The 11 Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2020

Finding a perfect Bluetooth speaker is a tough job. All the internet is full of options from Apple to Ultimate ears, so many options are available which will fit your needs. But the problem is how to choose from these bundles of options, usually, you get all messed up and end up buying the wrong product. Worry not, we have gathered some best Bluetooth speakers keeping price, shape, and size in mind. You will certainly get a clear picture of what to buy after reading this article, we promise that.
The most important thing is not to fall for fancy, yes it might fascinate you but is it worth buying? Looking for sound quality, a virtual assistant is the best bet if you are looking for something handy. So invest wisely and do not compromise on the quality. How about reading our article for a detailed review of each product? Take a moment and look for the best Bluetooth speakers in terms of specs, durability, voice and whatnot.

Before we proceed, question yourself why do you need a Bluetooth speaker? Will you need it for your house only? Or you want to build a room system with it? If you are looking for something compact which fits in the pocket but doesn’t want to compromise on the sound quality then getting an in-built rechargeable battery should be the best option.

Best Bluetooth speakers can never compromise on sound quality. Some might be exceptionally good and room-filling which gives a feel of 360 sound while others might have a feature to connect two pairs of Bluetooth speakers together to give more hi-tech configuration. Whether you are tight on budget or have a free hand to spend, you will definitely find one of the best speakers from the list below which will suit your needs.

1. OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra

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OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is currently the best Bluetooth speaker you can get. OontZ Angle 3 Ultra is another Bluetooth speaker made by Cambridge Soundworks, from a rather popular line of Oontz Angle speakers. Several of the Angle 3 Ultra counterparts are Oontz Angle 3 and Angle 3 Plus very successful Amazon best sellers. Angle 3 Ultra is an improvement to the Angle 3 and Angle 3 Plus models. Much of the changes apply to sound quality but there are also changes regarding build quality.

Angle 3 Ultra comes with a small recyclable little shell. You can find your speaker inside the case, 6 ft long USB to the micro USB charging cable, 3 ft long AUX cord, user manual, and a warranty card. The user manual is user-friendly because every little feature (including daisy-chaining) is well defined. The manual is accessible online too.

Like all Oontz Angle microphones, Angle 3 Ultra sports a familiar triangular shape (to be exact, it looks like a triangular Prisma). Tiny and portable speaker. It’s made of plastic; with the unremovable aluminum grille, the drivers are covered and all sides are rubberized. Angle 3 Ultra appears in black and white, with two colors.

On the front side are two maximum range drivers, who are covered by an aluminum grille. nice thing is that you can place the speaker either vertically or horizontally. Horizontal location is favored because the stereo separation is marginally easier.

Most Bluetooth speakers have control buttons on top, but Cambridge Soundworks (the manufacturer) chose to place them on the right side of the frame and rubberize it over. The control panel has 7 keys-Bluetooth / call button, play/pause button, 2 track management keys, 2 volume buttons, and power button. There are three LED markers, as well. The Bluetooth indicator is above the Bluetooth button, the wireless dual stereo indicator is above the Play / Pause button (we should clarify the meaning of this indicator in the Output section), and the charging indicator above the Power button. The speaker also includes an embedded microphone that is positioned just above the Bluetooth indicator.

Often, all the inputs are placed right next to the control panel. The speaker contains one input AUX (3.5mm) and one output for micro USB charging. Both are lined with a rubber flap/shield. It is necessary to note that the speaker in AUX mode is not water-resistant and that the rubberized flap is not in place. There are two rubberized feet on the bottom panel that are intended to neutralize all the unwanted noises. There is a plastic mesh in the center which helps air to pass around.

