The Best Soundbars for 2020

Looking for the Best Soundbars? Keep reading to find out.

Stuck with the lousy sound of your TV. Instead of changing the expensive TV, Buying a soundbar is always a wise decision. There are high-end and premium soundbars available in the market that offer realistic sounds. They can drastically improve your whole TV watching experience to a new level.

Finding the perfect Soundbar could be a hideous task. We have reviewed the best soundbars available on the market that you should get. They all provide impressive sound at a reasonable price. Let’s move to our list.

Best soundbars at a glance

Best soundbar: Bose Soundbar 700

You get the soundbar itself in the package along with a remote control which can be used as a single remote control. You’ll also get four AAA batteries, one cleaning pad, ADAPTiQ headset, optical cable, HDMI cable, and the battery cord, of course. It is good to see the optical and HDMI cable included in the package, given that this is a luxury product. The cleaning cloth is a bonus, and in the design portion, we’ll illuminate why. It’s extremely interesting to have remote control accompanying the system.

As for networking choice, the soundbar has an ARC compatibility HDMI slot. Bose Soundbar 700 also has an Optical connection, a USB input CEC and an ADAPTiQ headphone port of course. You can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the system if you like. The soundbar also supports Alexa voice commands and whether you choose to adjust the track or increase/decrease the volume you don’t need to locate your mobile or remote control.

The more time you spend in soundbar configuration, the greater the result would be. What are you asking? Yeah, you’ll spend some time calibrating it to your listening positions to achieve the optimum performance from the soundbar which is a really positive thing. You’ll be prompted to access the Bose Music app after you attach it to your TV through ARC or an optical cable.

After the software has been downloaded, you should obey the onscreen prompts that click next a ton and sign in or build a Bose account. You will be told to attach the ADAPTiQ headset during setup and sit in 5 positions in your space where you would most definitely be sitting and watching TV.

That calibrates the soundbar to give you the best listening experience possible. You will move on to calibrate the remote control provided with the soundbar as a single remote control after you have followed the directions on the Device. This will encourage you to turn your TV, set-top-box, and even your gaming console on / off.

Speaking of the soundbar design, it comes in two colors black and white. The top of the soundbar is tempered glass and is likely to quickly accumulate dust given the highly sleek feel. Bose has also put a microfibre cleaning fabric in the pack. You’re going to waste some time purifying the soundbar. The soundbar also measures a little under 40-inches in length. It is suitable for 50 or 55-inch television and can appear overwhelming under a smaller television.

At the back, all of the networking choices are covered which is cool. Two pressure-sensitive buttons are located in the center-one to silence the microphone and the other one to action. Underneath the buttons, a tiny thin white light sits on the front panel of the soundbar that illuminates when you send the Alexa command or communicate with the device. The pulsating light often appears like something coming out of a sci-fi video.

The drivers themselves have a wraparound metal grille which gives an elegant look and quality feel to the soundbar. The grill bends on the top, then coils around the soundbar quite neatly. You have the option of mounting the soundbar on a wall or placing it on a tabletop. Overall, soundbar700 ‘s architecture is sleek and exceptionally well built.

The Bose Soundbar ‘s Music Output is what you’d think of a Bose speaker. It depends also on the kind of music that you listen to. Yeah, it sounds nice for classic rock, so the foundation doesn’t really overwhelm. The vocals can be distinguished from the instruments and the highs are clear. When it comes to Daft Punk’s electronic music you can see the synthesizer ‘s different tunes.

The remote control included with the soundbar is conventional as well as modern. Traditional in the sense that it has all the possible buttons on it, and operates on 4 AA batteries. And here’s the best part, based on the feature you are using, only that portion of the remote lights up. And while you’re listening to music, you deactivate the pad number and other TV-related functions. All the correct functions are illuminated by using it as a remote for your TV. It is a helpful feature because it avoids the incorrect button being pushed inadvertently.

Best budget soundbar: TaoTronics 2.1 Channel TV Sound Bar

The soundbar of TaoTronics is incredibly compact for its height and weighs in at about 3.8 pounds. It can support most 40-inch and larger TVs, ranging about 40 inches long, 2.5 inches thick, and 3 inches deep. The fit-n-play all-plastic helps it look, well, inexpensive. There is a tiny panel in the center of the angled front grill, with simple controls. It’s a sharp break from other soundbars out there’s bland, rectangular style. On a countertop, the style looks fine but strange when the wall is installed.

