The 8 Best Audiophile Headphones for 2020

Today a vast variety and selection of headphones are available in the market. Some are many connected with a whistle and myriad high-tech bells. But for the most transparent and smooth flow of listening, what would be the best choice for us?Audiophile headphones stand impressively high to transonic as compared to detectors and flowing tech as they focus significantly on the sound quality.

We mentioned a catalogue below consisting of our most liked audiophile headphones. Good to know that they are not highly expensive. They offer high sound quality at a more affordable and reasonable price. If we want to enjoy and emphasize music, then a pair of wired over-ears may be the best fit for us as they provide the best music and precise balance. And if we want technology addition to premix, we could select audiophile cans which add cancellation of background noise and tech with the state-of-the-art sound.

What more do we require to think over while purchasing audiophile headphones? To draw out the outstanding output, some designs will gain from a higher quality medium or a headphone amplifier. We should keep in view that audiophile over-ears are designed or run for listening audio at home because a 3m cable and an open-back sign is not perfect for travelling or in the office. Got ready to find out my best track or interpose a new life into a careful playlist? Our choice and selection of the high rated audiophile headphones will raise your passion for music.

1. Best Audiophile Headphones: Monolith by Monoprice M565C

Monolith M565C

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The Monoprice Monolith M565 is a very audiophile-oriented design that is clothed in both black metal grills, and good ended wooden ear cups. We can not enjoy audio fully in isolation with the surrounding because they are open-back headphones. In addition, everyone who is around us can be able to hear what we are listening to.

The hard cable of four foot is a Y-shaped, secured by a cloth weave and we can remove it from the headphones. It does not offer a microphone or remote, so even if we want to take it on the move, it would not be easy to use. The band of the Monoprice M565 is very same to that one which is found on the Monolith M1060square, wide, arch suspends a simulated leather band which we can control by tightening or loosing by sliding thick black plastic up pass drilled into the band sides. While it protects the headphones to our head nicely, for sometimes it can have too much burden and pressure on our skull. It is an odd type of band, but torquing it down extends the area on the surface which the band hits your head, putting the burden more increasingly.

As we open the box first, we will be found with a blackish carry case for our headphones which would surely never fit in a cover or bag. However, a pair of wood-ensconced headphones which seem the part and portion of a high-end affair is found inside the case. This is a tough one, as it strangely requires the suitable type of fit for the right sound. It took a long enough time to understand and to check it out, but even then we should be aware of many foibles there.

Before we also tangle with the basso, highs and mids, we should highlight that the illusion of the soundstage of 3D space in audio—is a little “less” as compared to what we might hope at the beginning. If we are just utilizing these ones to enjoy music and having calls, then that is not very bad, but it does not best fit or challenge gaming or playing video games. Should We purchase these Monoprice Monolith M565?

For a reasonable price for a planar magnetic pair of headphones, it is highly challenging to indicate with the Monoprice Monolith M565. It is not best, but it’s a big purchase for the amount and money. Planar magnetic headphones are seeing an upsurge in fame, and it is not any secret why. The tech is genuinely well for audio for personal use. However, this is another pair of headphones yet which is well utilized at home exclusively.

If we were to attempt to meet anyone into the world of high-end sound from the world of consumer cans, this is the headset we’d start with. Its adjustment, affordable price, and bassy switching would make the flow and conversion as comfortable at the highest possible level.

2. Best Closed-Back Audiophile Headphones: Denon AH-MM400

Denon AH-MM400

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The Denon AH-MM400s are a truly outstanding set of headphones. They Have a solid shape and structure and are very easy to wear, and enable to convey everything from gliding vocals to punchy basso in super and brilliant quality. Denon is not industry light in weight when it appears to headphones, but we have consumed very less time to cover its current offers. Denon AH-MM400 cans, although, have asked us to sit and begin to pay attention more. The walnut ear cups are linked to a robust, although fabulously light in weight, aluminium frame. There is a first movement in the body. Therefore they can be fitted easily on various shaped skulls. But there is a very genuine and proper solidity feeling.