It’s made of plastic but perfectly rubberized and reinforced. Both the edges are rounded and rubber-covered which helps it feel very sturdy. The speaker is rated as IPX6 which indicates that it is water-resistant. So, it can endure strong water jets. Since it is IPX6 approved it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

It can be used as a shower speaker or you can carry it to the pool or beach with you.
The controls are easy to use and are quite basic. Also, those advanced features such as daisy chaining are clarified beautifully in the manual and are quick to enable. The developer wanted to mount 2 dedicated track buttons (previous/next song) on certain tiny Bluetooth speakers that you can’t reach. You’ll need to use the volume keys or play a function in certain situations.
Angle 3 Ultra comes with Bluetooth 4.2 with a range of up to 100 ft (without obstacles). You will get an even broader range depending on the kind of phone you are using.

The efficiency of the link is very good, and the communication is consistent within the advertised range.The speaker is compatible with all sorts of Bluetooth-enabled gadgets and we haven’t faced any connectivity problems – we’ve managed to combine the speaker comfortably with iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, MacBook Pro and our Windows 10 OS HP laptop. You may use the AUX port should you want to connect a non-Bluetooth mp3 player or any other audio source.

Another fantastic attribute is that two Angle 3 Ultra speakers can be combined (daisy-chaining). Unfortunately, several speakers can’t be called daisy-chain. You can switch between stereo mode (one speaker is the left channel and the other is the right channel) and dual stereo mode while two speakers are coupled together (both speakers perform the same audio-no left and right channels).

Even if the battery is very good you will get at maximum capacity almost 20 hours at 50-60 percent energy and fewer than 10 hours (approx. 8 hours). It takes quite some time to recharge – you’ll require approximately 7 hours to completely charge the battery on your device through the USB connection.

2. Tribit X Sound Go

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker

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TribitXSound Go Bluetooth Speaker is one of those that sticks out in terms of style, construction quality, and overall efficiency when it comes to cheap Bluetooth speakers and it needs to be recognized as one of the greatest. If you’re going to buy a low budget Bluetooth speaker, particularly if you need a Bluetooth outdoor waterproof speaker or even a shower speaker, you ‘re not going to regret buying TribitXSound Go.

TribitXSound Go ships complete with charging cable (USB to micro USB), black lanyard connected to it, user manual, and 18-month warranty in a slim orange cardboard box.
In the design department, TrrbitXSound Go excels particularly when you compare it to other Bluetooth speakers on a budget. Everything looks very elegant and attractive. It’s very similar to Beats Pill+ in terms of form size, but Pill+ is significantly bigger and heavier, and much more powerful. XSound Go comes in two colors (black and blue) and has a stunning matt finish that makes it much more appealing.

The front face is completely enclosed with a sturdy aluminum grill. There’s a large Tribit emblem in the middle. The grille covers between two 40 mm 6W drivers and one responsive bass radiator.The majority of the speaker is constructed of dense plastic and covered in some sort of rubbery coating that not only increases the longevity but also gives the speaker a more elegant feel.

At the end are all controls. Five buttons are accessible-control, Bluetooth, play/pause/call, and two volume buttons. There is a small Bluetooth LED display between the Power and Bluetooth keys. There’s a built-in microphone in between the Bluetooth and the play/pause/call keys. You can see a tiny rubber flap on the left side of the rear panel, and the XSound Go branding on the top. AUX entry and micro USB charging port are secured by the cover.

TribitXSound Go is really lightweight and robust which can’t be expected from a cheap Bluetooth device. They also have a generic plastic feel. This one, though, is special. The speaker is also completely waterproof and has a rating of IPX7. This will live for 30min submerging in water to a depth of up to 1 m ( 3ft). Bluetooth 4.2 supports XSound Go with an announced range of 66 ft. When you click it on the speaker automatically attaches to the last paired unit.

The battery is one of the best features of this awesome little device, along with its style, build quality, and IPX7 certification. The ability is rated at 4,400mAh which is substantial because the speaker is so low. The playtime advertised is at a rate of 50 percent at 24 hours. The real playtime is very good.

Also, TribitXSound Go has a built-in microphone and can be used to respond/make calls. You will enable Siri and Google Assistant using the app, so it is consistent with Alexa smartphones.

