires a wired connection from whichever source you choose to use.

You can choose between optical or phono inputs. Digital or identical: Take your pick. For years now, Sennheiser has been producing this kind of wireless headphone, but still, it is still very unusual among headphones. Radiofrequency sets like these really aren’t like Bluetooth models ‘ in common. The Sennheiser RS185 takes a ‘ crazy ‘ audio signal and only uses RF to transmit it to the device uncompressed. The feed is just about good for as long as you’re in range.

That’s because there is a direct line of sight between the dock and the headphones, of course. In a typical room, We evaluated the Sennheiser RS185 with walls and attached devices that could conflict with the 2.4-2.48GHz band on which the link works. The entire idea of the Sennheiser RS185 is that it offers you greater sound quality and comfort than any other wireless headphones.

An open-back style gives them a good sense of size, and they don’t seem really bogged-down even with a heavy dose of bass on hand. In Sennheiser’s relatively vast HD headphone collection, there are a number of various sound ‘ forms ‘ to be found, and the Sennheiser RS185 is among the ‘ darker ‘ range.The Sennheiser RS185 is relatively close to the RS220 that I tested years earlier. The audio, the type of wireless communication and the architecture are all comparable. The battery life has, however, changed significantly from 8 hours to 18.

If you are going to use them for 2-3 hours at a time, of course, that’s scarcely essential.
Nevertheless, the Sennheiser RS185 really does not require drastic upgrades, since they have very few performing rivals in this field. Sony also sells a few sets, but we can’t vouch for their consistency as we haven’t checked them yet.
This is also the case for wireless headphones if you ditch wireless you will expect improved sound quality for the same amount.

6. Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless

Sennheiser MOMENTUM

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With sleek style, clever buttons, and excellent performance, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are a perfect cordless solution to those fed up with trailing cords or wired remotes. The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are the company’s smallest product yet, doing away with the neck cable on the Momentum Free earbuds, and throwing in a brand-new 7 mm driver to boot.

They bear the classic silver design of most Momentum earphones, with a pleasing pattern of magnetic gold points linking each earbud to the corresponding carrying case, locking them in position with a satisfying click.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds can carry only four hours of charging, but the charging case can carry two full charges for each earbud, giving you a total of 12 hours – while the compact USB-C carrying case is highly practical for on-the-gogo transport and charging. Ok, how will the True Wireless Sennheiser Momentum earbuds perform? The audio doesn’t lack as we might hope from the company.

The Momentum range’s normal high-standard sound profile is here, with the boost from Sennheiser’s latest 7 mm driver contributing to powered, powerful audio output above what you would anticipate from ‘ true wireless ‘ earphones.

It’s not as broad a soundstage as we would like and some of the low-end frequencies might somewhat blur into each other – the True Wireless will fail to differentiate between percussive instruments while listening to Paramore’s Misery Company. You won’t get the Beats headphones head-banging rhythm, either.

Mid and high frequencies are nevertheless perfectly matched, with precise vocals working out the hammered syllables of Hayley Williams and breath intakes in songs. The Momentum True Wireless earbuds sound great and can fit just about everything in your music catalog, even if they prefer mid-range instruments and vocals over weightier dance music, or drum and bass effects.
The Transparent Hearing feature, which records noise outside and then transmits it to your ears to keep you aware of your surroundings, is somewhat useful – but the sound isolation on these little earbuds is not really enough to block the noise around you anyway.

You can think the innovation puts you at ease while walking in crowded areas, but it just provides a slight change of what you can or can not hear. The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds are a perfect cordless option for those who are not lovers of trailing cords or wired remotes, with sleek styling, intuitive buttons, and professional performance. For an iPhone user, it’s hard not to recommend the Apple AirPods instead – they’re almost half the price, after all – or one of the cheaper options on our list of the best true wireless earbuds.

7. Sennheiser CX 350BT

Sennheiser CX 350BT

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The CX 350BT wireless earphones by Sennheiser are the perfect partner for better on-the-go listening to music. The CX 350BT offers a better listening environment with the support for the new wireless technology including Bluetooth 5.0, AAC and AptX Low Latency. The Sennheiser Smart Control app facilitates sound customization through its equalizer, as well as updates to firmware and a podcast mode.

Advanced Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology that offers connectivity.Superior audio with AAC, SBC codec and additional AptX Low Latency support
The battery life of 10 hours, this is one of the most amazing features that we all would like to have and enjoy in our headphones, it’s durable hence you can enjoy the music while being outside.Music, calls and voice assistant interaction via a four-button remote, with the help of Siri and Google Assistant support.

Sennheiser’s Smart Control app allows for customization of sound via equalizer and a podcast mode for optimized speech, battery status, user manuals, and firmware updates.
It is perfectly comfortable and has four interchangeable ear tip sizes included for optimal fit and sound isolation.Convenient multi-connection pairing with two devices simultaneously, with matching handle and quality materials.

8. Sennheiser’s CX Sport

Sennheiser CX Sport

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Thanks to bassy audio and a secure fit, the Sennheiser CX Sport wireless earbuds are a great set of sports headphones – although there are better alternatives out there. Like other sports-oriented gadgets, the CX Sports are black with neon highlights – which look very stylish.

They’ve been engineered with convenience in mind, with rubberized ear fins to hold the ears comfortable when you’re working out. You get three different ear fine measurements and four separate ear tips in the package and you will be able to find the best match for you reasonably quickly.The buds themselves are tiny and lightweight, so when we checked them we felt they were feeling safe and relaxed.

