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Best Xbox One Games: Darksiders Genesis

For a show renowned for its several various paths, Darksiders Genesis is a perfect new path. Although their isometric vision conjures loot-centered action-RPG thoughts along the lines of Diablo or Route of Exile, rest assured this is a game of Darksiders, through and through.
It’s an action-adventure filled with hard-hitting combat, dungeon diving, discovery, and more than just a few executions of “Click B to Brutally Kill.” It covers up for what it lacks in Blizzard-level gloss, with a decent amount of content.

Most notably, though, is how Genesis continues to be just as enjoyable at the start of its solo and co-op campaign as it is at the end thanks to a wide variety of threats, well-thought-out player development, and clever level design that facilitates and rewards a detailed exploration of its vast worlds.

The overall storyline is fairly typical fare and serves mostly to offer the player pair of protagonists, War and Conflict, reasons to visit a place, destroy a big bad devil, catch a magic trinket, shut off a poison faucet, and so on for the length of their 15-hour quest and convincing New Game+ quest. The real star of the tale of Genesis is the relationship between the two central characters. As the name suggests Genesis takes place at the outset of Darksiders history, years since millennia since the first game’s dystopian incidents.The witty and snarky Strife is the perfect foil to the straight-laced and duty-bound War, and their pairing immediately brings to mind the dynamic and chemistry of Peter Quill and Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

There are some genuinely amusing encounters between the two, but also some poignant moments when both deal with the remorse that results from their rejection of the Nephilim during the Battle for Eden, coupled with some deeper-rooted (figurative) forces. These emotional heights echo especially thanks to the stellar voice acting as War and Strife, respectively, from Liam O’Brien and Chris Jai Alex.Then there is Strife, who actually makes his multiplayer debut in a game of Darksiders with a theme that is entirely distinct from Battle. While War is meant to rush head-first into battle, Strife is much more squishy and does his best from a distance where he can use his weaponry.

Strife has several dashes to promote this playstyle, seven different styles of ammunition that he will ultimately add to his weapon, and a Hotstreak meter that significantly boosts his weapons within a limited period. Darksiders Generations is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well as on Ios as of February 14, 2020. Check out a few clips of PS4 games below.You will turn between the two protagonists at any point in solo mode, and each player controls one of the Horsemen in co-op. Regional teamwork is achieved in a split-screen, which is not optimal because it cuts the screen room by half and makes it possible for opponents to reach you off the map, but it’s better than zero and helps you to play without being bound to the friend on a short leash.

The greatest bummer regarding the perspective of fighting and camera is that the action is frequently blurred by rugged crags in the backdrop and other parts of the landscape. It’s a confusing problem, as Genesis already has half of the answer in place: through the world, you can see silhouettes and images of battle and conflict, but the same is not valid with rivals.


After an otherworldly threat invades a secretive agency in New York, you become the new Director struggling to regain control. This game is classified as certificate 16. It includes unsuitable material for people below the age of 16. It is unlawful to give it to someone below that age. DO NOT seek to purchase the thing if you’re under 16.

From developer Remedy Entertainment, this supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts, and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world. Control is Jesse Faden’s story. The main plot focuses on her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director. The world of Control has its own story, as do the allies Jesse meets along the way.

This mystical 3rd person action-adventure from producer Remedy Entertainment will force you to master the mix of supernatural powers, modifiable loadouts, and dynamic worlds when battling in a dark and chaotic setting. The command is a story by Jesse Faden. The key plot centers on her personal quest for answers as she grows into the Director’s job.
Reactive environments.Harness dynamic destruction of the environment for exciting combat possibilities and master complex rituals to alter your environment. Reality meets the extravagant. Dive into a dark, brutalist-inspired world where an otherworldly force has corrupted everyday reality.

The customer and brand responses you’ll see above are submitted separately. Because we don’t check such answers, we can’t take credit for what they may claim. Argo’s colleague’s answers are correct at the point of writing. You can search the Consumer page for the latest details.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

In the critically acclaimed adventure of developer FromSoftware, Bloodborne creators and the Dark Souls series, carve your own clever path to revenge. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you are the “one-armed wolf,” a disgraced and disfigured warrior rescued from the brink of death. Explore Sengoku Japan in the late 1500s when you face up in a grim and distorted universe of larger than life enemies.

Once signed in for that password, a one-time license charge for play on the approved primary PS4TM program and all PS4TM programs for a password.Published by Activision, and distributed. Activision Publishing Ltd is a brand of Activision Publishing Group. Any other names and logos remain properties of their holder. Sony Interactive Entertainment America is a brand of Bloodborne. Dark Souls is a product of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Sony and Bandai Namco aren’t SEKIRO’s publishers: SHADOWS DIE TWICE.

In Sekiro you will surely die more than a few times: Shadows Die Twice. Given its reputation and crushing complexity, this is not Dark Souls though, so if you want to play it with old patterns from that classic, playing it may be a formula for disappointment.