It does not have the most lavish or tablet headband that we will ever put, but it has comfortable built, still provides control onto the head, not mounting a heavy and panic feeling around the ears.
It should be observed although, thawed have tiny ears, and therefore we took the circumaural style, which is best fit for me. But if we have more prominent ears, then we might receive the MM400s a small too appropriate for ease. The MM400s appear with an isolated wire as standard as well as two different designs inside the box. We can get the smooth audio wire, or one through an online microphone as well as controls to attach into my cell phone. But the difference with such an impressive pair is a nice one, thinking over what Denon has given with the MM400s, and the difference may even be seen a bit in the favouritism of the Demons.

The AH-MM400 headphones possess an unbelievable vast range to their response of frequency. Within a limit of between ten Hz to 40,000Hz, there is a significant deal of briefing and detail to the sound we can have with the help of them. It is observed that the human ear can perceive and process a sound between 20Hz and 20,000Hz – but it does not mean that the music we can perceive is not featured by frequencies of sound we may not be capable of distinguishing and recognizing overtly.
By as comparing, the Sennheiserscab be efficient and impressive just only to a range of 16Hz to 22,000Hz.

That width of frequency reaction, as well as the 40mm dynamic drivers proprietary Denon has kitted its MM400s out with, provides them with a highly well, powerful sound. Even listening to sub CD quality sound on Spotify Offers a vast, complete sound. From the voice to the designing to the whole design, the Denon AH-MM400 headphones just raise and level up the quality. Like a bottle of Patron Anejo with a dodgy cork. The MM400s have not been switched mainly to provide anyone aspect of music in specific, as well as sound great does not matter what we are listening through the headphones. And the rocking aluminium body lies tightly, but always comfortable and relaxed, around our head.

The sound the 40mm drivers generate is wonderfully under controlled as it is powerful, warm and natural. This is the best part of this headphone.

3. Best Budget Audiophile Headphones: Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650

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Sennheiser’s flagship headphones possess high-class designing, outstanding bass response, as well as high in design. They come as bulky and are very expensive, not to say poorly suitable for use with the iPod. The formidable Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are suited to a king and come up with a tag price for proving it. There is a good to the open sound of Hd 650s that spread all kinds of music. All detail is provided there, but the triple frequencies are laid back more than that of the Grado RS-2 headphones.

Though Rocking tunes seem a bit tame over the HD 650s, as well a switchover to the level up the factor of excitement on Neil Young’s Ragged Glory CD, the well-riched blows of loud and unpleasant energy from Young’s guitar gives the sound more real. But we took the different response when we played music like the HD 650s lets us sense out more of the burden of the massive piano of Cyrus Chestnut on his CD revelation.

The superb and impressive sound of the HD650s pumps up to listen at a very high volume, and even at the sound levels which would be supposed to panic for the rest of headphones. The base of HD 650s is more significant compared to that of the RS-2s, but the definition of RS-2s makes its details clearly lost to the HD 650s. We listened structurally way down in the premix in the RS-2s, details like as the basso player gliding his fingers on the strings are hard for hearing on the HD 650s. The Grado RS-2 and the Sennheiser HD 650 both are reference quality headphones, and we would be excited to spend time with any one of them, though they produce a sound that differs from one another.

The HD 650s came up with a little more design and a booming voice, but we will lose a bit of transonic detail. Our buying may finally level down to what we will be listening for.

4. Sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR7506

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The Sony MDR-7506 headphones may not be perfect for enjoying our very latest listening station, but there is a solid reason they are a measure when it appears to sound production and blending.
There are some various perspectives when a set of headphones become a necessary gadget. Travelling is one example. To travel with a set of active blocking of unwanted noise cans is essential if we wish any sort of peaceful and calm environment. Then there is exercise and typical and exercise utilizing cases where the sound quality may not care more than that of headphones ‘ reliability and durability.

Then Undoubtedly, there is the audiophile, whose only worry is to get the outstanding sound with the use of gadgets. But one other class that people seem to neglect are those on the production of items. As well when it appears to be the creation of sound one set of headphones have become whole but an industry measure. The Sony MDR-7506 headphones. We will have these on the head of personals in studios for recording, newsrooms as well production of videos. As somebody who works in recording studios and recently gets a job where sound editing is essential, we thought we would attempt on them. And though we liked these for working, some points were there which made these a bit fatigue to use for a long while. But in the beginning, we will discuss who should purchase these.