3. Sonos Move

Sonos Move

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Sonos has recently developed a compact wifi and Bluetooth device that sounds amazing – but it’s not quite what most people might have expected. For years, Sonos has created some of the very finest wireless headphones, introducing free Google and Amazon voice assistants lately. But they never really were portable, they had to be wired in and on the home wifi network. The Move improves this, taking the outstanding Sonos One effectively and attaching a plug to the edge.

The Move is much larger than the One. It is taller, broader, and circular in form than a squirrel. To your preferred voice assistant, the top also has the microphone array and silence click. The touch-sensitive pause/play and volume keys are all functioning exceptionally well.
There is a handle in the back to hold the speaker, plus a control button, the link button used to set it up, and the main wifi/Bluetooth transfer button. The battery sits in a large base made of rubber. When charging, the entire lot drops conveniently into a little oval ring pedestal, but there is also a USB-C port when charging on the go.

The Move is resistant to water and dust and lasts sufficiently to withstand the occasional falling, and you should take it to the beach or walk. As for all Sonos speakers, it’s simple to set up and monitor the Step with the device. Download the Sonos software from your iPhone,iPad, or Android smartphone, sign up for an account, and attach the speaker to your wifi network by pressing the connection button at the back of the speaker and following the directions.

Then connect whatever music sharing services you have – Sonos supports virtually anything from local network drives to several Spotify accounts and replay – and start playing songs. The benefit of the Sonos program is that any of the music sources will be checked at once, and you don’t need to know where the music is kept.

Bluetooth playback is similarly simple: much like every other Bluetooth tool, push the Bluetooth button on the back and connect it to your handset, tablet, or machine.

While it is strictly optional, the Sonos software can also direct you by attaching a voice assistant to the Transfer. If you do, the Move works just as well as a One, making it one of the most adaptable and best-sounding smart speakers available, with the ability to switch between Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you want full control of the mic, it also supports Spotify Link and Apple’s AirPlay 2.
The Move has been built to sound like the great One, which is a really positive thing. You get punchy lows and mids, dazzling highs, and a well-balanced, rich sound that blasts you beautifully at home with high-energy EDM until you learn the subtleties of Holst’s The Planets. Usually, it’s a bit more direct and clearer than the One, which allows it more appropriate for outdoor jaunts.

It’s also the first Sonos speaker to have automated Trueplay tuning, which changes the audio quality to sound its strongest while shifting the speaker to a different location. Past Sonos speakers may do something close but it allows you to wave the space manually using an iPhone or iPad while the speaker bombs you with what sounds like alien arms from a sci-fi movie.

The Sonos Move is a completely portable, fantastic, smart, and great-sounding device. Wifi and Bluetooth carrying, 10-hour storage, simple charging, long-lasting shell, weather-resistant, and bright, punchy voice, you could carry this lightweight powerhouse practically everywhere.

4. JBL Flip 5


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The cylindrical Flip 5 measures 7.1 x 2.7 inches (HW) and is 1.2 pounds in weight. It is available in 14 different color schemes and with a camouflage feature. You can configure the grill to show uploaded art on the screen, or you can work with JBL graphics on its web.

When it comes to sensors, they are arrayed in a row around the grille. There’s a Partyboost button (a function that lets you connect to various other JBL speakers and let them all display the same music), volume up, volume down, and play / pause. There is a battery switch, a Bluetooth connecting switch on a small strip of plastic at the rear of the speaker, a USB-C connector for the supplied charging cord.

The port is exposed, rendering the IPX7 ranking much more impressive — with this rank, the speaker can be submerged up to one meter, and can withstand a faucet’s water pressure, making it ideal for listening to the poolside. There is also a lanyard cord, and the speaker ships with a lanyard in shoelace form, making it convenient to hold on something that can bear its weight.

Partyboost lets you access several JBL speakers with the same audio. You may also pick whether you want to make the Flip 5 part of a stereo pair, or if you want it to perform both left and right channels in mono as part of a party, in the free JBL Connect app.

On tracks with extreme sub-bass material, including “Silent Scream” by The Knife, the Flip 5 delivers incredible thumping due to its scale. Owing to certain DSP (digital signal processing) that thin the deep lows, the bass does not blur at the highest volume stages.