The power cord protrudes from the back of the unit, and wall-mount spacers are supplied by the supplier to handle this. This helps the device stand out above what its proportions suggest. Due to the keyhole mounting slots on the rear, securing the soundbar to the wall is simple enough. TaoTronics supplies the screws you may require and the hollow-wall links. By default, the monitor shows the active input. Raising or lowering the volume will display the volume level for a couple of seconds before switching to the data. You will have no trouble interpreting the show from six to eight feet out if you have decent eyesight. The monitor itself is not vivid, but in a dark space is a positive thing—you wouldn’t want it to fight with the TV for your eyes’ attention.

The device is esthetically pleasing, with buttons simply set out. It is an inspired knock-off from Apple’s Apple aluminum TV screen. Aesthetically, the soundbar device itself looks pretty decent for a budget product, featuring a plain yet friendly black finish with silver side highlights, and a fairly solid build with a smooth, non-removable grill over the drivers. At the front is incorporated an LED panel with a clear digital text for volume and source indication.

Meanwhile, the top of the device features a row of click buttons for Control, Load, Skip, and Volume. Customers just need to plug in the supplied power cables to mount the soundbar, attach the soundbar to a TV via an optical cable, and then turn on the device. The soundbar will immediately combine with a portable subwoofer.

Best soundbar for virtual Dolby Atmos: Sennheiser Ambeo

The AMBEO is the first soundbar from Sennheiser which promises to replicate a home theater setup in a single soundbar, without the need for a portable subwoofer with satellite speakers. It’s a really high-end device and no other bar even matches. Your first experience of the bar is going to be its really wide height. It’s covered on the front and the sides with fabric, which allows you to see the speakers below. The subwoofer is built-in in the bar. The back of the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar has a wide gap for the inputs where you can also see a thin band that acts as cable control.

If you choose to wall-mount the counter, you can purchase the patented wall-mount SB01-WM. The build quality of this soundbar is strong. The cloth that covers the front and sides is clear, and if you want to show off the various speakers, you can clean it as it gets dusty or leave it off. It feels pretty robust and sturdy.

The box contains Manual, Room correction microphone, Power cable, HDMI cable, and Remote.
The soundstage is centered rather than diffused, which is nice since events tend to originate from a more accurate target position rather than a general field. The soundstage is very spectacular while utilizing the AMBEO 3D feature, and works well with surround materials.

This soundbar will get really loud, perfect for a big space or busy environment. At volume limit, it works well. Aside from this, the bar is doing well around the rest of the menu. Due to its impressive amount of speakers and the 5.1.4 configuration, the Sennheiser AMBEO has a dedicated center channel, which results in a more clear and accurate audio reproduction of the dialogue in movies. For surround content, we recommend using the AMBEO 3D mode, otherwise, the bar downmixes everything to 2.0.

The Sennheiser AMBEO has a dedicated middle channel because of the large number of speakers and the 5.1.4 setup, which helps in a better and more precise audio representation of the dialog in movies. We suggest using the AMBEO 3D mode for surround stuff, otherwise, the bar downmixes it all to 2.0.

The Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar has excellent efficiency while utilizing the AMBEO 3D feature, with surround content. Content comes from on-the-bar side-firing speakers and provides decent overall efficiency. It has an outstanding value for a translation of the phantom and sounds appear to come from above, behind you and on the sides.

This soundbar embraces Atmos but is working sub-par due to the up-firing speakers positioned at the bar. Thanks to the AMBEO 3D mode, this configuration always sounds fairly big but when it comes to height, the position of artifacts is a little diffused.

eARC is sponsored by the Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar. The expanded edition of ARC allows it not only to embrace surround sound standard, but also the most sophisticated object-based stereo signals, including lossless interfaces of high quality. These formats are available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and many Blu-ray discs, offering you the most sophisticated sound experience.