It doesn’t have the class and weapon diversity of Dark Souls and forces you to play a certain way, which some might not like. If you like the old Tenchu games, swift and agile movement, and challenging party-based combat set in a hauntingly beautiful Japanese world, however, you’ll want to sink your fangs into this one-armed wolf.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice isn’t an easy journey for those searching. Unless you’re not someone who likes competition in their sports, then that’s not your word. Definitely heavy. You have to accept you may not finish Sekiro at all.If you’re not one to shy away from a challenge though, then you might just love it. Sekiro will make you angry, push your patience ‘s limits, and somehow get you back for more. Following those much-needed breaks.
FromSoftware created a title that takes its favorite recipe somehow and turns it up further than ever before, without compromising the immersive gothic sound for which its games are well recognized.

Devil May Cry 5

Although things don’t start all that gruesome, the game gradually lightens you into its nightmare. You battle bad guys in the ruins of a destroyed city early on, but as you advance you find yourself sinking gradually into hell. There are metro tunnels in which evil tendrils emerge from the earth and old hotels on the walls with grotesque growths. In the end, nothing feels familiar.DMC5 has also a remarkably complex and entertaining narrative for a game that’s almost exclusively about action. With events viewed from multiple perspectives, it jumps back and forth in time. While it starts out simple enough, it eventually turns into an intricate mystery that is fascinating whether you know the characters or not.

Luckily, it doesn’t take itself too seriously though, so it always turns into tasty settlements. When Nero miraculously survives an ambulance crash at one point, he shouts, “Call somebody a doctor? “Later in the game, the grim demon hunter Dante is doing an impressive impersonation of Michael Jackson after purchasing a new weapon. All that said, intervention is the basic purpose of playing this game. Most of the tale is there to give you a reason to know how to swing a weapon. DMC5 simply feels incredible on a moment-to-moment basis: the way you can chain attacks together, the satisfying weight and punch of each weapon, the explosive, special attacks. The result is instantaneous when you press one click.

The gameplay not only looks great but the game also allows you to be creative and imaginative. Only standing at one position aiming a weapon at the demons is a bad tactic that would destroy you. It is boring too. Once you start mixing and matching skills, that’s when you’ll start having success — and having fun.The operation of DMC5 has to perform well given how simple the game really is. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of an incentive to compete. Although the universe is a gorgeously crafted hellscape, completely realized, there is not much to discover. Often it’s a set of hallways linking larger rooms where the battle takes place.

Devil May Cry 5 is a very particular form of the game. Most contemporary blockbusters mix components of various types together and perform models in an effort to draw as large an audience as possible.

DMC5 is not doing so. Instead, it zeroes in on what it is doing particularly well:The quick, dynamic, and frenzied battle that remains fresh in the memory for even a dozen hours. This may seem like a game from a separate age, given its beautiful appearance, as though you’re enjoying the best-looking PS2 title you’ve ever made — and meant it as the greatest compliment.


It has become very obvious many times that a person was in charge, giving away the fact that they didn’t pursue my every step like a sidekick. We didn’t learn much about each other, but we nevertheless pursued each other’s leads and operated as a cohesive unit, dispensing in unison with ax-wielding brutes and energetic robbers and immediately reviving each other when one dropped.

The ambiguity of that makes it gratifying to keep an eye on your companion. It’s a clean and subtle way to further instill Ashen ‘s pursuit of being together. Although having a companion by your side every step of the way makes Ashen easier than Dark Souls, it’s not a breeze at all. Enemy AI is indeed diverse and punishable from the very beginning.

Whether you’re fighting giant ghoulish bandits or dancing around a pack of wolves, if you’re not accurate with your attacks and cautious in your stamina-conserving movements, all that Scoria you’ve accumulated can go away pretty fast. Staying alive necessitates a combination of mild and intense assaults. Though there are throwable arrows, they aren’t a practical way of bringing down enemy armies.

Choosing either a single or two-handed arm depends on the situation and the enemies that are before you. Some of my most arduous losses have been avenged by swapping arms and methods of attack. For example, in a battle against a group of wildly varying enemy types near the top of the palace,we kept dying because we had been trying to take enemies out one by one.
Finally, we switched to my ax and unleashed a charged heavy attack that knocked all of them off their feet at once, giving me enough time to finish off a couple of them before the rest could recover. Ashen is hard enough to make each victory satisfying, but deaths never feel unfair.

Nowhere is more cautious play required than in the few dungeons leading to boss fights. Darkened halls with unseen threats at any turn and twisted ice skeletons ready to come to life compel you to step cautiously and pay careful attention to the surroundings.
I found my way deep into a dungeon more times than we would like to say, just to get careless and perish unceremoniously, leaving a large amount of Scoria in a position where it wasn’t a given to recover. You are hounded by attackers, who assemble crushing blows into fast combos.
With grace, they dodge the club’s inattentive slashes and the ax’s laborious swings. Surviving before you regain your Scoria or see the light of a ritual stone takes intense concentration and a clever, well-executed plan. Every manager challenge is a challenging job that stresses failure recovery.

