The 12 Best PC Gaming Headsets for 2020

Looking for the Best Gaming Headsets? You are in the right place.

You can not enjoy present-day games thoroughly without having a complete sound image. Even most of the games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Battle Grounds, Call of Duty & many more require you to hear every bit of the sound to win. You will need to hear enemy footsteps behind you or gun shoot sounds to stay alert in the game and take safety measures for surviving inside the virtual world of such games.

Even if you have one of the most expensive speakers, they won’t be able to provide you complete sound image. A good gaming headset will always provide you better sound clarity and sound image as compared to speakers any day. Buying a great headset for your PC setup can seriously improve your gaming experience. You will be able to hear every bit of sound produced with very clarity. Simply, it will transform you into a new era of the virtual world. You will be able to more focused and score more.

You will find new headsets popping up every other day with big promises. Most of them will not work great in real life. They just look great on their packing boxes or advertisements. Finding a good headset for your PC has become a troubling task.

In this post, we have listed down the best gaming headsets that you can buy. Everyone is looking for a headset with specific features. That’s why we have provided you best headset picks for every type of need. Whether you are looking for high-end or the budget one we have compiled this list that is helpful for everyone. so keep reading.

1. Steelseries Arctis Pro + Game Dac

Drivers: 40 mm | Frequency Response: 10–40,000 Hz| Connectivity: Optical / USB | Mic: Yes | Surround System: DTS Headphone: X v2.0

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The SteelSeriesArctis Pro + GameDAC is a splendid game headset that provides a lot of versatility for audiophiles. Game consoles and PCs are constantly pressing for greater quality, so why shouldn’t you play with headsets? This is the premise behind the SteelSeriesArctis Pro + GameDAC, a luxury set of cans designed for discerning ear gamers.

[expand]The Arctis Pro + GameDAC takes the initial Arctis ‘best-in-class hardware and blends it with a digital-to-analog converter that enables you to experience Hi-Res audio files and change EQ settings to the content of your core. The Arctis Pro refers to a very limited crowd — audiophiles that don’t like being stuck to their desks — but if you fall into that category, you’ll be treated to the best-sounding edition of one of the greatest playing headsets available.

The Arctis Pro SteelSeries doesn’t repair anything which isn’t wrong. Unlike past Arctis devices, the Pro features a streamlined, understated, all-black design and it’s the unique playing headset you’ll feel comfortable at carrying outside your gaming space. For an aluminum frame, the Arctis Pro dissects the plastic of older versions, offering it a distinctly luxurious look. Arctis Pro includes adhesive, conveniently interchangeable ear-cup covers that you can switch out of various models, as well as adjustable RGB lighting for both the ear cups and the microphone. Aside from the additional treats, the Arctis Pro holds the same controls on-ear as other versions.

A volume knob, retractable microphone, silence switch, and 3.5 mm patented audio jacks all sit on the left cup, so they’re all very painless to touch. This time around, the pause button is wider and more textured, making it harder to reach them during a crowded play session. And if the headband doesn’t fit well out of the package, it can quickly be loosened or tighter at the top of the Arctis Pro with a Velcro strap.

You may use the Arctis Pro with SteelSeries ‘Engine 3 app if you want to change settings directly from your Mac. Although SteelSeries says all main sound settings of the Arctis Pro are accessible via the GameDAC, you can use Engine 3 to fine-tune the RGB lighting of the headset or allow Game Sense to synchronize the lighting with different apps and games.

At the core of the SteelSeriesArctis Pro is the GameDAC, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that pumps out 96-kHz/24-bit audio from SteelSeries. That implies higher-resolution, less-compressed audio than what you will get from a standard USB or analog link, in layman words.

The DAC gives both gamers and audiophiles a remarkable range of features, but it still keeps the Arctis Pro back in one main region. The basic headsets for the SteelSeriesArctis sound pretty fine. The Arctis Pro sounds fantastic.
The high-end devices from SteelSeries spat out the warm, engulfing sound for a range of genres and provided a noticeable increase in volume and separation. The SteelSeriesArctis Pro + GameDAC is providing a more advanced variant of the tried and proven Arctis style and a range of handy modification possibilities.