The “Drover” by Bill Callahan, a track with even less heavy bass in the mix, offers us a clearer understanding of the overall sound signature of the Flip 5. On bass-forward speakers, the drums on that track will sound thunderous.

5. Anker Soundcore Flare

Soundcore Flare

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If you want a new speaker to add to your home listening station, Anker isn’t the company you think of, and that’s fine. By keeping its goods as affordable as possible, the business has built a market for itself, resulting in some of the most consistent “cheap” audio devices you can find. If you didn’t want to drop the cash for the workout on a pair of Beats earbuds.

Anker was there to send you a fraction of the expense of 80 percent of the trip. And for one of their newest Bluetooth speakers, the firm stayed with the strategy, called the Soundcore Flare
The initial Soundcore was fine, but it was built almost exclusively of PVC, and the more expensive look that speakers like the JBL Flip or UE Boom had never yet achieved. The Soundcore Flare shifts that.

This speaker carries the roster with better construction efficiency.This is great for whoever is on the move. Unlike the Flip sequence, and also the UE Boom headphones, this is not a living room device. The waterproof structure and compact size IPX7 makes it ideal for someone who needs to put any music anywhere they are headed. If you’re the sort of individual to lose your pleasant stuff or ruin them, then the Soundcore Flare could be good for you. It’s not really pricey, but if you ruin it, you ‘re not going to get too bummed out. Besides, it looks far more costly as speakers and you have the best of all worlds.

The speaker’s bottom has a grippy, textured rubber that holds it in place while the top is made of smooth plastic. Soundcore Flare sounds like what you’d get by merging the JBL Flip 4 with the JBL Pulse and instead of stripping it of the bare necessities.

The Soundcore Flare is rocking Bluetooth 4.2 and although linking apps such as NFC might not be easy, attaching to it isn’t difficult. What you need to do is click the back of the Bluetooth pairing button and check for it like you would any other system in the settings. The force of contact is also nice. At this stage, a range of about 30 feet is fairly common and dropouts and stutters are uncommon.

Under the tiny flap, you’ll see in devices like an Amazon Echo the micro USB input as well as a 3.5 mm hardwiring display. Play / pause click, volume up click, volume down button, BassUP button and a slider to adjust the color of the LED halo without the demand. You can also switch between songs by clicking the play button twice or triple. And then the device is in there.

6. UE Hyperboom

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable & Home Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,

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The Hyperboom is available in black, measuring 14.3 by 7.5 by 7.5-inches (HWD), with cloth speaker grille wrapping around most of its surface area. The style is sleek, almost streamlined if not for a top panel with buttons with multiple and markers with LEDs. Controls are in the top surface buildings, and there is a robust rubber handle installed into one of the corners going up and down
On the bottom panel, the speaker sits upright on rubber feet and, thanks to those and its substantial 13-pound frame, stays put even when heavy bass vibrations are delivered. Double 1-inch tweeters, double 4.5-inch woofers, and twin 3.5-by-7.5-inch passive bass radiators have a total frequency spectrum from 45Hz to 20KHz behind the grille.

The top panel houses two massive (and very responsive) touch-sensitive plus / minus buttons which monitor volume (by tapping both simultaneously, you can also test the battery life). There is a power button on the left (which is also the restart button when pressed for 10 seconds), while on the right there is a single play/pause button on a smaller control panel — a longer click enables you to skip a track forwards.

The other keys on the control pad are for Bluetooth 1 and Bluetooth 2—you can attach two devices at once — and a dedicated button to pick either the optical input or the aux input 3.5 mm. The adjustable EQ functionality also includes a pinhole mic.

There’s a hidden connections screen beneath the handle (when the speaker lies upright). A plastic, snap-shut mask, along with a USB port and a support port, supports the power adapter link as well as the above described 3.5 mm aux and optical inputs.