The Sennheiser AMBEO soundbar has a complete range of physical inputs, which can comfortably perform the function of a gateway for your TV and other gadgets such as gaming consoles, PCs, Blu-ray players, etc. You may experience stereo sound in Dolby Digital or DTS systems with the Optical Audio In. Material is typically accessible from digital services and Blu-ray drives for these multimedia formats.
The three Full HDMI in ports enable the latest modern modes of speech.

Surround sound and object-based configurations such as Dolby Atmos maybe replay, or lossless configurations such as PCM 5.1. Some of these formats can be used in films either through a digital network or a Blu-ray. You will experience surround-sound in Dolby Visual or DTS configurations utilizing the Optical Audio In. Typically, material for these audio formats is accessible via online services and Blu-ray discs. The bar can link to most mobile computers via Bluetooth, and can even attach to the Wi-Fi where information can be cast.

The interface consists of a collection of front-facing buttons and a panel in the lower center. The panel is really bright and simple, which is one of the better bars we’ve been reviewing so far.

Over the bar, the control buttons are very self-explanatory. The ‘dot’ button is a multi-function button, which regulates media replay, which functions as a Bluetooth linking button when pressed at the same time as the ‘Link.’ The ‘AMBEO’ button allows for the Ambeo function that must be activated to perform a 5.1.4 for the ring.

The remote control is good in size and can control most, though not all, bar apps. It also has an ‘AMBEO’ button which is required for advanced playback of audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos based on artifacts. You can also see several preset buttons that will fit you well, as the software just allows you access to the EQ.

The device that attaches to the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar will override the remote as well as execute certain extra acts that the remote cannot do, such as distortion and dynamic range. The bar can reach a standby state, after 20 minutes of inactivity. Only compliant TV remotes will monitor certain specific features, such as the volume of the soundbar, thanks to the CEC support.

Best soundbar for Dolby Atmos: Sony HW-Q60T 5.1ch Acoustic Beam Soundbar

The soundbar on the Samsung HW-Q60R is from Samsung’s new 2019 flagship model. It’s a 5.1 configuration that doesn’t include the dedicated up-firing speakers and Atmos Support from the 5.1.2 Samsung HW-Q80R, so if you want an ever more interactive system, there’s even the top-of-line Samsung HW-Q90R with rear satellites. The bar quite similarly matches the Samsung HW-N450 but it’s broader. It has a metal grille at the front and back, and the rest is constructed from plastic of high quality and offers a luxurious look. There are four buttons on the right-hand side to power the counter.

For the most part, the sub is built of wood. The cloth on the right side protects the speaker, and the port is located on the back and constructed of plastic. The sub looks like a typical laptop scale, maybe slightly wider. Thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can position it anywhere in your house, as long as you can supply it with power.

The bar includes two input portholes, as well as the control cord. If you choose to wall-mount it, you will use the holes concealed on the underside of the uniform. The sub’s back is straight ahead. The port is at the top and the control cord attaches at the bottom, and you can cover it quickly.

The construction standard of the Samsung HW-Q60R is excellent. It is a solid structure with metal on top and center, and plastic of decent quality on the sides and back. It looks amazing.

The box comes with Manuals, Remote & Batteries, Optical Cable, Holder Support (x2), Holder Foot (x2), Bar power cable, Subwoofer power cable, Power brick for the bar, Wall Mount Guide, Bracket Wall Mount (x2), Screws and Holder-Screw.

The Samsung HW-Q60R has decent results in dynamics and can get fairly noisy that’s perfect for wide spaces or crowded conditions. There are not so many compressions when driven to the optimum point and the overall output is good. The soundbar of the Samsung HW-Q60R is strong on the output. The THD is within really reasonable limits at a standard volume range of about 80dB, which can replicate good and clean air. This is a 5.1 configuration which has excellent center channel efficiency.

The Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar has a dedicated center speaker because of its design which results in a smoother and more precise audio reproduction of the dialog in movies. The frequency response is decent around the gamut and you will always get a reasonable degree of loudness.

The sound performance of the Samsung HW-Q60R is sub-par. This is a 5.1 device with what Samsung calls the Acoustic Spotlight, which is quite up-firing speakers which helps provide a better surrounding experience. The Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar has nice features for optimizing sound. The amount of bass generated by the sub can be adjusted and the sound can be slightly modified to your taste thanks to an EQ. The surround mode still requires to be allowed to translate material from 5.1 without downmixing to 3.1 for the ring.