The GameDAC activated Hi-Res audio output allows a huge difference for music, and the headset provides games with a loud, directionally precise voice.TheSteelSeriesArctis Pro + GameDAC is a fantastic high-end one, providing a more advanced edition of the tried and proven Arctis style and a range of valuable modification possibilities. The Hi-Res audio quality provided by the GameDAC allows a huge difference for music, and the device provides for games with a loud, directionally precise voice.[/expand]

2. Hyper X Cloud Revolver S

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 12Hz – 28KHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm / USB | Battery Life: N/A | Wireless Range: N/A | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Dolby Surround 7.1

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The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a game headset that is convenient, robust, and flexible while its surround sound provides mixed results. The HyperX Cloud Revolver is an amazing one for playing that offers crisp sound in a comfortable, robust, and sleek style.The latest Revolver preserves everything wonderful about its predecessor while introducing interactive surround sound plug-and-play and a range of predefined audio choices. This time around, the new HyperX is far more flexible, but it’s mixed feedback on the surround makes it worth finding any better options in this luxury segment.

[expand]The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is nearly similar to the initial Revolver, bearing the same robust steel frame and ear cups that appear rough and exhaust-like. The only exception is that instead of red the contain white highlights, which is a nice improvement given, so other game peripherals appear like they’ve been freshly coated in blood.

Its wide, faux-leather ear cups feel comfortable and stylish, and its lightweight suspension headband automatically transitions to your head form without allowing you to do some manual tinkering. The main difference from the Revolver to the Revolver S is the inclusion of Dolby 7.1 surround sound, which you can allow with the click of a button, no software needed.

Activating surround sound increased certain ambient information and rendered the game clearer, but also produced an often blurry sound which sometimes forced me to turn back to the more cleanly standard mode. The adjustable microphone of the Revolver S is very bendable and impressively transparent.

The recordings you will take will be amazing with minimum fuzziness and will not have any ambient noise; this sound would be crispy.

Bottom Line: The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is an amazing variation on one of the best headsets to be played with. It’s easy enough to rock on your Mac, Xbox, and handheld devices for hours on end, sturdy enough to withstand tournament journeys, and flexible enough to use. Using plug-and-play surround sound is a pleasant touch, but when it comes to the mileage can differ.[/expand]

3. Logitech G Pro X

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm / USB | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

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The Logitech G Pro X is one of the strongest Desktop to mess with, but depending on apps ensures it’s just a pretty nice on-screen. Look no further if you’re searching for anything relaxed with loads of sound customization choices. For just about as long as there have been gaming ones, Logitech has been making gaming devices pumping out products of generally decent quality across a wide range of costing The brand is aiming to improve the performance with the latest Logitech G Pro X, taking suggestions from the demands of pro gamers and rendering them an inexpensive commodity.

[expand]For just about as long as they have been using it, Logitech has been making the best ones, pumping out products of generally decent quality across a wide range of costs. The brand is aiming to improve the performance with the latest Logitech G Pro X, taking suggestions from the demands of pro gamers and rendering them an inexpensive commodity.

A big part of this has to do with the hinges. This attaches to the devices themselves, giving plenty of space for modification. If a close ear feels awkward much of the time, it’s because the ears can’t shift around to fit different head shapes. It’s been good to see this is not the case here. The Logitech Gpads are strong and supportive, so it was pretty easy to get a good seal. Perhaps better, the Logitech G Pro X comes with alternate velour covers, and players with glasses don’t need to look around for a suitable substitute. Velour usually has slightly worse isolation, but this is much outweighed by the advantages of having a full seal, particularly around a pair of glasses.

It’s fairly easy to use this Logitech G h which frankly shocked me a little. I was planning anything a bit more complex, with all the connectors and cords. It comes down to this, though: there are in-line controls that differ subtly based on the cable, and the software manages all else. The braided cord is designed for PC use and includes a dial volume and a silence button microphone. The plastic cord is designed for use with devices, and it has a simple clickable pause and plays music feature.

Everything else about actually using the device, such as ambient sound, mic settings, and a variety of other tools, is done in the newly relaunched G Hub software from Logitech.