Explained in the beginning that they are supposed to be industry measures, and no doubt, compact shape of these has a little to do with that. But it is mainly due to the sound that the 40mm drivers level up. Today, when it appears to sound production, we will hear words as flat and neutral spreading around a lot, and what it means, in short, is that the headphones are capable of reproducing each frequency in the range of frequency range (that is 10Hz – 20kHZ) at the same voice pressure level.

Therefore we are probably pondering? If there are hardness and interruption, then why are these the standard of industry? Well, it is really the emphasis on the highs and which make them highly superb. We must have to think about their primary purpose. They are not designed to listen to music, although we surely can utilize these for music also. They were intended for production, and while producing, we want to ensure that whatever you are premixing will undoubtedly sound smooth to the listener.

Therefore if something that sounds hard to use on the headphones, we know that it is undoubtedly going to sound hard on headphones of someone else. Comprehension that bonding can assist our account for that in a premix. While the headphones are widely used compared to almost all rest of all in the creative industry, they have been here a long while, and today there is a race of challengers that might be worth your while. For instance, the AKG K371 is an entirely stellar inexpensive pair of studio controls, even though they are commonly much more expensive compared to the MDR-V7506 at a minimum. For the more amount, we have enhanced sound quality and ease, although we could take two MDR-7506 headsets at the cost of one.

It is what makes them highly good for the people who are recording live in the field or for anybody who is working in a studio for editing. We recently edited a podcast with a set of crummy in-ears while travelling, and it generated finer sound to me until we reached home and heard these. Every small fault became abruptly visible.

For anyone who requires the ended or completed item for sounding best and does not wish to consume large numbers of dollars on a set of reference headphones such as the Sennheiser HD800, it is simple to suggest these. Therefore should we get these? If we are planning to be producing surely. They are an industry measure for logic.

5. Sennheiser HD 800 S

Sennheiser HD 800 S

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The impressive industrial model design adds feature and function seamlessly, the metal with layers and headband of plastic designing generate vibrations to the earcups, while the microfiber which is handmade earpads provide outstanding ease for the long time periods of listening and enjoying music.
Designed for best, the HD 800 and the HD 800 S are precision-built in Germany with very only the purest materials and elements. The stainless steel encased the transducer, while the headband and headphone putting utilises the most improved materials designed in the aerospace industry for huge power offering very light in weight.

The latest HD 800 S provides much better great options for connectivity and is today supplied with two cables for connection one a 6. 3mm connector and an XLR-4 balanced lead to give even much better sound quality from mediums through the stable outcomes such as the Sennheiser HDVD 800 headphones. Absorber technology of the HD 800 S improved reproduction of the sound of the HD 800 S is taken with the innovative absorber technology addition which was founded in the Sennheiser IE 800, an abrupt change that the very high frequency sounds audibility by removing a phenomenon called as the masking effect where the human ear makes efforts to hear sound frequencies when lower frequencies of a high volume appear simultaneously.

By absorption of the power of the resonance, Sennheiser’s patented absorber technology avoids any peaks that are unwanted and permits all frequency elements, even the nicer nuances, in the material of music for becoming audible. This change was a very element for making the IE 800 the best and outstanding sounding of the world headphones, and in the HD 800 S, it assists in taking even larger precision and purity.

Great for the connectivity as it never fails to impress the users, by their fast connecting power.

6. Philips SHP9500

Philips Audio Philips SHP9500

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Such improvements design on the formidable production of the classic, with the sound transducer of 56 mm. The ever used largest in dynamic headphones. The different ear cup style controls sound waves to the ear at a minimum angle for generating a fabulous and outstanding natural experience of listening.
While much comes the same, the improved function within is taken out by a unique latest design, with the silver end of the 2009 classic, HD 800 is making passage for high tech matte black for the HD 800 S.
The genuine SHP9500 appears with a ten-foot cable and a clothy carrying case. The latest SHP9500S possesses a 5-foot cable of fine quality and not any carrying case.