The CX Sports have an IPX4 splash-proof ranking, given athletes. That means they will be able to handle a sweaty gym session, but with you post-workout, you definitely shouldn’t pull them into the bathroom. In addition to promoting Bluetooth 4.2 apt-X for high-quality wireless audio, they do support apt-X Low Latency, ensuring that while viewing videos you shouldn’t face any lip-syncing problems – that is, if you have a compatible monitor like the Samsung Galaxy S9.
The CX Sports worked great in terms of compatibility, and we didn’t encounter any Bluetooth dropouts during the time we used them. We even matched really easily with our iPhone SE which is perfect if you listen on the go.

The CX Sport Wireless earbuds from Sennheiser are all about that bass – which is ideal if you’re looking for a pair of headphones to bolster your running performance.That’s not to say they’re not well-balanced; the CX Sports deliver the impressive overall audio quality, and we’ve been equally impressed by the clarity they provide to treble frequencies.
Sennheiser’s sports-oriented touches to the CX Sports could well make them the perfect exercise headphones, with an appealing and durable look and a convenient fit. The lime green style would definitely not cater to anyone, but we liked it.

They cannot compete with the low price of the OptomaNuForce BE Sport 4s, which also boasts a higher battery life of 10 hours, but in terms of audio quality, they might just beat them. Whether it’s worth spending an extra $40 on it largely depends on how bassy you like your workout music.

9. Sennheiser RS 5000 TV headphones

Sennheiser RS 5000

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The Sennheiser RS 5000 TV headphones operate exactly the same manner as any other TV headset pairs — they connect with the Television to relay audio to the user. But the functioning of this pair does not entail any mechanical know-how, with a volume control box hanging down everywhere in the room for a simple adjustment.

Although other TV headphone sets contain over-ear cups, this headset is designed with headphones that stretch in a Y form, rendering individual earbuds portable without the user needing to worry about them dropping out. Moreover, it comes with a range of substitution buds so that the customer can find their best match, offering an even more personalized TV viewing experience.

If you’re using TV headphones, naturally, you want to make sure they work when you’re sitting on the sofa. But these headphones have a very remarkable range — the Sennheiser website says they operate up to 70 meters from the Screen. This makes them a great choice for the casual tv watcher, the one who wants to putter, grab a snack, or do some cleaning while viewing.

We would certainly suggest setting them up as part of your gift if you’re contemplating sending this pair to someone who doesn’t find themselves technically skilled.

10. Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear

Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless

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Sennheiser trimmed the cords but kept the impressive quality of audio. The HD1 In-Ear Wireless delivers strong, well-rounded sounds but is somewhat let down by an uninspired feel and a design you’ll be grappling with after listening for an hour. Headphones are just as often design-led lifestyle devices as they are providers of reliable audio outputs. Sadly, Sennheiser obviously didn’t get the message.The HD1 In-Ear Wireless are not hideous package pieces, but they are not going to be the most trendy choice either.

Chunky black plastic ends housing all internal processes and protruding from a strip of the leather collar. It’s a style that’s surprisingly understated, sure, even with a mid-40s accountant in mind, it can’t shake the air.The red stitching in the leather neckband helps to break up the otherwise gloomy, dreary appearance, but this produces the hideous and unwanted protruding lip of leather. It gives offcuts feel to the headphones, a non-polished air to an otherwise determined finish.

As well as being not the best on the eye, the HD1s are also not the most relaxed. With one of the weightier collar bands going on, you’re continually mindful of their size, and the heavy, boxy look isn’t suited to workout sessions. What those headphones lose in comfort and appearance, they make up for in sound quality. Okay, no, they’re not the finest sounding headphones ever, but they’re more than good, offering a nice mix of high and low ends that will satisfy no matter what kind of music your Spotify or Apple Music playlists rule.

The HD1s In-Ear Wireless show their versatility by listing Ed Sheeran’s ‘ Supermarket Flowers, ‘ offering crisp, impactful vocals against the piano’s perfectly balancing highs. There is a sophisticated clarity to the sound, without any clipping or distorted fading to taint the solid result.
Unless you’re after a classic bass-rich sound, those won’t be your headphones. There are plenty of low ends but it’s carefully balanced with a well-established mid-range and sharp, crisp high notes.
Although Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform ‘ Can’t Hold Us, ‘ the thumping bass line is clearly distinguished from the raspy horns and on-point vocals.

While the headphones are surprisingly noisy and strong, the mid-range begins to get somewhat overwhelmed if you really crank the volume upwards. However, in the end, they deliver experienced, good sound quality.

However, it is not perfect. With no noise cancellation and a slightly unexpected fit, the outside world can crawl into it, taking some of the distinction from your listening experience.The In-Ear Sennheiser HD1 Wireless headphones sound fantastic. They deliver well-balanced sounds that combine perfectly warm, vibrant highs with dark, impactful lows without muddling the center. The Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless headphones emphasize sound over design, and while that’s the smart way to go, a little more consideration wouldn’t go amiss about the look and feel of stuff.

Audio output is good and should suit most musical preferences without ever hitting unforeseen heights. They sound good for their selling price and although missing the complex precision and noise cancelation of the more popular Bose QC30s, they win the Beats X in terms of audio efficiency.

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