Logitech G Hub does the usual software things like supporting surround sound and allowing you to adjust Logitech G EQ, but that’s going on. You will also increase the frequency of various surround sound outputs on the Logitech G hand, rendering some speakers quieter than others in the Virtual 7.1 configuration.

It ensures you can increase the amount of sound that falls from behind you — in games like Fortnight, which almost sounds like cheating.Thematic environments, however, are where the fun is. The Logitech G Pro X is Logitech’s first one which includes Blue Vo help! This app helps you to switch through many settings of microbalance or make your own using tools such as noise reduction, an expander, limiter, compressor, dec, and high pass filter.It reflects, in no uncertain words, the single greatest increase in calling efficiency on the playing ones I’ve seen.

With this, it’s not like I could record a podcast, but almost everyone I talked to over Discord said some form of “Yeah, man, what did you change? “As I ticked the blue, it Activated! This dialogue box halfway round. Yes, that’s infamous.It was a fairly good experience using the Logitech G Pro X for gaming. The Logitech G fits just about anywhere, regardless of its wired link choices.

It performed well on desktop utilizing the surround sound feature playing games like Overwatch and Fortnight. I didn’t get all that far into the growing sound frequency in various ways, but I never had any problem asking myself where clear sound signals come from without that.

Bottom Line: Again, surround sound is not a tool that can instantly render you great at the game, but it does make a difference if you are smart enough to utilize the extra knowledge that it provides. More generally, this is a very good one for hours on end to play games with. If you’re set to a wireless device, anything like this Wireless carries around $100 in battery life for 25 hours on a single charge and a USB-C wireless dongle along with rock-solid audio.[/expand]

4. Razer Nari Ultimate

Drivers: 50 mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz | Connectivity: USB/3.5mm/ Direct to Xbox | Battery Life: 6 hours with HyperSense / 20 hours without HyperSense | Wireless Range: 30 ft | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

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The RazerNari Ultimate showcases an acquainted black aluminum design with automated headband change and swiveling earcups. The simplicity of the headband ensures that you no longer have to fiddle around with changes like most other high-end ones on the market-it’s a small change, but one that contributes to the Nari Ultimate’s luxurious look and feels.

[expand]Nothing is more attractive from a business perspective than a steady progression, so that’s why things just don’t advance as quickly as they could.Razer, on the other side, seems to have just overlooked it, then On top of that, there’s an aluminum headband base, which helps provide power, and a self-adjusting elastic headband, to hold your head secure on top.

The RazerNari Ultimate is a beautifully built high-end one that provides not only an excellent audio experience but also a comfortable one. It’s hard not to be pleased with high-end technologies such as haptic feedback, THX Spatial Audio, and soothing gel-infused ear cups.
This one’s primarily wireless nature means a USB is required for use, and this one includes a small USB transmitter embedded within one of the ear cups, rather than including a separate USB stick which is easily misplaced. It’s not necessarily a new concept, but when it comes to high-end headsets, it’s one of our must-haves, and we’re sure we’re not alone in thinking that.

The main party parts are the networking solutions included, though. You can link via 2.4 GHz wireless, analog to the supplied four-pole cord, and you can also attach via USB in a pseudo-wireless wired mode that enables you to concurrently charge and listen to your drinks, as long as the dongle is still plugged in.

Due to a blend of HyperSense processing and THX Spatial Audio, the RazerNari Ultimate provides a completely immersive audio experience. Developed by Lofelt, HyperSense technology is smart haptic software, capable of transforming sound into complex haptic effects in real-time.

This RazerNari is indeed All-in-all a healthy package. It is really good, and you will love it. In reality, the RazerNari Ultimate is relatively well balanced for a pair of Razer cans, which appear to lean more on the side of bass notes than to protect that midst and treble.
They’re comfortable to wear; you can wear them for longer periods without getting bothered.Added to this, they have good overall architecture. Since they are plug-in and play, it would make sense to provide a hardware switch to remove the HyperSense, particularly while you are plugging into various devices.

