The Hip Digital Story

At Hip Digital, we discovered, and proved, that premium content makes great rewards. Marketers who use music, movies or mobile apps in their promotions see material lift in sales of as much as 30%. Since our founding in 2006, our raison d’être, has been to enable more effective promotions with premium content.

But in the world of social media and smartphones, there is a lot more to a promotion than increasing sales. The unique PIN code printed on box of cereal connects offline advertising to online analytics. Using Hip Digital, marketers can actually know who bought their product, and get access to their social graph.

With our proprietary technology, the Premium Rewards Platform and HipRewards, marketers can finally use rewards strategically. They can not only increase sales and engagement but get key insights into actual buyers of their product and not just fans. All of our programs measure ROI, and deliver analytics on buyers.

We are experts in promotions. With over 3,000 promotions executed with major brands and Fortune 500 companies, we believe we are the first of a kind company that has brought innovation into the space of promotions, gifts and rewards. We have turned promotions into a strategic tool that increases sales when needed and provides buyer analytics few companies can provide.

We are one of the few companies that understand both technology and entertainment. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and backed by some of the best Venture Capitalists on Sand Hill Road. We also understand entertainment. We not only license content from the top music labels, movie studios, and mobile app and eBook publishers, but integrate it into our content catalog nearly 100TB in size growing 1% monthly. By blending technology and content, we are in essence, turning content into advertising.
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