The 7 Best Headphones for Kids in 2020

watching cartoons in the car, listening to music on their phones or playing video games in the basement, getting headphones that won’t hurt their young ears is vital to your family.
When you’re shopping for your children’s headphones, the safest choice is a pair which limits the maximum volume.

We have reviewed the best wireless headphones for kids that are much more inexpensive than others, but they are well-built, sound fantastic and provide efficient volume limits in both wired and wireless modes. We also give noise-cancellation, an amazing app that can benefit lots of people, whether they choose to listen more to their music on long journeys or because they have sensory problems to solve. If you are searching for the adults ‘ headphones in your life, check out our Best Headphones post.

1. Best Kids Headphones: Puro Sound Labs BT5200

Puro Sound Labs BT5200

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This headphone lets you know whether the level is higher than 85dB, which may induce hearing damage. Good battery life and very strong visible passive noise blocking. It can be used wired and a built-in microphone is provided for calls.Slightly similar style and while they are usually supportive, the headband can be too close for others to inflict ear pain.

The Puros has a perfect, warm tone with maximum bass to them, and sound outstanding for a range of music genres as well as spoken words like audiobooks and movies and TV. If you’re aiming for a lot of roaring, hard-hitting bass or incredibly informative music, it’s definitely not going to please either. But the BT5200s hit the mark for those with eclectic tastes, or those who want a nice multipurpose headphone.

Basically, it’s advised that you maintain intensity at or below 85 dB to maintain your ears safe. The tiny Lead at the left cup glows green when you are in this range with the BT5200s. If you’re between 85 and 95, the LED glows bright, and will be limited to 2 hours or less. Continue to raise the intensity until you are over 95 decibels, and the LED turns bright, letting you realize that you are on the road to hearing loss.

This is no successful noise cancelation, and whether you are on a plane, train or bus, you can always hear a lot of the traffic. Nonetheless, the ear cup lining paired with headband friction covers 82 percent of the company’s external recording, and I believe that. All it takes is listening to some low volume music to shut out ambient sounds in my workplace entirely.

We liked these headphones because of this warm tone, the great sound quality and the perfect bass that your kids would love to enjoy with a game or a movie.

2. OnanoffBuddyPhones Explore

OnanoffBuddyPhones Explore

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Onanoff, a Chinese maker, has launched the Regular, Explore and InFlight versions, three lightweight on-ear headphones specially built for youngsters, along with anti-allergenic organic leather upholstery, an incorporated tracking audio splitter, and a volume cap.

The Buddyphones are constructed of plastic and give a good impact since the construction of the stirrup is not rigid but flexible. Nevertheless, the headphones provide adequate consistency for a decent match, particularly when there is a lot of variation in the extensible size change. The on-ears are also suitable for adults with thin head form, despite a suggested minimum age of three years.

If you are talking about the cables, all three versions are fitted with a rubberized ribbon cable which seems to be durable and of good quality at the very least. This one has a gold-plated mini-jack and the built-in audio splitter, enabling another headphone to be tracked. Up to four headphones in total can be attached to each other on Buddyphones through the splitter.

In our opinion, the cable duration of the 80 cm headphones is too low, easily reducing listening pleasure.Though a short cable can mitigate hazards, in this situation, it restricts the freedom of mobility of the child.Compared to the regular edition, the cord that comes with the Explorer and InFlight headphones has a 1-button remote control and a built-in microphone to monitor the functions of Android and iOS smartphones. At the click of a button, playback can be initiated or halted and a call can be acknowledged or terminated.

The speech intelligibility is present in both headphones while making a call, but on the InFlight model, the button has so much freedom which causes it to rattle. That is not the case for Headphone Explorer, which has a narrower power. In my view, is it possible to swap the cables in the Explorer and InFlight model because both Buddyphones have mini-jack slots on the left Headphone case?

There is also a lined upholstery for additional convenience in the InFlight edition and it is foldable, ideal for flying. The layout even comes fittingly with a cloth pocket and an airline adapter. The distinctive aspect is the volume restriction which is flexible. As in a noisy area, 85dB may be too silent, a quieter 94dB mode is available as an option to the standard default level.

The cap may even be raised to 75 dB for particularly young listeners. The modification is made on the correct shell of the earphone which has kid protection: the spinning device is modeled at two pressure points like the protective caps on medical capsules.This is definitely not going to be a problem for older people. For this scenario, if the kids are not able to listen to this level, the environment will have to be tested periodically although that is likely from outside.

The protection system will prove adequate against attempts by younger kids.Buddy phone volume reduction happens in an electronic circuit which is thus still operational. This restricts the frequency to a predefined maximum amount to preserve the ears of children from elevated volumes which enables volume adjustment before the cap is met. The audio splitter is not limited, however, but children who want to listen can also use a headset with an individual volume cap.