Bottom Line: HyperSense technology makes the Nari Ultimate stick out from a sea of playing ones, providing clever haptic input on PCs and consoles that will truly help you immerse yourself in the virtual environment you’re exploring. For THX Space Audio connectivity and portable functionality, you have a quality audio experience that shines not just when playing football, but even while listening to music and you can watch movies too.[/expand]

5. Sennheiser GSP 670 Gaming Headset

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One of the finest game ones you can find at the moment is the Sennheiser GSP 670. They don’t look beautiful, but they deliver superbly balanced audio, industry-leading micro-quality, and very comfortable fit.

[expand]Two plastic sliders across the top of the headband for you to change how the headphone rests on your scalp by both sides and central weight distribution. Although the GSP 670 at first appears bulky, the ample ear padding and clever weight sliders provide a secure fit that encourages you to wear the headphone for long sessions of gaming and listening.

Some type of plastic circle dominates the back of each ear cup; the left cup has a smooth plastic circle on which the big, chunky boom microphone is installed to flip up and down easily while the right cup has a ridged circle which serves as a combination power switch and volume dial. Turning the knob gently over the headphone from its leftmost location, in which you will start to turn it to raise the sound. This is even more linear than the control knob of the GSP 370, which gives no input as to when you are going to switch off the microphone, or simply turn down the volume.

The boom microphone is flexible, and more than able to record your voice cleanly. Test recordings sounded smooth and crisp after several adjustments to the parameters, with no obvious sibilance at all. Even during interviews, the noise-canceling microphone effectively filtered out small crowd chatters in Computer Laboratories.Yes ‘”Roundabout” on GSP 670 sounds fantastic.

Thanks to its solid high- finesse, the opening acoustic guitar plucks provide plenty of string structure, and when the electric bass comes in it sounds punchy and energetic without disrupting the rest of the busy mix. The guitar strums, lyrics, and drums are coming through, with every aspect attentive.

“Born Too Late” by Crystal Process even shines on the one. The shouting voices and guitar riffs are at the forefront, yet the drums pull out the strength of the bass to balance the sound. Through driving, the backbeat item gets plenty of exposure around the lows and midst, meaning no aspect is overlooked.

The roar of Forza Horizon 4 engines comes across on GSP 670 with plenty of power. The whining of supercars and off-road vehicles sounds loud, with a heavy presence in the midst and highs to differentiate each motor. Smashing through barriers and splashing through water sounds thunderous, while the Lego pieces ‘plastic clatter on the Lego Pace Champions map is full of fine, clacky texture.

Bottom Line: The Sennheiser GSP 670 is an outstanding headset for wireless gaming due to Bluetooth support that fits with your Laptop, PlayStation 4, and Smartphone. It is practical and scalable. The standard design, comfort level, microphone audio output, and all other added features justify the money spent.[/expand]

6. SteelSeriesArctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset

Drivers: 40 mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz | Connectivity: Xbox Wireless & Bluetooth 4.1 | Battery Life: 20 hours | Wireless Range: 20 ft | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

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The SteelSeriesArctis 9X are awesome and are designed especially for use with any gaming device. These SteelSeriesArctis 9X attach wirelessly to your console like with a remote, and they even enable Bluetooth, which enables you to listen to both audio and music at the same time.
Their overall configuration is somewhat similar to other Arctis which implies they are easy and well-built for long gaming sessions.
[expand]They have outstanding battery power, are compliant with the SteelSeries Engine app, and they have a nice microphone. Notice that we’ve had to check this device on our Windows 10 computing Machine with an Xbox Wireless Adapter, but we anticipate tests to be about the same range on an Xbox as both use Xbox Wireless Technology.

The SteelSeriesArctis 9X are relatively well-built SteelSeriesArctis 9X for playing and are quite close to the rest of the Arctis line. They have large cups that match most of the sizes and shapes of the ear and have the SteelSeries ski-band headband signature that auto-adjusts their position on the head.

Their control scheme is great and very complete since you have useful playing buttons and wheels. You can also control your music because they are Bluetooth SteelSeriesArctis 9X. They are well-built and sound durable, which is good considering that you can use them for several uses.

Their boom mic is retractable, which gives them a more outdoor-friendly look. These SteelSeriesArctis 9Xconnect wirelessly to your gaming console, just like a remote, which allows them to be very simple to use.

The Arctis 9X with great closed-back sound. Their bass is punchy and powerful, the mid-range is well-balanced, and precise vocals and lead instruments are reproduced, and their treble is excellent, and the response is even across the range.