The Android and iOS Boom software help you to customize the Impedance of the speaker to fit your environment. If you’re in a cellar, in a park, or on a building, the device uses the built-in microphone from the Hyperboom to assess its environment and change the audio appropriately.
Often, the Boom software helps you to synchronize playlists from different music platforms to have them ready so that you can hear them when you click play on the screen. Multiple speakers from the Ultimate Ears family can be linked via the PartyUp section of the app — the Hyperboom can connect with other hyperbooms, as well as speakers from Boom and Megaboom.

You may also use the software to access firmware upgrades, set an alert, or enable/disable speaker sounds for the various functions such as pairing or shutting down.
Ultimate Ears estimates the battery life of the Hyperboom at around 24 hours. With a broad speaker, that’s amazing but the performance can differ with the volume rates.

7. Sony -XB43

Sony SRS-XB43

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The 2020 Sony X800H is a direct substitute for the 2019 Sony X800G. It’s an entry-level television in the 2020 Sony lineup. While we still have a number of 2020 TVs to study, we consider the Samsung TU7000, LG UN7300 and the Vizio V Series 2020 to be its key competitors.

The Sony X800H has a similar configuration to its counterpart, the Sony X800G. Instead of cables going into the feet, as in existing Sony TVs, the cables are connected through two hooks. It’s smaller than the X800 G and the stand is larger, meaning there’s more space for putting a bigger soundbar. The feet are constructed of rubber and the frame fits straight onto the X800H.
Easy arrangement in the back, built entirely of plastic. There is minimal cable management with two hooks intended to fasten the cables to the feet. The standard of the construction is good. The whole Screen is constructed of plastic, while the X800 G has metal on it.
Good SDR peak brightness, which is a major upgrade over the Sony X800 G; behaves like the Sony X850G. The X800H retains quite good brightness throughout different display formats, which is nice.

Like for other IPS screens, the X800H offers excellent viewing angles. And when seen from the side the picture remains correct. This is a fine TV for a spacious space. Incredible image performance pre-calibration. Most colors are accurate and the gamma curve follows the target very well, so at the correct brightness, most scenes appear. The color temperature is slightly below the 6500 K mark, so colors should show up closer to red/yellow.

There are no indications of transient picture retention even immediately after 10 minutes of view of our high-contrast static test shot, which is fantastic. The Sony X800H shows a wide variety of colors and the DCI-P3 color gamut used in most 4k UHD Blu-rays has excellent coverage.
The X800H has a 60Hz display and is capable of interpolating lower frame rate output up to 60Hz. Content with objects which move quickly looks fine.

The X800H supports the most popular 60Hz resolutions except for the native 1440p resolutions. It shows 4:4:4 chroma correctly on the ‘Playing’ and ‘Graphics’ modes, which is vital if you are going to use this TV as a computer monitor or read some fine text on it. Moreover, all four HDMI inputs endorse HDMI 2.0 output, which is an improvement from the two HDMI 2.0 inputs on the X800G.

The Android TV interface has a wide variety of applications accessible from the Google Play Store. The built-in apps cover and work great over the most common streaming services.
The middle emblem has a single click underneath. Pressing it would pull up the on-screen display, where you can monitor electricity, volume, video, channel, or reset the TV.

8. Bose – SoundLink Revolve

Bose SoundLink Revolve

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There is a full-range driver firing down onto a proprietary diffuser plate within the robust aluminum case, which helps to disperse the vibration equally in both directions. Within, there are also two passive radiators, responsible for boosting the lower frequencies. To cancel any movements they are put opposite to each other.

The Bose Revolve is a remarkably compact speaker, and we can see it fit into nearly every room in your house. The speaker has a respectable heft – for starters, it looks more solid than the Google Home of a comparable scale – but it can also be kept in the palm of your hand.
The Revolve is designed to be portable and is compact enough to carry in a backpack. You ‘re having 12 hours of battery life – that’s a decent chunk of listening, but it’s worth mentioning that rivals like UE Roll, Boom 2, or Megaboom are offering you 15 and 20 hours respectively. The six buttons on the speaker’s rubber top allow you to swap between these two inputs (a LED lights up to signify connection), change volume, and turn on and off the battery. Click the power button and you will be told by a voice how much battery charge is remaining.