That is it all. The items noted on the box have modified a little bit. But we cannot have any report that it is the latest driver. The two models differ from each other akin to those between the Sony MDR-V6 and 7506. They are basically cosmetic. The SHP9500 has a brilliant sound signature, conveyed by a large 50mm driver. It is easy to breathe, they are airy, and gratefully not having much panic. Basso is best, with enough being in the mid-bass for keeping things from environment little and small, but if we wish for some serious sub-bass resonant sound, we are going to have to find out some Beyer dynamics.Or maybe the QC35 if we want to consume all the amount. It is the part of the review that Zeos takes the most suits in his video at the top level of the writing. The ease of the SHP9500 is impressively good. The pad of the headband is finer and silky, and its design should cover the area of our head even if it is weirdly-shaped or we have hair in the way.

The earpads possess big openings, and they are covered in a weird type of moisture fabric of wicking not different performance athletic shirts. Not as best as the fabric on the SteelseriesArctis, but good still. It has a bit of shallow depth, so our ears might slightly hit the cups inner sides, but no doubt everything is finely placed in there.

Ample adjustment room refers to the fact that we can put this on my bigger head just only half extended. Quite impressive!These are highly rated headphones in the market for their comfort and ease. It competes with the comfortable level of Sennheiser’s Material, Bose’s material, Sony’s MDR-1A, and the DT770 within a very affordable package. We could put it on for a long while painlessly and gladly.
There is none zero. These headphones are hugely open. These also leak much. These should not be used in crowded areas in the presence of a large number of people, these are not best for use in public places, unless we wish to be a great and massive movement. These are not best to use in a studio, because the mic will surely take up leaking of audio.

Philips wrote a little thing on the side of the box which says “Good for Home Audio,” or something like that, and they are very accurate. They are perfect for using at home, and just only at home. It possesses echoes of studio gear of 1980combined with the latest touch combined with old fashioned stupidity. The ear cups have an alphabetical marking of left and right for each side. They lay quiet to the head, not to seem bad on the whole. But we should not utilize these in crowded areas anyway due to how much these leaks. Numbers are placed on the arms of adjustment, that is fine, and the touchy and robust clicks.

The plastic is not as finer or feeling thickly compared to the plastic on Sennheiser’s 500 series or the Beyerdynamic DT770. But both of them are more costly. And here that does not look highly inexpensive or anything. The adjustments of headbands are metal reinforced. The flexible joint does not permit rattling of sound. They have not made for portable utilization. The sound signature lacks a bit in oomph or dynamism than the rest of other more costly headphones. As well the warm sound signatures that occupy the market these days. But we could comfortably live putting these ones having my only set for listening at home.

Shape quality is wonderful for the price. The design speaks itself, as the sound is great and the build is also quite significant to be taken anywhere with you!

7. HiFiManAnanda


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By the time we open the box, everything looks like a rich experience of appropriate colossal cost. The original box inside is an item of beauty, through a covering of grain leather and the edges with white stitching. Put off the lid and put the added paperwork aside, and we will have the headphones laying in managing the cushions in blackish covering.

The Ananda’s Model and style are smart, smooth and impressive, with huge, circumaural ear cups of ear-shaped leather ear pads. On the outer sides, grilles which are placed are evocative of the type of design favours us to see on Ferraris. It is a comfortable fit for listening or having striking. The earcup shit our temples and jawline, and up and behind our ears, but they are more prominent enough they hardly make a link with our ear, while the drivers are recessed. It mixed with an open design, may generate the feeling that we are putting headphones with empty ear cups. And it seems that drivers are not present there, and there is nothing for cancelling the background noise. The fit of the headband is safe and protected and also very comfortable, having a light leather chair that sits at the top of our head while the matte black band rests over the top, it never makes contact with us.

The earcups house planar magnetic drivers are light in weight, are functional and active drivers which are really best to use with mobile gadgets. If we are unfamiliar with the idea of planar magnetic drivers, then the central concept is that these are very sensitive and active as compared to traditional dynamic drivers. And in this way, their response is faster when activated, subsequently in a much exclusive, right sound signature. Undoubtedly, it all relies on how the drivers are switched by the producer.