We do good research against disturbances from the work environment, such as ambient talk or A / C devices. Even, they don’t spill very badly at really large levels, suggesting you can block out the natural noise by the sound. When you want to play in the night without distracting them, they shouldn’t bother roommates or your friend.

The Arctis 9X is fairly stable, with three separate communication choices usable. They can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or through Xbox Wireless Technology. Its system is built into all gaming consoles, so you can even purchase an adapter to make them operate on a PC.

When you have a 1/8 “cord, you can always use them wired, because they do have the correct jack for it, but this choice does not allow voice communication. You may also use certain ones for gaming and download music from a Bluetooth source simultaneously.

Bottom Line: These SteelSeriesArctis 9X have a fairly decent wireless range irrespective of the choice you’re going for, although if you’re gaming, you probably shouldn’t use Bluetooth, because of their latency is very large. If attached to the connector or directly to gaming console, this should not be an issue.[/expand]

7. HyperX Cloud Alpha

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 13Hz – 27KHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

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The innovative Dual Chamber Drivers concept from HyperXTM Cloud Alpha can give your audio more clarity and accuracy by decreasing the distortion. The dual chambers isolate the bass from the mid and high, allowing optimal tuning for a clearer and cleaner sound.The Cloud Alpha develops on the base of HyperX’s award-winning signature support with luxurious red memory foam, extended headband, and lighter, more comfortable leatherette.

The sturdy aluminum frame will take on the rigors of daily play, and Cloud Alpha also features a strong, detachable braided cable per player request.

[expand]In brief, the HyperX Cloud Alpha had been built with reliability and comfort in mind from the very beginning. The band and forks are solid metal and strong joints or heavy padding covers any movable component of this one. The ear cups themselves are constructed of a dense plastic covering a metal backrest, which utilizes a super-thick earpad to protect the ears.

Discord and TeamSpeakTM approve the detachable noise-canceling microphone, meaning you’ll have better team coordination. It is also compliant with multi-platform in-line audio functions, and serious gamers on Laptop, gaming consoles and other devices with a 3.5 mm port can benefit from the brave sound of the Alpha Cloud development.

Set volume and silence the microphone using simple in-line audio controls. Place the reversible cable plug-in securely to ensure full compatibility.When you work on a more minimal budget, the HyperX Cloud Stinger just costs quite well while providing both a convenient fit and a relatively good level of audio.The microphone recording output is good. The bass response is sustained and smooth, yet a little underscored. This ensures that the speech recorded/transmitted with this mic is going to sound fairly bodied.

HyperX Cloud Alpha offers further contrast between sounds with one bass chamber and a different chamber for midst and peaks, which minimizes distortion.The wide ear cups of Cloud Alpha are padded with lighter, more pliable leatherette, and their rugged aluminum design has been extended to fit wider head sizes.

Get perfectly direct interactions with Cloud Alpha, accredited by TeamSpeakTM and Discord.The flexible Cloud Alpha is built to work with a 3.5 mm port on the Laptop, gaming consoles, and other devices.The last HyperX tested was the HyperX Cloud Flight S, a wireless one that has several specific hardware features such as talk and audio mix buttons and a detachable microphone boom.

Bottom Line: There are far fewer sacrifices for the Alpha S server, as long as you are comfortable about the long wire attaching it to your Mac. Overall that is a great deal. The sound level is a couple of points ahead so you can put a good touch to the bottom.[/expand]

8. Logitech G933

Drivers: 40mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm / 2.4 GHz / USB | Battery Life: 12 hours | Wireless Range: 50 ft | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

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G933 Artemis Bandwidth Wireless from Logitech is an extremely versatile product that comfortably supports. Its build quality and audio efficiency are outstanding, and you can conveniently link it up to your Laptop, handheld device, or virtually any playing system thanks to a combination of a wireless USB receiver and a range of provided wired connectivity choices.Plus, you can configure it with comprehensive EQ settings, game profiles, and even colored lighting, if you attach it to your Computer. These edges out the marginally cheaper Skullcandy PLYR 1 and the Astro A50 as our latest mobile editor’s pick.