A cool touch from Bose is that the multifunction button (the one with the three dots) helps you to pause, repeat, and skip to your songs. You can also use that button to speak to the voice assistant of your smartphone-even if your phone is in a different room. The buttons are receptive, but you would most definitely use your smartphone or tablet to monitor and pick the music anyway. It is worth installing the free Bose Connect software for alerts, as well as testing the battery level of the speaker and allowing Party Mode – which enables you to attach two Revolve speakers to play in tandem or as a stereo.

The Bose Revolve offers a remarkably broad and confident tone for such a compact mic. It has no problem filling up our medium-sized test room-even at two-thirds of its total volume. With aplomb, it does its key job-spreading sound evenly around. But when we pass around the host, the delivery is of little variation. No matter our place the music stays strong and sturdy.
The sound has a warmth which makes listening fun, and this time, Bose is steering clear of letting the bass go too boomy. Alongside the punch, it provides plenty of detail. For Cutie’s A Lack of Color the guitar strums in Death Cab sound fragile and accurate, while voices are soft and melodic.

9. Bose Home Portable Speaker

Bose Home Speaker 300

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The Portable Home Speaker is a smart home monitor, a wireless device that is compact, and a voice-controlled monitor all in one. You will switch it from room to room across the house — and you can carry it away with you when you leave home. With Wi-Fi everywhere, you can monitor everything directly from the cloud with your voice and stream audio. Outside the Wi-Fi spectrum, you can power it with your cell phone or tablet through Bluetooth, like every other portable speaker, and listen to anything you can hear on your computer. And no matter what you’re up to or up to it, in 360 degrees of awesome Bose sound, you’ll hear it all. It is the speaker you ‘re not going to want to leave home without.

Like our SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ speakers, the Bose Portable Home Speaker is designed to simultaneously radiate clear sound in all directions, but it is also designed to pack a bigger punch, with deeper bass and greater power. Put the speaker right in the middle of the party and all can enjoy the same experience. Or put it in the room’s corner and the sound will feel like it is all around you.

Play popular music services like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer anywhere you have Wi-Fi connection on your Portable Home Speaker. You can use Bluetooth somewhere else to connect to something that your cell phone or laptop will play on. Apple users may now access the audio from their computers using AirPlay 2.

You will use the Portable Home Speaker as a wireless speaker wherever you might get Wi-Fi. With Alexa built-in, just say the word to download your favorite songs, internet radio channels, podcasts, and audiobooks — plus get the forecast, submit notes, set timers, attach to your to-do lists, and even monitor smart home gadgets.

To get step-by-step instructions on how to set up your speaker, download the free Bose Music app. Then use the app to conveniently access all of your music in one spot, move effortlessly between shows, playlists, and utilities, and keep up-to-date apps for your speaker.
The Bose Music app also allows you to group your Bose Portable Home Speaker for a seamless audio experience throughout your home with any other Bose smart speakers or soundbars you have. Listen to various songs in multiple rooms at the same moment, or to one song in each house, and for everybody to sing along.

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is part of Bose’s new smart speaker family, which includes the Home Speaker 300, the Home Speaker 500, the Soundbar 500, and the Soundbar 700. Start with one, and always add more. And nothing helps a home feel more homelike than hearing each room packed with awesome Bose music.

This optional cradle charging (sold separately) attachment is the ideal location for your Bose Portable Location Amplifier. Keep the battery of your speaker full when you don’t use it — or keep the music playing even while it is charged.

Looking to listen to the same music at the same time in separate rooms? You can still group two or more Bose Home Speakers together — and now you can even combine a Bose Home Speaker with a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth, use Bose SimpleSyncTM technology, and play them in full sync.