The Buddyphones ‘ tonal tuning is calibrated such that neither the treble, mids nor the bass range dominates. However, the sound is flat and often vague and not well-defined in more complicated representations. Although the headphones have a fanned stereo picture, and the sound is warm and round rather than cold or metallic, clarity and liveliness are lacking. In that way, the level of sound doesn’t go above reasonable mediocrity.

This is a highly customizable headphone that your kid would definitely like. It’s very easy to watch a radio show or podcast but for more complicated tracks, the headphones may hit their limits.

3. JLabJBuddies Studio

JLabJBuddies Studio

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he headphones of the JLabJBuddies Studio kids built for kids aged six and up, have a strong advantage over several rival models: their $30 size. They still manage to offer good, clear wireless audio, fortunately — just don’t anticipate strong bass response or much in the way of additional functionality. And while those headphones aren’t thrilling, they’re doing the job and they’re doing it affordably. JBL’s JR300BT headphones remain our favorite kid-friendly choice but you can almost grab two JBuddies pairs at the same price.

The circumaural (over-ear) JBuddies Studio Bluetooth headphones, which are available in blue/gray or gray/purple versions, look like on-ears but will work like over-ears on most people. Despite their budget-friendly price they manage to include a large amount of padding in the headband and the earpads. The insulation is like memory foam, which can render the headphones ideal for better vision on road trips or aircraft. For this purpose, they often fold down into a fairly lightweight, travel-friendly size at hinges above the earcups.

JLabJBuddies Studio inline The side panel of the left earcup holds a pinhole microphone, a micro USB charging port, a battery button, and a volume rocker. Even the power button serves as the monitor of play/pause and request management. Sadly, you can double-click this button to instantly rewrite the last number that is called on your linked screen.

We aren’t big fans of mixing the volume controls with track control, because it’s so easy to unintentionally miss a track when you expect volume changes. Adding request monitoring to this just complicates it much further.It’s unfortunate that JLab only sells the JBuddies Studio in Bluetooth or wired versions — the wired edition arrives with integrated remote control and microphone cord, but this variant only ships with the micro USB charging cable, and there’s no socket for a 3.5 mm cable if you decide to buy a cable as an extra. Before we grasp on the other missing accessories.

When you spend good for headphones you ought to be fair with your demands. The one aspect you want the JLabJBuddies Studio Bluetooth to do above all else is to restrict volume rates and they are doing so successfully.They sound pretty good too and they do not distort. If something gives me a pause to get these headphones for a kid, it’s the funny aspect of the auto-dial.

If that’s a deal-breaker for you, JBL’s JR300BT promises better performance and a more whimsical look, but for $20 more. When you believe your kid would ruin any headphones you purchase within a year, the way to go is a budget-friendly model.

4. Best JBL Kids Headphones: JBL JR300BT


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With JBL’s JR300BT kid’s wireless on-ear headphones, kids will sound as good as the big kids, while parents will appreciate some well-deserved relaxation and quietness. These fun headphones, built especially for youngsters, have been developed to still emit audio below 85 dB, which should preserve their ears even at high volume.

The JR300BT headphones attach to their mobile devices wirelessly through Bluetooth, such as a smartphone or laptop. The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of playback, and with only 10 minutes of charging time, you can use the fast charging option to give yourself up to 1-hour extra life.

JBL also added comfortable cushions on the headband on both ear cups to better ensure your kids love wearing their headphones for longer periods of time, such as on lengthy trips to grandma’s home.The built-in controls on the ear cup feature child-friendly buttons which make it simple for kids to operate their headphones on their own.

The headphones JR300BT have four separate size changes on the headband and have their own markings. After interacting with peers, every scale is represented with 1-4 musical notes, making it easy for children to resize them back to their desired environment.
Bluetooth compatibility for the JBL headphones will relay audio wirelessly from up to 49.2 ‘ apart.The JR300BT wireless headphones ‘ ear cups fold in to make it easy for children to slip them into a backpack.The headphones JR300BT come with a set of stickers, so children can customize their headphones to make them their own.

This one headphone is highly Kid-Friendly headphones as it’s easy to handle and doesn’t have many complicated controls. This is also very comfortable to wear.

5. Best Bluetooth Kids Headphones: LilGadgets Untangled Pro

LilGadgets Untangled Pro

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Bluetooth 4.0 provides up to 10 m of wireless coverage. Such headphones have a minimal capacity configuration to better shield your child from noisy noises and poor ears. For additional support, the ear pads and headband are lined with SoftTouch fabric.