[expand]The G933 looks like an intimidating, futuristic pair of over-ear ones while switched off and folded. The ear cups and headband are fully black plastic, with foam padding at the hands and wrapped with black fabric under the headband.The earpads are approximately rectangular, with the back of the ear cups formed like irregular pentagons to produce a smooth, sci-fi feel. The right ear cup holds all the controls and connectors, like Mic Mute, Power, and three programmable G buttons, along with a volume knob, a micro USB port, and an aux port of 3.5 mm.

Placed near the front side of the left cup, a flip-down boom mic lies flat against the remainder of the ear cup while it is not in service. At the back of each ear cup, the pentagon-shaped panels are magnetically attached and can be removed to expose the RGB lights which illuminate the translucent G logo of each panel. The left panel often covers the portable USB receiver for the microphone, while the right panel conceals the external plug.

The G933 features a micro USB cable to power the device, a 3.5 mm four-pole audio cable with an integrated microphone and a one-button remote to use this with your mobile or headsets adapters on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox 1 controls, an RCA-to-3.5 mm stereo cable to attach the headset to your Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or some other RCA-output audio device.

It also has a 3.5mm-to-2.5 mm converter to attach the Xbox 360 controller to the mic input of the device. The G933 is capable of managing music through growing genres. This introduces the bass synth notes, dark sub-bass, and kick drum hits at full speed without a trace of distortion.The bass is strong but not intense even at very high levels. The Artemis Range Logitech G933 is one of the finest wireless devices you can get.

Bottom Line: The convenient, robust build and outstanding sound quality support. Its comprehensive connectivity choices imply that you can link it up to virtually every gaming computer you are using. The programmable illuminated lighting is a great addition on top of a highly competent one which is out of the box ready for your Laptop, playing machine, or handheld device.[/expand]

9. Turtle Beach Recon 200

Drivers: 40mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz| Connectivity: Xbox One, PS4™ Pro & PS4™, Nintendo Switch™, PC, Mobile Devices: 3.5mm | Battery Life: 12 hours | Wireless Range: N/A | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Windows Sonic

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The Recon 200 Turtle Beach is a good over-ear wired one for gaming. They sound good and have a Bass Boost mode that is always on, leading to a more bass-heavy tone than any other one in play.

[expand]The Recon 200 Turtle Beach is good for wired consoles over-ears. They are very pleasant and user-friendly. They sound good and have a Bass Boost mode that is always on, contributing to a more bass-heavy sound than any other device for listening and playing in playing.Although the Bass Enhancement is perfect for hearing the deep rumble of intense playing, it involves the use of batteries, and these Recon 200 Turtle Beach need to be charged regularly.

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 sounds decent and has a strong bass, a relatively flat but underemphasized mid-range, and nice treble output. They have a feature called Bass Boost which results in heavy, thumping bass. The Turtle Beach Recon 200 has a good microphone with a boom that will fit most gamers. When you play multiplayer games together in a dark room at home, your teammates shouldn’t have a hard time getting you to understand.

It has a battery life of 15.7 hours. It takes 3.1 hours to recharge it completely. They have a 1/8 “TRRS link, and they offer a latency-free playing experience. This means you’re constrained by their audio cable reach, which is just less than 4 feet wide on the short side.

They take a while to fill too, which a little is surprising. Besides, they are compliant with both consoles, as well as Windows, making them a flexible choice for gamers searching for a lag-free multi-system experience. The Turtle Beach Recon 200 sounds good and has solid brass, a mid-range, fairly flat and elegant, and strong treble output.It has a feature called Bass Boost that results in a loud, thumping sound.
If loud, rumbling bass is an essential aspect of your playing experience and you don’t mind charging your Turtle Beach from time to time, then find the Recon 200 for Turtle Beach. We bring solid bass to a latency-free gameplay experience. They also have a special, always-on Bass Boost and several pre-sets of amplification that results in battery power requirement. Their battery is good and offers continuous playback for around 16 hours. You should experience your game session for longer periods; it’s just a strong battery life.

The Recon 200 Turtle Beach is a relatively simple wired Turtle Beach. They have a 1/8 “TRRS link, and they offer a latency-free gaming experience. That ensures you’re constrained by their audio cable reach, which is just less than 4 feet long on the short side.