This soundbar supports the most common formats found on the Dolby Digital and DTS soundbars via the HDMI ARC bridge. With any material packaged in such types, such as Blu-ray disks or digital services, you will appreciate a 5.1 surround sound.

The material of Dolby Digital and DTS is typically available on Blu-ray disks and video services such as Netflix. This bar will deliver stereo sound via its Optical connection, utilizing one of these formats. The Samsung HW-Q60R can pass through its Complete HDMI with the best quality signal In connector, you can use the Analog Audio In to link older devices via their audio jack and enjoy a good listening experience, or playback music that you have saved on your USB.

The interface consists of a tiny panel in front of the front grill. It is quick and user-friendly and can view volume level and source data. The side buttons allow you to perform simple acts such as volume regulation, turning the bar on or off, and selecting the data. The software that pairs with the Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar are the same as pairing with any of the new home appliances and TVs from Samsung. Just like the rest of the Q Series soundbars, the Samsung HW-Q60R will shut off itself after 5 minutes of inactivity. The HDMI ARC supports HDMI CEC, and you can use the remote from your TV to do simple tasks on your bar.

Best soundbar with Alexa/Google Assistant: Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is a high-end, 2018 soundbar system that can be customized. It’s more lightweight than the older SonosPlaybar and it’s one of the tiniest soundbars we’ve reviewed. This can be compared to the Sonos Play 5 system as a standalone system. The Sonos Beam also competes with complete machine configurations such as the SonosPlaybar, the complete configuration of the Bose Soundbar 500 and the Samsung HW-N950 as well.

The soundbar for the Sonos Beam has a plain yet sturdy plastic build. The whole bar is covered by a mesh-like cloth cover. There are 3 touch-sensitive buttons on top. The Sonos Beam is relatively lightweight and can sit between the legs of most 55 “TVs. It’s still not quite tall, and it will not block the view of the Screen unless the Screen is close to the wall, like the Sony A9 G OLED, or has a small stand. The back of the bar has one opening for the control and input cables. If you choose to wall-mount it, you will buy unique wall-mount brackets. At the underneath are the patented wall-mounting openings.

The stereo frequency response of Sonos Beam is good. Its sound profile is relatively well-balanced, with a touch of light creating a neutral tone. The Sonos Beam has a beautiful soundstage. Together with its center channel speaker, its side-firing speakers build a soundstage that feels almost as large as the home theater speaker towers. The overall harmonic distortion output of the soundbar is fine. The amount of distortion falls under reasonable limits at a regular level of listening, which results in a simple and pure tone. The Sonos Beam is a 3.0 design providing outstanding efficiency on the middle line. It has a dedicated speaker center providing simple and reliable audio replication, which is particularly essential for dialog in your favorite podcasts or TV shows.

The box contains Manuals, Bar power cable, HDMI cable, HDMI to Optical converter, and Driver CDs.The Sonos Beam has excellent functionality for maximizing tone. This offers a range of apps including dialog enhancement for simple voice, and a night mode for changing various material volume rates when they shift. This also provides a space adjustment function that adapts sound to your particular environment, but it’s only on the iOS device right now.

The interface comes with two lights. The main light blinks and adjusts color based on the source of feedback while the second is placed above the microphone icon and switches on when you activate the microphone. The touch-sensitive controls are simple which include play/pause, up / downtempo, track skipping which microphone enables/disables.

Sonos Beam has Sonos Transmitter, a companion device, and using it allows you to bring the best out of this soundbar. It can act as a remote and link audio streaming services like Spotify together so you can search for your favorite tunes on multiple services at once. It also allows you to monitor your Sonos speakers’ whole network and set up external functions such as alarms.

