Reward Consumers in Four Easy Steps

Unlike display ads and other legacy marketing solutions, Hip Digital uses digital content to make promotions relevant to consumers and impactful to brands. Hip Digital enables brand managers at major consumer companies and agency partners to generate better performance from their advertising and marketing programs. When you run a promotion with Hip Digital, we deliver turnkey solutions

1. Design Promotion: We assist you in designing and creating a promotion based on both your primary and secondary objectives. From packaging to pin delivery, we provide strategy and insight on all aspects of the program.

2. Define Platform: After determining which channels are best suited to your promotion and target demographic, we leverage our Hip Rewards Platform to deliver rewards across mobile, web, and social channels.

3.Choose Rewards: Choose from our wide array of rewards. From downloadable music to movies, mobile apps for your Smartphone and eBooks for your tablet, reward your audience with enticing and engaging digital content.

4. Measure Results: Throughout the promotion we deliver clear ROI metrics. Buyer profiles, sales data, and engagement metrics will keep you informed.

Step 1: Design your Promotion