Bottom Line: The device can be wired into a gaming console controller to enable audio and communication features, which should even fit on most PCs that have handheld devices.
If heavy, rumbling bass is an integral aspect of your gaming experience and you don’t mind charging your ones from time to time, then find the Recon 200 for Turtle Beach. They bring solid bass to a latency-free gameplay experience.Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a good alternative for gamers wanting a convenient, bass-heavy one at an amazing cost.[/expand]

10. Logitech G635 7.1 Lightsync Playing Headset

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz | Connectivity: USB / 3.5mm | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1 / DTS Headphone:X 2.0

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Hear enemies sneaking around, special indications of ability, and all else around you. Be completely immersed in the games cape, and hear all epic soundtracks. The most sophisticated audio and performance technologies converge to create immersive cinematic sound.

[expand]Upgraded to 50 mm and DTS X 2.0 Pro-G audio drivers surround DTS X and other specialized features available on PC by Logitech G HUB app. The ultimate audio experience is provided by installing on / downloads. Upgraded 50 mm Pro-G drivers are made with a woven hybrid mesh that unlocks greater sonic precision, depth, and clarity at any distance. Pro-G now works stronger than ever, despite the expanded diameter.

Low-frequency sounds — such as roaring blasts and rich soundtracks — are much more dramatic and perfect. Strong frequencies — voices, movements, fired shots — are amazingly pure and recreated with accuracy. Hear more than ever about what you’re playing.

Experience incredible DTS: X 2.O that handles surround sound with better fidelity than 7.1 channels. DTS X and other advanced features that are available by Logitech G HUB software precise spatial perception in the game helps you to easily distinguish location and distance in a full 3D soundscape. Knowing the environment will be the distinction between success and defeat.

Mic+ 6 mm is a boom mic improved for extremely simple and reliable combs. The boom has an LED light, and you recognize when your microphone is silenced. The boom mic may be tucked back into the ones while not in service making it practically invisible.

You can be incredibly relaxed with athletic mesh padding in the ear cups and headband, including through the longest gaming sessions. G635 is equipped with circumaural broad diameter earpads that fit perfectly over the ears and do not place undue strain on soft tissue. The ear-cups may be separated and cleaned by hand.

Bottom Line: This is one you can use for all your devices. It has multi-platform compatibility. G635 blends audio from 3 computers at a time. Choose from consoles in PC, Smartphone and consoles.[/expand]

11. Lucidsound Ls35 X Gaming Headset

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz | Connectivity: Xbox Wireless / 3.5mm | Battery Life: 15 hours | Wireless Range: 30ft | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Surround Sound using Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic

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If you have a good amount to invest and want one of the most elegant, practical gaming headset on the market, then the LucidSound LS35X is the way to go. These games may be fun that is for sure. On the LS35X Xbox Wireless one, LucidSound went for a sleeker black theme and no bright colors.

The headband begins at the tip and has a hard plastic cover with the Lucid Sound wordmark written over the rim in silver/gray.
The headband’s underside has a stitched faux-leather finish and only enough foam padding for extra support while playing. The headband slips back and forth across a headband rail to ensure maximum compatibility for various head sizes. Headband connects over a swivel loop to the ear cups. Inside this connection is an L or R showing the location of the ear cups.

[expand]The metal ear cup frame coils around the outer ear cups just under the connection with a floating-type style. The ear cups ‘outer face has a circular textured finish in a light grey rectangle, with the LucidSound logo. On the underside of the left ear cup, you can note (going back to front) an LED light, power button, Micro-USB connector, 3.5 mm audio socket, microphone connector, and a small hole that is a microphone inside. You’ll note a single Xbox Wireless click on the underside of the right ear cup at the bottom.Using the ear cups themselves as buttons have advantages too, you won’t have to go looking for tiny volume dials — and because you won’t get deaf while you’re sitting back in your chair and accidentally flipping the tiny dial-up.

In addition to the normal charging cables and the wired 3.5 mm audio connection, the LS35X often comes with a fabric holding bag. The exterior is a nylon coating while the interior is covered with a lighter felt. There’s even a pocket inside to hold your spare cords, and everything else.