Best soundbar for dialogue: Yamaha YAS107

Yamaha ‘s latest YAS-107 soundbar provides many refinements from its predecessor, the YAS-106, and is, therefore, taking its position in the budget price bracket as our top recommendations. The YAS-107 boasts a sleeker shape to the exterior than its predecessor. Inside, there are two 1-inch dome tweeters, two 2-1/8-inch midrange drivers, and two dual-ported 3-inch cone subwoofers. Every end of the soundbar has a bass port. The front-left and -right drivers are assigned to a 30-watt amplifier while the bottom drivers are driven by a 60-watt amplifier. Although the setup may look the same as the YAS-106, Yamaha assured me that the previous version offers many upgrades. The drivers, as with the motor, are a modern concept.

The cabinet inside was also revamped. Yamaha claims such gradual changes led to the improved midrange and smoother dialog of the YAS-107. The 7.1-pound YAS-107 can be wall-mounted through keyhole slots on the rear of the soundbar or placed flat on a table or countertop.

The YAS-107 incorporates some of the new HDMI innovations today and allows you the freedom to set up as you see fit. HDCP 2.2 has one single HDMI 2.0a entry. This ensures you can attach 4 K UHD inputs to the soundbar and then transfer the signal to your TV to gain from a high dynamic range.

Also, the HDMI 2.0a output supports the Audio Return Channel (ARC), which transfers audio from your TV to the soundbar. This is helpful when utilizing the onboard tuner of the TV, or all of the media-streaming functions. You would need to make sure your television accepts this function for it to operate, but these days it is fairly popular. Certain audio sources include a video optical Toslink and a stereo 3.5 mm analog display.

When your TV doesn’t help ARC, the former helps you to feed audio from your TV into the soundbar. You may use the above to feed audio from game consoles or from other source tools or use the analog sound. In comparison to the 4 K UHD TV, if you link a 4 K UHD source directly to the Yamaha YAS-107, you can find this bit of knowledge important. Yamaha ‘s color support for the YAS-107 increased. The YAS supports 4:4:4 for those of you who want to nerd out on the information, as compared to the YAS-106 support for the 4:2:0.

YAS-107 would be among the first soundbars to incorporate DTS Virtual: X. DTS Virtual: X is a system that utilizes optical signal processing and psychoacoustic methods to recreate an object-oriented audio environment where noises have height features, even though there are no height or rear surround speakers. You can monitor Yamaha’s YAS-107 in one of three ways: with the remote included, remote from your Screen, or on your mobile or tablet with the Yamaha’s Home Theater Controller app.

The Remote used is fantastic. Buttons are big and their usable text and icons render it a strong remote for older consumers. It’s not backlit, but the input and output keys are a special color that renders them recognizable. The Remote is close full-size. If your TV supports HDMI CEC and you link the soundbar to the TV with HDMI, you can use the remote control of your TV to monitor simple functions, including power and volume. Finally, the Yamaha Home Theater Controller software links through Bluetooth and allows you to complete power over the functionality of the YAS-107, such as input range, surround mode, and real-time feedback sound changes.


The Link Bar is a part of the soundbar lineup for JBL 2018. With a 2.0 speaker setup, it is one of the easiest choices from their soundbars. The JBL Link Bar looks good and is constructed entirely of plastic, covered by mesh, even though it doesn’t sound inexpensive. Every side of the bar has a dock. It is a soundbar fairly low in profile. The bar is not quite big, and the lower portion of the screen won’t be obscured because it lies directly on the counter. The back of the bar is relatively simple and elegant. For all your inputs you have a long opening, and two holes to add the bar to aboard. The soundbar comes with bracket mounting.

The box contains Remote, HDMI cable, Mounting brackets, Batteries, and Manuals.
The JBL Connection Bar looks well-made decently. The bar is fabric-covered. The acrylic looks very robust. Sony soundbar and the Klipsch Bar 48 are very similar. It is also a combination of 3-in-1: a soundbar, a Google Home Speaker, and an Android TV set. The JBL Connect Bar has plenty of inputs like three Full HDMI In, making it simple for your different devices to use the bar as a core. Whether you choose to connect into a smartphone or MP3 player, there’s even an AUX cable port. You should be able to play Dolby Digital and DTS content through the ARC connection, which will include most video platforms and material on Blu-ray disks.

Just like with ARC, you can conveniently use one of the three Complete HDMI ports on streaming platforms and Blu-ray disks to play Dolby Digital or DTS video. Both Dolby Digital and DTS are provided via optical, as with most soundbars. This soundbar has fantastic wireless playback capabilities as you can conveniently cast content to the bar through Bluetooth, or even using your home network as well. In fact, the bar itself is a Google Home mic, which has a built-in Chromecast.