It is ideal for kids aged 4 and older, this is great For even the toddlers, they can also use it because it’s highly comfortable to use. While watching movies and games.Volume limited design gives protection to your child sensitive hearing.SharePort enables one set of headphones to link wirelessly with the supplied 1.2 m cable without splitter and others to the daisy chain.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology offers a 10m effective wireless range.40mm drivers offer amazing clear audio. The frequency response of 20Hz – 20 kHz offers deep bass, balanced mid-tones, and detailed highs pads and headband provide comfort. Battery offers 12 hour of continuous use and up to 180 hours standby time. This is a great pros for any individual. Included 1.2m cable offers a wired option for using the headphones.

This headphone is a great option for any kid, we really liked the battery, as the battery goes for more than 180 hours standby that is amazing.

6. OnanoffBuddyPhones Wav

OnanoffBuddyPhones Wav

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Onanoff’sBuddyPhones Wave has much more to say than an average set of children’s headphones. The BuddyPhones are rugged, built for ages three and up, get 24 hours battery power, and have four-volume settings that restrict audio at various rates based on the situation.
In general, they’re only more feature-rich than other sets.

They even offer good audio, albeit with less bass than some other pairs that we’ve been checking. Nevertheless, the selling point here is not so much the audio output but the flexibility of a lasting wireless / wired pair with various volume levels.

The BuddyPhones are on-ear headphones, available in color motifs which also feature characters (blue for the robot, green for monkey, pink for the pony, and yellow for bee).

Throughout the earpads and undersides of the headband they provide soft cushioning, and the exterior fabrics are hypoallergenic. They can be wirelessly accessed via Bluetooth, or wired via the supplied audio cord.

The right ear cup holds audio cable links, the optional micro USB charging cable, a pinhole microphone, and status LEDs. They fold at the hinges and fit into the optional drawstring bag, which is the canvas and emblazoned with the same character that appears on the headphones.

The BuddyPhones Wave provides a relatively thin-sounding bass answer on songs with strong sub-bass material, including The Knife’s “Silent Shout.” Listening in Kids mode, there is often a distortion at the top volumes on this album. This is not perfect, naturally, and the distortion is worse in Travel mode.

Onanoff doesn’t appear to employ any DSP (digital signal processing), which retains stability, which can confuse drivers on these roads. Nonetheless, in this market level exaggeration, few headphone pairs we check (for adults), and that is not a good one.

This headphone is a great purchase for the people looking for their kids, the one stable headphone that has the strong built. It has a great battery and Micro USB charging port available.

7. Puro Sound Labs BT2200

Puro Sound Labs BT2200

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The Puro Sound Laboratories BT2200 headphones do not bend on the other side of the spectrum, they use too much DSP to prevent distortion and reduce the volume range sounding like it continuously slipping. In other terms, when the product’s aim is to reduce noise, you’re looking at some form of trade-off, it’s only going to be a challenge if your child is already an audiophile and sonic purist.

When your child listens to a lot of bass-heavy songs, the bass strength of the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 is far larger, but the downside is DSP volume falls. There, the trade-off created by even fewer DSP is often distortion on tracks with the blend being extremely deep bass. And it sounds good to the BuddyPhones Wave but not amazing.

This does not appeal to you as much as the small range, and the option to select from four listening modes, not to mention the waterproof style, which is an uncommon quality in this segment. If the price is more than you’d want to spend on children’s headphones, JLab has protected you — the aforementioned JBuddies Studio is less than half the BuddyPhones Wave rate.

These headphones are made very sturdy. We are built to stand up to the kind of violence to which you would expect your baby, or even your teenagers, to expose them. The top headband is smooth and strong and it won’t quickly break or pop. It’s also really nicely insulated, supplying the heads of your kids with loads of warmth, including on long road trips or any lengthy listening session.

The ear cups are also secure, a major improvement on other children’s earphones from the inexpensive open-cell foam you’ll find on. Instead, you’ll have a strong closed-cell configuration that offers a solid buffer, so after 30 minutes of listening, padding won’t fall down. Such padding also offers an impressive barrier, offering effective noise suppression that filters out up to 80 percent of external noise.

These headphones deliver 22 hours of battery life, providing that they operate at full power. Because your kid or adolescent is going to use them at this stage – which, let’s note, is completely healthy – 22 hours is a reasonable standard for the results in real life. If the battery begins to go flat, the children will proceed to listen, using the supplied 3.5 mm aux cord.
Though in all seriousness, how much do your children go 22 hours without recharging?

As we have already stated, several of the children’s headphones are of poor quality. We used to speak of roughness and construction consistency, but that still refers to audio efficiency. This provides high-quality sound that is as strong as you can hear from a couple of adult headphones.It is in accordance with the strong production past of Puro.

The mids are pure, not blurry and the tops are smooth and flat on cymbals without distortion or fizzle. This tremendous attention to detail on a pair of headphones for children is highly appreciated. That said, the bass isn’t that good, but these aren’t headphones in the studio, so you don’t pay headphone money for them in the field.

We really liked this headphone because it has an amazing head strap that goes comfortable to wear for the kids. It has an amazing battery life and great sound quality.

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