10. Marshall Stanmore Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

Marshall Stanmore Multi-Room

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Marshall may be known for their legendary amps but in consumer audio, they are quick to make a name for themselves. They’ve had more than a few years of producing speakers and headphones at this stage and while they’ve all been pretty fine, they’ve really nailed much of the stuff you ‘re searching for with the latest Stanmore Multi-room speaker in a home stereo.
When you open the package, the speaker will be neatly bundled in microfibre fabric, along with some warranty material, the manual booklet, and a power source for both US and European wall sockets.

If you have ever seen a Marshall amp before than this one’s style will come as no shock. It looks like you can plug in a 1⁄4 “plug and start jamming on your Strat right into it. Instead, you get a solid, leather-wrapped feeling speaker with golden accents all through. You’ll find a giant logo on the front.

There are few inputs along the back that involve one for the power supply, RCA, and micro USB. If you do not want to worry about connecting to your speakers via standard 3.5 mm cables, Marshall has kept that input that you just won’t find on the back. It is right next to the four knurled knobs and a pair of keys, instead.

As you might have guessed from this speaker ‘s name, the Stanmore Multi-room can be connected to other Marshall speakers. In the multi-room lineup, there are three different size speakers with the Stanmore being the medium size speaker. This, of course, indicates that this speaker links to it through your WiFi router, and you’ll need to download the software and have it set up. Once you are connected you can take advantage of all the good things that come with having a Wi-Fi speaker, such as internet radio stations that you can save to one of the speaker’s 7 presets.

It’s also fully compatible with Airplay, built-in Chromecast, and Spotify Connect so it’s dead simple once you’ve set it all up with your WiFi playing music on it. If you skip a small range you can still link to it via Bluetooth. Perfect if you have people over and they don’t want to go through the entire process of downloading an app and connecting via wifi. They can also use Bluetooth.

11. Creative Stage Air Portable Speaker

Creative Stage Air Portable

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The Creative Stage Air is built like a mini soundbar and is distinct from other portable speakers we study. It’s not rugged, waterproof, or even very small, and while it’s portable, sitting under your computer monitor is mean. It not only streams via Bluetooth, but it also has a standard 3.5mm aux port, and even an outdated but harmless USB input which will play MP3s from a thumb drive.

The Stage Air has a glossy plastic exterior, measuring 2.8 by 16.0 by 3.0 inches ( HWD), with a front-facing perforated grille covering dual full-range drivers and a passive bass radiator.
Four control power buttons, Bluetooth pairing, volume, and track navigation. The back panel holds the connectors-there is a micro USB port for charging (including a USB cable), a 3.5 mm aux interface for direct connectivity to laptops or handheld devices (including a cable), and a USB port for MP3 playback.

Setup instructions are listed on the Creative website’s Stage Air product page. Notice that a software upgrade can adjust the auto-off feature that saves battery so it kicks in after six hours instead of ten minutes. However, if you like the idea of shutting the speaker off after 10 minutes of inactivity, don’t upgrade the firmware.

The kick drum loop receives an ideal amount of high-mid presence on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” which helps the attack to maintain its strong, punchy sound. Also, the vinyl crackle and hiss that is usually relegated to background status appears in the mix some here, while the sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the beat are delivered with a decent-enough bass presence.

The volume controls can be long pressed to change tracks when connected via Bluetooth and the Bluetooth button can be pressed to Play / Pause. In all modes, the Power button serves as a control feature on a single touch between Bluetooth and 3.5 mm. A singular, really bright, and distracting front-end LED tells you the current connectivity status.

The Creative Stage Air is a portable apparatus. It has a compact profile at 410mm*70mm*74 mm, and is very lightweight, even with its weight of 910 g. Along with its accessories, it would fit in most backpacks. At 450 mm, the 3.5 mm cable it comes with is laughably short. There was no other option when placed under the monitor but to connect it to the passthrough keyboard.
The Creative Stage Air is a budget device, and sports one’s construction. Usually, the body is plastic with shiny texture, with the metal grille at the top. The shiny coating renders it a trap for fingerprints. There are rubber boots that prevent things from slipping, so they are doing the job well.

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