The bar ties the TV via HDMI ARC and because it’s an Android TV Panel, there’s a visual interface on the wall that shows you a lot of detail than the lights do. The buttons are placed at the top of the bar which enables you to monitor the Bluetooth pairing feedback on top of the volume buttons up and down. There is also a switch which helps you to mute your microphone.
The remote is compact, elegant, and blends in well. It helps you to monitor almost any bar feature, and for Netflix, you also have an easy access click.

The JBL Connection Bar will join a power-saving function automatically, which can be enabled in the settings. You may either turn it off entirely or schedule it between 30 minutes and 6 hours. The bar also supports HDMI CEC, indicating that with the TV remote you would still be able to monitor other parts of the bar.

Roku – 2.0-Channel Smart Soundbar

The Roku Smart Soundbar looks a little like a very big Roku Launch, with angled corners on one side and square corners on the other sharing the same general design. However, it is much, much heavier, measuring 2.8 by 32.2 by 3.9 inches ( HWD) and weighs 5.5 pounds. The front end is shrouded with a deep gray grille fabric that coils along the edges, with its angled corners. Matte black plastic is the bulk of the soundbar, featuring a shiny Roku branding on top. When it detects a command, a single indicator Leadlights up behind the grille at the end.

The backplate, along with a reset button, houses USB, HDMI, optical input, and battery connections in a gap in the middle. HDMI and optical cables are provided, and the soundbar operates with the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) to allow audio from your TV via the HDMI-ARC port without needing to use a separate optical connection. Since it acts as its own 4K Roku media streamer, connecting to an HDMI port is a useful tool but it does not have HDMI inputs such as the JBL Link Bar and other HDMI-compatible soundbars that can act as input switches.

The Remote included is similar to the Roku TV included control. It is a small, matte black plastic wand with rounded ends controlled by the purple direction pad of the signature Roku. Home, Return and Power buttons are located above the screen, while Selection, Microphone, and Replay controls are located beneath it. Inside the playback controls, you can find four dedicated service buttons for ESPN+, Hulu, Netflix, and Sling TV. On the right edge of the control, at the rim, a volume rocker and mute button lie, and a pinhole microphone reside between the Power and Back / Home keys.

The soundbar also acts as a Roku media streamer, with both the video and audio sharing functionality included on the Roku Premiere+ as well as the Roku TV Wireless Speakers’ audio-only apps including Bluetooth playback. You don’t require a Roku TV to use the Smart Soundbar, unlike the Roku TV Wireless Speakers; it should function with any TV. Nevertheless, if you already have a Roku TV, it can automate the soundbar pairing and upgrading method. Even after the automated setup phase, however, using your TV remote will pull up a notification the asks you to use the remote soundbar.

The Smart Soundbar as a Roku media streamer provides access to a large variety of apps and services which Roku calls channels. Most big entertainment and music streaming platforms are accessible on websites, including Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV (but not Google Play Music), Hulu, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Pandora, SiriusXM, Sling TV, Spotify, and YouTube.Aside from the Roku Wireless Subwoofer, you can wirelessly attach the Roku Smart Soundbar to the Roku TV Wireless Speakers. Thanks to a new software upgrade, the speakers can be connected to the soundbar and rendered to act as rear surround channels. This design of the soundbar and speakers produces stereo sound with content that embraces it and gives your range of amplification methods.

Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar

The 2019 Samsung HW-Q90R is Samsung’s high-end, flagship soundbar system. This is a setup of 7.1.4 and includes speakers at the back. This is a wide and powerful soundbar, and its sides are lined with metal grills, aside from the sturdy plastic bottom. The entire bar offers a luxurious look to it.

Part of the subwoofer ‘s built of wood. On the foot, the speaker is protected with a circular cloth. Like other subwoofers, it has a port on the rear. The satellites have a metal shield to protect the front and top speakers, but the sides are built of plastic. The subwoofer appears like a big laptop Computer so you shouldn’t have problems finding a spot to set it down.