It has Lucid Sound LS35X, Removable Boom Mic, and Mobile 3.5mm Cable, USB Cable, Mic Port Cover, Travel Case, and Quick Start Guide

The audio/chat mix dial is also a blessing for competitive sports, and the boom mic makes the speech come out loud and simple.Every piece has a balanced, nuanced feel, which keeps treble and vocals front and center while giving bass just enough attention to make it feel present. Every piece has a smooth, layered feel that retains the front and center of the vocals and treble while at the same time giving bass enough space to make it sound real.

Another advantage for the LS35X is that it’s also low-key and stylish, while it’s a bit on the large side. If you’d like to make the LS35X your regular subway, bus, or plane companion, no one would be casting an eyelash — and you’d still get the same consistency you might demand from a comparably good costing dedicated music devices pair.When you have just picked up the LucidSound LS35X, you’ll want to make sure the software is modified. It can be achieved through your PC and guidelines are mentioned on the help site of LucidSound. Although it does not change sound output, it does provide several other improvements including remedies for microphone clipping, better mic control, and enhanced recording of battery life.

One of the greatest features of the LS35X is that it has an exceptionally balanced design on the bass. Lower frequencies are neither too violent, nor ignored. The blasts sound percussive, and it sounds rich with audio

When the LS35X has been completely charged, push the Power button to turn it on. You don’t have to keep it down to turn it on so to shut it off you do hold it down for a couple of seconds. This is certainly a smart design because they come on pretty much automatically and are ready to go but do not turn off unexpectedly if the power button is touched when on.

Bottom Line: LucidSound has a well-earned reputation for producing gaming peripherals of good quality that do not look like gaming peripherals at all. By offering a beautiful tone, a convenient fit, and an appealing style, the LS35X lives up to the high expectations of the company. Dead-simple wireless access to the Xbox One certainly doesn’t matter.[/expand]

12. QPAD QH-25

Drivers: N/A | Frequency Response: 10Hz-23KHz| Connectivity: Wired & Wireless | Battery Life: 20 hours | Wireless Range: 32.8 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

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Once you have seen as many headphones as we do, you tend to get a sense of the nature of a collection focused solely on its sound. Strong doesn’t necessarily have the same higher interest but a ton of fabrics and architecture offer away. Occasionally, however, a supplier can shock you by tossing in some extra features you wouldn’t anticipate and still retain a reasonable cost. As an example, the QPAD QH-25 7.1 Surrounded ones is a budget buy. Nonetheless, coming in under quite a good amount, it packs in a few extra apps you wouldn’t normally anticipate in such a fairly cheap unit.

[expand]This is a fully good one for under good cost and doesn’t even require the extraneous accessories. It’s always good to have something for your dollar, but there were apps I would prefer to have been missing than incorrectly implemented. That said, the QH-25 is a relatively stable and comparatively feature-rich choice for the good value for money, even if it isn’t the most stunning.

Giving this is a great one because it has the switches that combine mechanical characteristics with a membrane signal. The result is a keyboard that, without the feels like a mechanical keyboard. It comes with a detachable wrist rest, LED lighting, and more to give your buck plenty of bangs.

The QPAD QH-25 is their latest computer 7.1 entry-level for games. Thanks to the 3.5 mm cord, it operates on PC, gaming consoles, or Handheld devices. It also has a USB adapter, however, so you can use the built-in 7.1 sound card which gives you plenty of communication options. Its specs are fairly good considering the small cost tag with a folding boom microphone and a bunch of RGB lighting.
It has 40mm Mylar Drivers. It has Frequency Response from 20 to 20, 000 Hz. Nominal Impedance is 32Ohms +/- 10% Per System. It has On-Ear Design. SPL Sound Pressure Level is 108 +/- 3dB.

Finally, we have to talk about QPAD DX-30, an optical gaming device that is cheap. It has no big DPI or something, but the hardware is no less respectable. It will scale up to DPI 3000, with 8 G acceleration, and IPS 30.

Bottom Line: Far from it, it’s not eSports material, but for at-home gamers on a tighter budget? For its cost tag, its specs are fairly decent. It just goes amazing for the great budget and still provides all that you look for in your perfect playings.[/expand]


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