While Ashen only includes five true manager challenges over 20 hours, each one is an immense and overwhelming challenge that shows vulnerabilities to be exposed. My personal favorite is Ameren, a colossal woman wearing a large staff and lantern that can essentially render your attacks worthless and deploy magic attacks across a huge portion of the room.
This challenge appeared daunting at first –we figured it might take an hour or more to chip away at her safety. We died several times before we realized and exploited her weakness, resulting in a highly satisfying victory. Ashen also includes a few apps, if you’re feeling cocky, that lets you up the difficulty.

For example, you can equip a talisman who eliminates the need to play alongside a human or AI companion. We activated Children of Sissna halfway through the game, a key menu option that requires you to continue from the beginning with fewer health and endurance, which increases the stakes considerably.

The difficulty level of the Challenge is currently wrecking me, but once again we want to build up Vagrant ‘s Rest – even though this time it will take me more than 20 hours. Ashen takes Dark Souls liberally when it comes to battling and progressing, but it’s a really strong take on the recipe that offers exciting, strategic combat and advancement that rewards diligent play. Ashen comes into her own beautifully thanks to a stunning, diverse open universe and elegant, passive cooperative apps.

Gears 5

Gears 5 proves it’s still king when it comes to heart-pumping firefights and slick shooting mechanics. Even while we admire The Alliance playing with aspects of the open-world and trying to create a broader framework, the landing does not often hold.

It is also a strong jump-off point that informs us instantly that Gears 5 can dive into the plot and tale aspects rather than either of its predecessors have. As we’ve seen Marcus, JD, Cole, and co. evolve and develop through the years, it’s obvious that Gears 5 strives to fill out certain personalities ever the further-an an ambitious task, but it doesn’t inherently connect.

We sense an attraction to Marcus Fenix and the Gears-with each introduction to the show, they are imperfect characters we’ve seen becoming less meat-headed. In Gears 5, the Coalition aims to delve deeper into this ‘real’ element: the dynamics behind Gears, the contentious decisions taken by certain leaders, and their effect on the environment around them.

Yet it also sounds like the players haven’t reached far enough-like the game has plunged its toes into the ocean but has no hope of swimming in more challenging waters. “It also sounds like the project isn’t moving far enough-like it’s plunged its toes into the sea but doesn’t want to dive.
It’s also hard to warm up to Kait as the new protagonist, especially as we haven’t grown with her over the years.

Change is not necessarily a negative thing and there is certainly a desire for a fresh new look, but it is hard to pin down what makes Kait so challenging to communicate with: she really doesn’t seem relatable. That said, a strong narrative is not the selling point for Gears.

The show has never attempted to be something it is not, so recognizes where its strengths lie: solid battle elements so multiplayer. While it does not nail the landing when it comes to immersing players in the plot, we applaud the path it takes to recognize that we want more of a this-more link to this people-and not to suggest the pacing is bad.

It’s probably not moving yet far enough. And still, lore components from Gears 5 are the strongest they have ever been. From settlements to hidden research facilities to snow-clad mountains, there are now more lore collectibles to pick up than ever, including coins, posters, and books, plus plenty of nooks and crannies to dig into. The setting is just constructing the city, not the narrative and the conversation.

The Coalition got quite experimental with Gears 5-and it’s something that was needed. The developer took over the Gears franchise from Epic Games starting with Gears of War 4 and there wasn’t much the team wanted to change in terms of core gameplay because of the scrutiny of having passed the reins of the beloved franchise.

After Gears of War 4 was well received and with fans apparently offering their blessing on the change of hands, The Coalition has stretched further to try out some new open world and selection-based elements. With Gears 5 being marketed as the “biggest Gears to date,” it is unsurprising that there are more opportunities for exploration than ever before.

You now have the amazing skiff vehicle that helps you to navigate the largest maps we’ve seen to date. It’s a palate cleanser that allows players a little breathing space in major tasks, allowing them some time to soak in the wonderful environment that Coalition has built and slowed down the speed when you need it.

Yet, it just doesn’t feel like enough again. The elements of the open-world are just that: items. You are tempted with the possibility that you will search everywhere and experiment at your convenience, but instead, you must often encounter very strong walls that firmly warn you that this is not so.

There are only certain areas where this is happening and it feels almost pointless.
Fortunately, The Coalition has allowed players more space to tackle targets in different forms, which is a positive addition. It allows you to have greater autonomy about the way you choose to play. Are you going to tackle a scenario stealthily or go gun-blazing in the traditional type of Gears?

It seems like a minor change, but it makes you feel like you’re doing more than running and gunning through linear routes of gameplay, but that’s the aspect Gears really excels at.

But when it comes to creating a clenching narrative or a world in which we can sink our teeth-it’s a bit of a tease. We wish The Coalition had even gone one step further in delivering a compelling and rich story they hint at but don’t deliver. At the same time, those who know what to expect from a Gears game are more than likely to be happy with the latest offer.

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