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3 Key Takeaways from Google’s DoubleClick Leadership Summit

Google hosted the DoubleClick Leadership Summit earlier this week with Neal Mohan offering solutions for the new digital age, and Laura Desmond sharing an eye opening metaphor for marketing itself. This keynote emphasized not only the importance of mobile but also in measuring it, and finally driving home the concept of necessary change to better adapt to the current digital environment.

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Upcoming Webinar! The Constant Shopper: Connecting Through Seamless Activation

Join Upshot Agency and Hip Digital in our Webinar as we discuss: The Constant Shopper: Connecting Through Seamless Activation, helping brands to create engagement and conversion among modern digital consumers. 

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Upcoming Webinar! “Today’s Shoppers: Key Demographic Insights”

Join Hip Digital in our latest Webinar as we discuss: Today’s Shoppers: Key Demographic Insights – comprehensive research profiles and best practice insights on how to engage and convert the shoppers that are most relevant to your brand.

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Upcoming Webinar! Entertainment, Brands, & Retail Strategy

Join Octagon First Call and Hip Digital in our Webinar as we discuss: Entertainment, Brands & Retail Strategy – how to leverage celebrity talent to build brand loyalty, engagement, and in-store sales.

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Shopper Mom – The Most Profitable Shopper

Today we will talk to you about Shopper Mom. Why? Moms are brand powerhouses when it comes to shopping and they continue to exercise strong buying behaviors in the digital age. Moms influence over $2.4 trillion dollars of annual household spending in the US and make 85% of all consumer product purchases! || Read more

Black Friday – How do the Holiday Results Stack Up So Far?

In October, we circulated our Guide to Holiday Season 2014 with best practices on driving sales this retail season. So far, our first tip has hard results to back it up!  Our advice was to “Start Holiday Marketing Earlier, and End Later!”  The results are in: while Black Friday sales fell short of last year, November 2014 as a WHOLE in terms of retail spending was up 5.4% according to ShopperTrak, meaning that shoppers were engaged earlier in the season than usual. || Read more

Upcoming Webinar: Leverage Promotions to Build Brand Loyalty & Repeat Purchase


Join Epsilon and Hip Digital as they discuss and share best practices in their session: Leverage Promotions To Build Loyalty and Repeat Purchase.

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Kites vs. Drones (and How Marketers Know Little About Kids Today)

I have loved and flown kites all my life.  Growing up in Istanbul, my grandfather showed me how to make the two kinds of kites one could make: the hexagonal kite (Elmali or apple kite), or the classic diamond shape kite (Armutlu” or the “pear kite).  You made the skeleton with thin sticks, bamboo, and used newspaper to cover them. The rest was pure happiness.

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6 Quick Holiday Marketing Tips

It’s not too late! Christmas Day is a mere 10 weeks away, but there is still time to implement our 6 best practices into your holiday marketing plans. This holiday season is shaping up to be the largest holiday spending year ever, with retail sales expected to increase 4.5% to nearly 1 trillion dollars! Are you on point with the current consumer trends and behavioral shifts for 2014?

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Healthy Lifestyle Trends Make a Big Impact on CPG Foods & Beverages

As many of you probably are aware, a major shift is happening in the US CPG market. Beyond increasing competition and product assortment creating a challenging market place, today’s health and lifestyle-conscious consumers are significantly shaping the CPG industry, particularly when it comes to choice of food, beverage and alcohol products.  

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