The bar has just one input ports opening. The power cable connects to another spot. Using the universal holes which are on the underside with the provided brackets you may wall-mount the ring. The back of the subwoofer has the door and a pairing click. The control cord at the bottom attaches and won’t stick out much. The satellites are numbered left and right, so make sure that they are positioned correctly. Both of them have a connecting button and a common hole for wall-mounting. The construction quality of the Samsung HW-Q90R is fantastic, rather close to the Samsung HW-Q80R. It is very durable and the entire configuration looks good due to the materials used and its very heavyweight.

The box contains Manuals, HDMI Cable, Remote & Batteries, Bar power cable, Subwoofer power cable, Satellite power cables (x2), Screws and Wall mounting adapters. The Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar has a strong frequency response resulting in a balanced profile of the sound. It also has a rather long bass and can replicate the intense thump and rumble in songs, film, and games with accuracy. This soundbar ‘s overall sound is perfect for stereo material and will fit a broad range of music genres as well as dialogue.
The soundstage is nice when you are listening to the Samsung HW-Q90R.

The bar is very broad and it looks almost the same distance at the soundstage. Speech is not diffused, resulting in a centered soundstage, which is nice since artifacts tend to originate from a more precise position than a general field. The soundbar of the Samsung HW-Q90R can get really noisy and is ideal for use in wide rooms or a busy area. It even works very well at the full volume because you don’t get a ton of distortion which is awesome. The THD output at regular volume (80dB SPL) is outstanding, and you can get a clear sound and decent audio replication quality to it.

This is a 7.1.4 configuration which has excellent center channel efficiency. The Samsung HW-Q90R has a dedicated center speaker due to its design which results in a smoother and more precise audio reproduction of the dialog in movies. In addition to the standard Dolby Digital and DTS, the Samsung Q90R soundbar supports Dolby Digital Plus and can also act as a Dolby Atmos operator. If you have these materials, the bar can have a more interactive listening experience, because it can translate surround listening and replay.

The soundbar has great support for surround sound and object-based sound configurations, resulting in an interactive environment viewing videos, such as from Netflix and Blu-rays, or for games.
Due to its great collection of inputs, the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar will act as a gateway for your TV and the other apps. You will experience Dolby Visual and DTS material commonly seen on Blu-ray DVDs and video services such as Netflix use the Optical Audio In. The controls on the bar area to be located at the right-hand rear bottom. You can turn on or off the device to monitor the sound, or select the source of feedback. The controller features the same look as the remotes on the new Samsung high-end TVs. It fits comfortably in your palm and lets you monitor all of the soundbar ‘s functions.

The software that matches the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar is the same that fits the new Samsung TVs and several other Samsung home appliances as well. After some period of inactivity, the Samsung HW-Q90R soundbar can shut off itself. It also supports HDMI CEC, which allows your TV remote to monitor specific soundbar functions such as volume and strength.

Creative Stage

The Creative Stage Air is certainly an update to electronic speakers at the discount store. Aside from a no-nonsense soundbar solution for your PC, it brings nothing to the table beyond that reason though. Get this one if the only decent output is what you want from your first soundbar, and don’t forget to carry your own 3.5mm cord. The Creative Stage Air is certainly an update to electronic speakers at the discount store. Aside from a no-nonsense soundbar solution for your PC, it brings nothing to the table beyond that reason though. Get this one if the only decent output is what you want from your first soundbar, and don’t forget to carry your own 3.5mm cord.

You get the soundbar itself within the box, along with a 3.5 mm plug, and a micro-USB charging cord. The Stage Air supports 3.5 mm access, backup from a USB flash disk, as well as Bluetooth via wifi. On the right (stage left) there are four keys-Control, Volume Increase, Volume Decrease, and Bluetooth.

The buttons serve their namesake purposes when attached by 3.5 mm. The volume controls can be long pressed to change tracks when linked through Bluetooth and the Bluetooth button can be pressed to Play / Pause. In all modes, the Power button serves as a control feature on a single touch between Bluetooth and 3.5 mm. A special, very light, and annoying front LED shows you the current condition of connectivity.

