Hispanic Americans – A $1.5 Trillion Brand Opportunity

Hispanic Americans are a significant force in today’s retail economy. Cultural traits, digital behaviors and spending habits require a unique brand approach.    


Asian Americans – A Digital Savvy Market Force

Asian Americans have grown to 6% of the pop. in the US. With unique shopping habits and high digital content usage, they require segmented marketing.  


African Americans – A Social Media Empowered Market

African Americans continue to influence US culture. With strong buying power and unique online and in-store shopping behaviors, brands need to pay attention.  


Advice for Selling Brand Promotions into Retail

Retailers expect more of brand partners and in-store promotions. We outline four qualities retailers are looking for from you and your next promotion.


CPG Trends – Beauty, Personal Care, Cleaning, OTC

In part 2 we discuss trends in CPG Beauty, Personal Care, Household, OTC Health Products and recommendations on how brands can succeed.


CPG Trends – Food, Beverage & Alcohol Markets

In part 1 we discuss trends in the CPG food, beverage, and alcohol markets and make recommendations on how brands can succeed.


Demographic Trends: Targeting the Modern Male Shopper

Changing family and societal dynamics has brought forth a new shopper: the Modern Male. Learn how to market to males in this new age of shopping.


Demographic Trends: Engaging Millennial Shoppers at Retail

Millennials lead the digital revolution. Learn key shopper research on Millennials and how best to capture their attention. 


Demographic Trends: Engaging Shopper Mom at Retail

Mom controls most household spending and influences her family’s buying habits. Learn  insights on moms and advice on how brands can target and engage her.


Digital Content Trends for Consumer Promotions Strategy

Engaging consumers is not difficult if you have taken into account digital content and media consumption trends, and have used them in your promotions strategy.


Best Practices for Incorporating Mobile into Your Brand Strategy

Retailers demand device-agnostic, mobile-first promotions to connect with consumers. Here are 5 best practices for incorporating mobile into brand strategy.