We have verified the Ananda utilizing both wires, and using an iPhone 6s and an Apogee Symphony I/O linked to a Mac Pro as a medium of our sound. The function and activity did not feel to differ much between two leads or sources of sound. The phone 6s provided still a complete sounding experience of audio, but apparently, the Apogee can take the headphones to high levels of volume.

We think that the most suitable praise we can have for the HiFiManAnanda is that, when sometimes weak making blunder around at my place of testing, we will put headphones and do not remember that the soft sound testing with the Apogee Symphony is being fed too through my speakers of the desktop. We will listen to the sound in my headphones. The speakers if they are activated. We will also listen to this additional medium along with the sound in the headphones. And it generates this magical space sense.

It makes fabulous sound, as no other set of headphones can really produce, and we can always get ratter when we feel we had just only the speaker’s activation. Except, while testing the Ananda, again we moved to make sure that we had switched my speakers off. Like things smoothly produced sound too original and complete. These speakers were quiet always. The Ananda’s drivers truly and quickly generate a room for our ears as like some other headphones.

If our budget is limited, we are welcomed to the club. But we have tested many amazing and low priced planar magnetic and, or open design headphones. Think over the open Audeze EL-8 and Blue Ella. The Sennheiser HD 598 is no doubt a better sounding set out of almost all than the rest of any other design described in this review. Within this affordable cost range, the only headphones we have had the joy of verification that appear near to this experience of listening are all very much costly.

The five stars Grado GS1000 occupies the mind, and these have been modernized. But if our budget permits us and an open style suits our requirements, the HiFiMan Anand is here to support us and get our selection of Editors.

8. Best Planar Magnetic Headphones: HIFIMAN SUNDARA


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It is wonderful to listen to neutrally. The HifimanSundara possess one of the most impressive sound reproductions which we have tested so far. These possess a highly maintained limited mid-range which is not much advanced sounding with the help of gadgets and vocals. These also possess enough basso to provide useful to the maximum musical genres. These can generate a little sharp through already brilliant tracks, but on the whole, these produce outstanding sound, these possess a vast soundstage and replace the accurate stereo image. These undoubtedly are a fantastic selection for neutral and typical listeners.

The HifimanSundarais like a well built HE-400i. These Sense out a lot of much premium thanks to the metal style and the smart, smooth looking ear cups. The headband possesses less value, and it does not stand as the HE-400i or the Edition X. The whole design of the headphones looks considerably high end because of matte finish onto the blackish scheme colour. On the whole, the headphones have become one of the good looking designs plus open-back over-ears which we have verified and looked like an absolute modern to the HifiManstyle language. Because of something a little shorter and more on the typical side, find out the Audeze LCD-1.

The Sundara Comes up as bigger, bulky headphones. These are not fit to use outdoors. These are not much comfortable to carry with us and do not offer a folding case to be comfortable outside too. The ear cup hinges do not pivot and coupling so they will not sit flat like the HE-400i. These are a bit smaller as compared to the Edition X and the Sennheiser HD 800 S. But we will still require a bag or a packing case to shift or move the headphones. They also do not offer a secure case. They provide fantastic midrange. They offer an even and smooth response within the limited range.

They are recommending a well maintained audio reproduction and lead devices or gadgets. But lower-mid and plus mid ranges are beyond our goal by about 2dB. It strengthens the chassis of audio and lead devices a little. But it will not be most noticeable. It offers soundstage an outstanding performance of the sound stage. The PRTF graph highlights a good accuracy ratio as well as a finger ratio of pinna activation and interaction. But the 10KHz notch is not present there. It recommends a soundstage which is instead natural and enormous—but placed inside the head of the listener.

As their enclosure is highly open, therefore their soundstage will be detected much free as compared to that of headphones with closed back. TheHifimanSundaragenerate great sound so they are supposed to be the best sounding headphones offering a comfortable and relaxed but little bit tight fit. They may prove a wonderful selection for the listeners who are critical; we pay thanks for providing their open style and planar magnetic drivers which assist in providing a good soundstage, for images plus frequency reply.

These come up in much finer and more excellent shape also as compared to many of the rest open overbears which we have verified plus a substantial advancement of the HE-400i. However, these may generate a little bit loud and sharp sound on many songs, and these can be only perfect for one use case.

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