The Creative Stage Air is a portable apparatus. It has a small profile at 410mm*70mm*74 mm, and is quite portable, along with its weight of 910 g. Along with its hardware, it can work in most backpacks. At 450 mm, the 3.5 mm cable it comes with is laughably small. There was no other alternative when putting under the monitor than to attach it to the pass-through keyboard.

Mostly the body is plastic with shiny texture, with the metal grille at the front. The shiny finish renders it a fingerprint magnet and it’s also susceptible to scratching, so you need to be vigilant to keep it clean with your machine. There are rubber boots that prevent things from slipping, so they are doing the job well.

The four buttons on the right are hard to click, so we find ourselves either pressing the soundbar downwards or horizontally to force a button to record. Each push often contributes to the sound of a very noticeable click. The Artistic Stage Air comes with two 5W-powered engines and a passive bass pump radiator. The sound signature generally tips strongly towards the highs, with the mids being treated satisfactorily.


The Playbase is from a premium sound base on the low side. It’s less large and dense at 28.6 x 15 x 2.3 inches than the ZVox 770, which is 42 x 16.5 x 3.5 inches. The Sonos has plenty packed in given the smaller size: six midrange speakers, three tweeters, and one woofer, and each driver has its own amplifier.

Available in all white or all black, the Playbase doesn’t look exactly like any other speaker in the Sonos line — several of the others feature gray elements such as speaker grills — but its streamlined aesthetics will fit well with an existing system. A single front LED gives status by color.

For play and stop, there is also a touch-sensitive click; regions to the right and left of the play button regulate the sound. Much of the tasks are done by the Sonos software, or the TV remote after you’ve set it up. On the back you’ll see a spot to plug in the power cord; an available Ethernet port; and a wireless optical audio interface.

Over the past couple of years, Sonos’ Playbar has become the soundbar/base to beat in terms of film and music production, and the Playbase beats it in both fields. The capabilities of the Playbase in home theater often turn into audio. The bass breaks on Jidenna’s “Long Live the Chief” rocked the room while the vocals of Rihanna on Future’s “Selfish” sounded simple and absolute.

Polk MagniFi Mini

Compared with most other soundbars, the Polk MagniFi Mini is compact, just 13 inches long and three inches large. Given the fact that it is constructed of plastic and fabric, it is appealing enough to the camera. A series of lights at the front of the device was built to warn you about the range of volume and inputs. There’s at least a limited number of inputs, so switching is easy until you find out what you want.
The MagniFi Mini is a 2.1 channel, wireless subwoofer soundbar. The main device contains two 12 mm tweeters and four 2.25-inch speakers, two of which are tilted to the side for what Polk terms “SDA tone.” The subwoofer has a 6.5-inch downward-facing driver and port. Connectivity is a stronger one with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, audio, 3.5 mm input, and HDMI.

The MagniFi Mini offers the big, room-filled home theater experience you ‘d expect from an ultra-compact built full-size soundbar. Compatible with most TVs, it’s simple to set up and includes Polk ‘s Voice Change and surround sound technology, providing crystal-clear dialog and seamless surround sound — plus a portable subwoofer included for intense bass effects that you can hear.

Suits tight spaces, and also offers broad, room-filled audio. Don’t let the scale confuse you — this is the large Polk sound from a little bar you love. Customize the soundbar voice rates, but you enjoy hearing loud, crisp dialog and never skip a single word from your favorite movie, TV show, or sporting event.
Features WiFi, Google Cast, and Bluetooth — stream music directly from your compatible laptop, mobile, tablet, or other. The MagniFi Mini soundbar and portable subwoofer included replicating the intense bass effect you will hear, providing a room-filling, interactive home theater, and music listening experience.

Works with every remote control TV, cable box, or IR satellite — there’s no need for two remotes. Get up and running in minutes, the provided HDMI and optical cables allow you to link directly from the TV — power-up to the soundbar and you’re ready to go.

Do not wake up the families or neighbors, so stop straining to hear the news from the evening. With Night Mode, the bass is reduced by one click, and Voice Change increases providing consistent dialog without increasing the master volume.

One-click preset EQ settings for Films, Music, and Sports (also useful for news and chat shows) customize the soundbar and subwoofer to guarantee that you get the finest audio and home theatre experience with the clearest voice, broad surround sound, and powerful bass.

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