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Watch: Part 2 Convert Mobile Consumers

Part 2 Convert Mobile Consumers

Part 2: Convert Mobile Consumers In-Store

Join Catalina & Hip Digital Media as we discuss trends and best practices in activating and converting mobile consumers in-store. Catalina’s VP of Mobile, Patrick Moorhead, will share insights on mobile audiences including a valuation of the mobile shopper and how this audience is driving dollars and performance for brands, and Hip Digital’s Director of Marketing, Camille Kennedy, will share mobile ad spend and mobile shopping trends including real program results and new mobile technologies for promotions.

Watch: Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing – Keys to Succeeding at Retail

Join The Integer Group & Hip Digital Media as we discuss trends in Shopper Marketing. The Integer Group’s Wendy Reeves (Account Director) and Hip Digital’s Brad Josling (VP of Sales) share best practices and working examples of how you can win with retailers including account specific offers.


Watch: Convert Mobile Consumers

Convert Mobile Consumers

Convert Mobile Consumers In-Store

Join Catalina & Hip Digital Media as we discuss trends and best practices in activating and converting mobile consumers in-store. Catalina’s VP of Mobile, Patrick Moorhead, will share top-line performance results from recent pilot programs on Catalina’s industry-leading mobile commerce platform, and Hip Digital’s Director of Marketing, Camille Kennedy, will share mobile shopping trends & results from several mobile promotions with major CPG partners.

Watch: Shopper Expo 2013

Shopper Expo 2013

Digital Omnivores & Relationship Building in the Retail Aisle

We presented our panel at the 2013 Shopper Expo in Chicago with Kellogg’s & Integer Group. Watch the recorded live presentation and learn how savvy marketers are not only driving sales and in-store POS activity with smart promotions, but also leveraging customer interactions to build long term relationships. With social and mobile technologies, brands and retailers can learn more about their customers and ultimately target marketing efforts more effectively.

Watch: Solutions for On-Pack Promotions

Mobile Retail Shopping

Solutions for On-Pack Promotional Challenges at Retail

Are you wanting to run a promotion at retail but cannot print in or on primary or secondary packaging? Do you want to give a value add to consumers with each purchase, but are unsure how to validate the purchase and deliver the reward to your customer? Watch our Webinar and hear from industry experts – Jamie Thompson: CEO and Co-Founder of Pongr, Jim Graham: President of Graham Group Promotions, and Camille Kennedy: Sales Solutions at Hip Digital Media – about cutting edge solutions today for running promotions at retail.

Watch: Retail Marketing & Social Media

Webinar Retail Marketing and Social Media Thumbnail

Retail Marketing & Social Media
Leverage Your Buyers to Fuel Your Social Amplification

Promotions used to be a marketing tactic. Times have changed. Are you leveraging traditional marketing budgets to fuel social growth? Are your promotions able to identify and learn more about your buyers? With the right rewards and right delivery mechanism, promotions can be a big force in increasing sales, creating lasting engagement on social media, and above all, collecting invaluable analytics on not just fans, but actual buyers of a product. This Webinar will discuss our unique perspective on maximizing your marketing dollars across retail and social channels.

Watch: Mobile Marketing at Retail

Webinar Mobile Marketing at Retail Thumbnail 2

Mobile Marketing at Retail
How Brands Can Convert Shoppers

The rise of mobile is disruptive to brands at retail. More than half the US population is making decisions at shelf with their smartphone. While the ubiquitous nature of mobile creates challenges, it also presents brands with an opportunity to reach and convert shoppers like never before. This webinar highlighting best practices for succeeding with mobile marketing at retail, including: Mobile Decisions and Implications at Retail, Convert Shoppers with Mobile Content Promotions, Alternatives to Discounting that Create Conversion, Innovative Ways Brands are Marketing With Mobile, and Recommendations for Success. 

Watch: Hispanic Marketing at Retail

Hispanic family with laptop at home

Hispanic Marketing at Retail
Best Practices for Success

Hispanic Americans will be responsible for more than half the growth of the US population between 2010 and 2015. At the same time, this segment’s buying power will rise to $1.5 trillion. There are many factors to consider for brands and agencies when marketing to this increasingly influential, digital savvy segment. This webinar will provide insights on how to execute successful Hispanic Marketing Campaigns with a particular highlight on Retail, Social and Digital activations.